Friday, April 29, 2016

Life with a Superhero

Charlie is all about superheroes these days! He's Batman or Spider-Man regularly.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Doughnuts for Dudes!

Aaron had a chance to enjoy doughnuts and fun time with Sarah Graves at school! I know she enjoyed having her daddy there!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

First Friend Sleepover

Sarah Graves had her first Friday night sleepover with her friend Caroline. I think they had a good time!
They baked chocolate chip cookies to munch on while watching an American Girl movie.

They did a lot of dress up and made up dance and cheer routines to perform for me. 
I think their favorite part was for Aaron and me to turn the jump for them to practice jumping! They loved it!
They stayed up late and got up early so we had a grumpy girl the next day! At least she had a good time with her friend!

Sunday Funday at Six Flags

On a gorgeous spring day we played hookie from all our usual stuff and had a fabulous time at Six Flags! 
The weather was a little cool but the sunshine and clear skies were perfect!

Charlie decided his favorite thing is Bumper Cars! I remember being Sarah Graves' age going to a local amusement park and loving them too!

Charlie was not able to get on the Tweety Bird ride in the same group as SG. She came to me after her turn very worried that her brother was having to ride alone. She had asked several times to ride again to be with her brother and was very frustrated that the lady said no. I don't think Charlie was bothered at all! He beamed through the whole ride.

SG tried riding Great American Scream Machine, her first wooden roller coaster. She said it was fine but they should really fix how bumpy it is!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

All Her Babies

Sarah Graves loves her babies and loves to spend time telling me their ages (she has teenagers, kids, preschoolers, and babies), what they do at school, and very detailed descriptions of their clothes and accessories! She really cares about them and even brings Charlie into the fun as the dad.

Here she is with all of them dressed for bed. In her lap is her first love, Kate. Kate can be a baby or preschooler depending on the day. Next to Kate is her newest doll, Lea. Lea is often one of the teenagers. Next to Lea is snack 'n Sara (aka Kaylie). She is usually a preschooler. In front are the twins, Belle and Cindy. They can be preschoolers. And next to them is Grace. Grace is a 10-year old who can also be a teenager! Not in the picture is her baby Bevie who can take real baths and that makes her pretty special and prone to wetting her diaper!

I loved dolls as a kid and it makes me happy that she loves hers so much. Even if all the clothes and constantly waiting for her to pack a diaper bag drives me crazy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Doctor Visits for Buddy

Charlie recently had a checkup for his hand. We will continue to hold off on surgery as he grows more. The x-rays looked good to Dr. Lourie and we will wait so we can get the most benefit from the surgery. I am fine to wait because I honestly dread putting him through that again. A lollipop and a sticker made him quite happy!

Charlie has been having a rash for weeks and nothing we did made it go away and it actually continued to spread. It didn't really bother him but it made blister like bumps. The doctor confirmed it is something called moloscum that is caused by a virus, isn't bothersome to the patient, and is very contagious. We could leave it alone but it often takes a few years to run its course. We are trying a cream that seems to be helping. 
He was so funny as we were leaving the office he said, "so are we done?" And I said yes. Then he stopped walking and said, "but I still have all these bumps!"

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lunch Date

I had a chance to have lunch with this cutie recently! She loved having Lovie's phone to talk! She is getting to be a big girl. She loves batman (like cousin Charlie) and baby dolls (like cousin Sissy).  She is a sweetheart. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

We spent the morning dyeing Easter eggs and making sugar cookies all comfy in our pjs. I took darling pictures of the kids enjoying the activities and only later realized the camera didn't have a memory card :( Luckily Aaron got a few on his phone.
Aaron led egg dyeing and I helped with cookies. Having the kids work one on one with us made it more relaxed and a lot of fun for all.

Our neighborhood hosted an egg hunt for the kiddos. Our neighborhood is small but the kids enjoyed it! 

This big boy was into finding eggs and very excited to watch the bigger boys.

She loves this dress and her jean jacket. She feels so good in it that you can't help but love it too!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter Sunday

The Easter bunny came! He brought a doll carrier, summer pjs, sunglasses, movie, prizes and candy! The bunny bait they left out for him must have worked!

Charlie got into his chocolate bunny first thing!

Sissy was so proud to check out her new doll carrier!

After a pleasant morning we made it to church just in time to flower the cross.

After the service the kids had another Easter egg hunt. There was a good chance of rain so they set it up inside. 
Since our church has the kids hunt for eggs looking for eggs numbered 1 - 12, it works out okay to have them inside. Once the kids get all 12 eggs they turn them in for a treat.

After church Charlie had a rough time and just had a lot of big feelings. Playing with Pops was the only time he was happy all afternoon.

Sissy loved the chance to show Lovie her new Easter prizes!

Here's a pic of the eggs the kids dyed. They used paint, glitter, and markers to decorate them!

Charlie did not want to take a picture so our sweet girl got Lovie and Pops all to herself.

He came around in time for a family picture! I love them so.


We had ham, a twice baked cauliflower casserole, grits, rolls, and deviled eggs for lunch. The part I was excited about were the desserts. I made iced bunny cookies, jello jigglers, and a blueberry pie. I thought it was all delicious!

We had a relaxed day enjoying time together to celebrate God's love for us! 

We were disappointed Jeanne' and Olivia couldn't be there, but Livy was feeling rotten with a stomach virus. The kids really missed her and thought it wasn't the same without her.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fun Dinner!

We had a fun dinner with Nay and Livy! We tried a New Mexican restaurant and it has become a favorite!
Love this girl!

The kids had fried icecream and Charlie got the cherry.

This precious girl poses so sweet!

Our crazy crew!