Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We could hear our neighbors outside having a fun time sledding on the hill and playing in the snow, so we had to go out a little.  Since SG has a cold and we didn't want her outside for long, Aaron went out and built a snowman for her.  It was really cold outside, so we all bundled up.   Everyone except for Lucy that is, she wears her fur coat all year long!  SG wore a hat, her heavy coat, a fleece outfit, and mittens.   
Lucy was very curious to see what those people were doing out on her street.  She wasn't all that sure about the snow.  Her paws sank in it and I think she felt unsteady.

The neighbors were having a great time on their "sleds"!  Next year we hope to have snow when SG is a little bigger and hopefully healthy.

We watched the kids fly by our house.

SG was not at all sure about the snow.  I thought she could stand in it, but she was so  bundled up that she just sort of fell over when I put her down.  I tried reminding her that she knows how to sit up, but she just sort of fell back.  Maybe her head felt too heavy with the fun hat and the hood of her jacket up!
Aaron built her snowman and we decided we would call him peaches.  After all, SG loves peaches and she lives in the peach state.

After a lot of trying, I coaxed a little smile from her! 

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