Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rainbow Bobby

Before I leave the topic of the holidays (it's only late January!), I wanted to mention Rainbow Bobby and the fun the kids had with him anticipating Christmas. 
Charlie was so into Rainbow Bobby this year and it was precious! I wish I could have more photos of the look on his face when he found Rainbow Bobby each morning and how excitedly he would describe our elf's latest perch and the antics he was up to! 

They got a big kick of Rainbow Bobby toilet papering the bathroom the night they made a huge mess in their own bathroom squirting toothpaste EVERYWHERE.

Sarah Graves saw these mini trees in a restaurant and fell in love. Rainbow Bobby was kind enough to bring her one of her own.

For his last night with ys, Rainbow Bobby got together with his friends and had a marshmallow roast around Barbie's campfire. He really is a fun addition to our house!

Charlie was very careful not to touch Rainbow Bobby and it paid off because Rainbow Bobby never lost his magic and couldn't come back from the North Pole! We all breathe a sigh of relief on that one!

More Holiday in the Park

We went to Holiday in the Park the day after Christmas and it was crazy crowded! So, the day after New Year's we decided to go back one more time before Six Flags closed until spring. The weather had turned cold, but it was not crowded at all! I don't mind bundling up if it means I don't have to stand in line!

Poor Char went from sitting up wearing his sunglasses to out cold on the walk in from the parking lot! I love how he proudly wore his sunglasses upside down!

Sissy loves to ride the tilt-a-whirl ride called Harley Quinn and it is right next to Mindbender which is a moderate roller coaster that does have loops. We knew she was tall enough for Mindbender, but she has always been too nervous to try it. Finally, she decided to give it a try and this is the happy and proud face afterward! Yay! She is going to be a roller coaster girl!

The kids love to ride the baby roller coaster, Canyon Blaster, but the line for it is always kind of long. Here sister is so proud to be sitting up on the wall while waiting in line!

Poor Charlie, he was so worried he was going to get sick because he went to Six Flags. He has gotten sick right after going twice now, so I can't blame him for feeling concerned! He did enjoy riding the rides and came home fit as a fiddle!

We are looking forward to going back to Six Flags in warm weather and taking advantage of all the water rides and fun!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Holiday Artwork

The kids brought home some great pieces of holiday artwork.

Sissy and I both love this poinsettia painting.

His snowy picture.

My buddy's sweet handprints.


Our 2016 got off to a great start! I headed out early to do some shopping with mom while Aaron and the kids hung out. It was a treat to shop with just mom and afterward we had a lovely, grownup lunch together. Definitely a great way to start a new year!

We went to Lovie and Pops' for the traditional new year's meal with cabbage and black eyed peas.

Afterwards the kids enjoyed some games of memory with Lovie and Pops.

Our 2016 was off to a great start!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy New Year!

Poor Charlie caught the yucky virus going around that left him with a high fever, blisters on his body, and feeling miserable. He was quite pitiful for about a week. By New Years' Eve he was fever free, but the blisters were so bothersome for him. He just didn't feel too good, so we decided to have a house party at Lovie and Pops' with Nay and Olivia there too! It turned out to be a pretty fun evening!

Our dinner consisted of each person picking a favorite dish from a restaurant and we either ordered it or picked it up. We had pizza, buffalo wings, biscuits, Chinese dumplings, and chicken tenders. It turned out to be a fun meal!

I wanted something for us to do besides watch TV until midnight. Especially since I get sleepy and have a hard time staying awake once I sit down. Jeanne' had the idea for a scavenger hunt and I liked it so Aaron and I set about creating a clue for an activity the kids could do each hour. I thought I could easily go on Pinterest and use someone else's ideas, but couldn't find any so we had to make our own. We had the kids bake brownies, play with poppers outside, make noisemakers, make themselves a fancy New Year's Eve drink, and find treasure inside a ball of cling wrap! Pops bought them sparklers to go with the poppers and that was a big hit along with the giant ball of cling wrap!


I couldn't think of a way to connect all the clues to make one big themed scavenger hunt so we did them independently and I planned for one each hour. Of course, Sarah Graves was eager to do them all and see what I had planned! They paced them out pretty good though taking some time to play in between. 
Olivia, really enjoyed being out in the cooler night air and loved watching the sparklers and hearing the poppers! She was so tickled by it all!

Charlie really wanted to do the sparklers, but he got a little nervous, too.

Sarah Graves is nervous about fire and didn't want any part of the sparklers, but looked precious in her new party dress from Aunt Barbara and Uncle Les and she loved doing the poppers!

I don't remember where I read the idea for the giant ball of cling wrap with small prizes wrapped inside the many layers, but it was a huge hit! The kids loved the surprise of it!

Mom set up hats, noisemakers, and decorations to add to the festive feel and help us ring in the new year!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas Day

After we had a chance to celebrate Christmas and open presents at our house, we headed over to Lovie and Pops' house to celebrate with all of them. The kids were quite happy to continue the present opening marathon.

This dinosaur toy was by far Charlie's favorite thing he opened that afternoon. 

Sissy was excited for all her toys, including this mega Play Doh set!

Livy was sick with a virus and not feeling very well, but she managed to enjoy some of her birthday.

Nay found this super cool toy for Charlie called a Spiny. Pieces are connected on to it and you watch them spin around. All the kids really liked to watch it.

Dad smoked a turkey that was delicious. Our Christmas dinner also included dirty rice, pork roast, and rice and gravy. It was delicious!

Livy loves her Uncle Aaron!

Jeanne' bought Dad a gag box that looked like it was a coffee pot for the shower! It was funny to see his expression as he unwrapped it.

Sissy loves her Lovie!

She was very proud of her new My Little Pony Play-Doh set!

After dinner, we started a birthday celebration for Livy! Hard to believe it was a year ago that we celebrated Christmas a little bleary eyed from welcoming the best Christmas gift anyone could hope for.

She had some eager helpers to blow out her candle!

Such a sweet birthday girl.

She enjoyed squishing her cake more than eating it!

The kids did pretty well with all the excitement and crazy fun of Christmas, but by evening Charlie was worn out and quickly fell asleep in my lap. 

We had a great Christmas and felt so lucky to have so much including a great family, wonderful food, and so many thoughtful gifts. We really had a great Christmas.