Sunday, June 28, 2015

Spirit Week!

In my haste to share about our trip to Shreveport I forgot to post about some other fun before that.

Spirit Week is something Sarah Graves really looks forward to! Charlie wasn't old enough to be in a class, but he was in the nursery with Olivia while Lovie taught! Fun memories for all of them and a way to be part of our church community.

He was proud that Ms. Courtney had a Spirit Week t shirt for him!

Ms. Courtney loves the kiddos at our church and does an awesome job with Children's Ministries!

SG and Greg had fun together and liked being in Lovie's class.

Their class paraded in waving animals as a piece of God's earth.

Singing a song they learned.

Charlie was worn out! Next year he will be up there singing and performing!

Breakfast with the Bourgeois

As luck would have it, my dad's sisters and my grandmother were in Shreveport while we were there, so we worked in a quick breakfast visit with them. It was a fun surprise!
Boo Boo and the kids!

GG and the kids!

Pat and the kids!

Sciport Museum with Grandaddy and Mi Mi

After breakfast, we went to the kids science museum in Shreveport. There were so many neat things there!

This exhibit showed how water flows in the river and can push things like mud and rocks to change the landscape.

Always fun to be with granddaddy and mi mi.

Everyone loved learning about vacuum pressure with this exhibit! The kids did it over and over!

Learning about weights and pulling is fun!

It was a fun time learning and playing.

Grandaddy and Mi Mi's

After the museum we came to their house for a pool party! We enjoyed the pool and they spoiled us with lots of yummy food, pool toys, and a really fun time!

Sweet Hunter!

Arden had been sick most of our visit, but she finally felt better.

Granddaddy and grandkids

We had a great day with them!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dining with the Dillahuntys

Friday night we had dinner with Grancy's family. We had a chance to visit with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Les and see Pa Paw and Gramma again. It was a fun time visiting with everyone and helping the kids get to know their extended family!

Ger Ger took them out on the golf cart!

I bought the kids punching balloons to play with outside - big hit!

It was a good time spent hanging out and catching up on one another's lives.

These cousins were like the Three Musketeers. They liked playing together a lot.

Uncle Les and Aunt Barbara are always so kind to the kids and take a genuine interest in what they are doing.

The kids loved on Pa Paw some more. When they saw him the second time, Charlie ran up and hugged him with a big smile.

Grancy and Ger Ger with the kiddos.

Lunch with Gramma

We went to see Gramma's new house while we were in Shreveport! She showed us around, fed the kids cookies, and then we were off for lunch. We had a good visit with her and enjoyed seeing all the hard work she has put into her new house. Charlie enjoyed telling her, "Gramma, Gramma!" when she asked, "What does the fox say?" Something she taught him months ago!

Flower Power

We visited Grandaddy at the bank and had lunch with him. Across from the restaurant was a field of sunflowers. Charlie slept through lunch and the sunflowers!

Lake Living

The kids thoroughly enjoyed their time at Grancy and Ger Ger's being on the lake. 

The kids were so excited to go out on the boat!

Charlie got to help Ger Ger drive the boat.

Just like stair steps - Charlie is almost 3, Austin is 4, and SG is 5.

We tried our hand at fishing, but didn't have the patience to stick with it!

The cousins like each other immediately and found a common interest in play-doh!

Fun to watch them play together!

We went to a park with a spray ground and oh my goodness did they have fun! We weren't planning on going, so we didn't have swimsuits or towels, but they didn't really care.

Cousin love!

After a bath, they were back to their play-doh.