Friday, September 27, 2013

A Long Week...

Some weeks just feel long, and this has been one of those for me.
Sunday night Aaron started with a stomach flu and Charlie decided to be awake from about 2am to 5 am.  I have been busy at work and worked a lot to get things ready for the consignment sale.  Wednesday night was rushed getting all the items checked in for the consignment sale and last night was busy getting ready for my cousin and her husband to come this weekend.  Charlie seems to be maintaining his night waking  routine with some variations on the time and Sissy added a couple of doozy tantrums to keep life fun!  Needless to say, I am ready for the weekend!
Highlights of the week were lunch with my sweet friend, Sarah and a delightful breakfast with SG. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Busy, Busy

Aaron knew that I wasn't one to spend a lot of time hanging out and then we had kids.  Now neither one of us gets to "just hang out" much.  
There are times though when I ask myself why I committed us to doing something not required.  The last few nights have been those times.  We have worked to get items ready for a kid's consignment sale.  It took a lot of time to round up these items that we never felt were critical to babies and some of the outgrown clothing.  I am only letting go of a few pieces that I don't see us using again.  It still took a lot of time!  We bring our items tonight and hope they sell well tomorrow and Friday.  Not sure I will do this again, but sometimes amnesia sets in and I forget all the work!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Birthday, Aunt Nay!

We celebrated Aunt Nay's birthday while we were at the beach.  Instead of a cake, she asked for Kristpy Kreme doughnuts!  Pops took Sarah Graves and Charlie into Destin for doughnuts and came back with a special pirate doughnut!

Charlie devoured almost the entire thing!

After doughnuts, we played another round of Candy Land.  This girl is becoming a pro!

Then, it was on to the beach and the pool.

Charlie doesn't like to wear his hat, but he would wear Pops!  He loves Pops to death (and it might be reciprocated)!

This girl loves the water and she is FEARLESS!

Friday, September 20, 2013


Sometimes I have random thoughts or funny tidbits about our life that I want to remember.

Getting everyone up and ready to go to church feels like an olympic event many Sundays.  One Sunday after getting everyone out the door with time to grab a bagel before church, I looked at Aaron as we sat down and asked him to make sure I put a diaper on Charlie!  I had this odd feeling that maybe in all the rush I had forgotten to put the clean one on.  I had remembered - thank goodness!

After months of nursing and pumping, I sometimes catch myself looking down at my chest at work to be sure that I did in fact close my shirt!  So far, I have been covered every time.

Yesterday Sarah Graves told me she was a little upset.  When I asked her what she was upset about, she replied, "I told Daddy that I wanted to marry you and he said I couldn't."  I told how Daddy just got to me first, but she could be my best girl.

While eating breakfast with her, she asked me how babies come out.  I tried to be honest and explained that babies give mommas a signal when they are ready and the momma's muscles start working very heard to push the baby out.  Her next question was where they come out.  I quickly decided that I wanted to be honest and straightforward about it - her eyes were huge when I told her they come out the vagina!  That definitely was not a conversation I had practiced yet!  Thank goodness she didn't ask how they are made.  I haven't quite got that explanation rehearsed yet.

Charlie does an adorable side to side head wiggle while grinning.  He does it to be playful and when he knows he shouldn't do something.  He is SO cute with it!

I was nursing him during the middle of the night the other night and half asleep while doing it when he finished, crawled up to my face, gave me a big baby kiss, patted me, and let me know he was ready to go back to his bed.  He was asleep in my arms before I got to the hallway.

Sarah Graves often speaks like an adult and with her glasses on, she looks so grown up doing it!  We had a lot of different things to bring to school and I had put some of her things in her backpack to cut down on how many things I had to carry.  While we were walking in, she stops, looks up at me with concern, and says, "where's my binkie?"  I reminded her that I had put it in her backpack and she looked at me with a big grin and such relief and said, "oh, I just have so much stuff that it gets confusing!"

Sometimes I look at these kids and I just want to consume them; I love them so much.  I wonder if all parents feel that way about their children or if it's only the lucky ones.  Either way, I'm grateful.  My one wish is that my children get to have children of their own so they can fully appreciate just how much I love them.

Just another day at the beach

We went shopping on Tuesday and had a great time.  New shoes for Charlie, a fun visit to the Disney store outlet for Sissy, and a new prize at the Dooney & Burke store for Momma. Wednesday we were back on the beach enjoying the sand and the waves!

Charlie seemed to prefer relaxing in the shade and playing in the sand.

Sissy, on the other hand, loved to be in the waves and was hardly out of the water the whole time!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Evening Stroll

After a tasty dinner we went out to the beach to blow some bubbles and stroll along the shore.  
Sissy loves her Aunt Nay so much and had such a wonderful time with her!

This pretty much captures these two most of the time - both running, just in opposite directions!

Charlie's Footprint

Sarah Graves' Footprint

Beach toes!

Pops and Charlie!

This guy loved the sand!  He would have it in his eyebrows, ears, and up his nose!

Nay and Lovie with Charlie in the sunset.

I love this picture of Sarah Graves running along the water's edge as the sun sets.

When we came back up, Charlie had to have a check up with Sissy's new Doc McStuffins doctor kit.  

Another Day at the Beach!

Monday was another pretty day at the beach.  We learned a hard lesson when we left our canopy and chairs out on Sunday evening and the county came and picked them all up.  As it turns out, Lovie and Pops found a way to get them back!  Aaron had to leave that morning to get back to work, so we told him goodbye after breakfast.  

SG enjoyed some technology time on the sofa.

Sarah Graves loved the ocean!

Lovie and Pops with this cute man.

Me and my munchkins in the water.  

Aunt Nay and Charlie playing in the surf.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Road Trip!

We started our trip to the beach with a yummy breakfast at First Watch!  Their blueberry crunch cakes are SO delicious!

We made a stop at Chick Fil A for lunch so that little people could stretch their legs a bit!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Charlie had his one year well-check on the 28th.  He is doing great!  His weight is 23 pounds, 13 ounces (84th percentile), his height is 30 inches (55th percentile), and his head measures 18 1/2 (76th percentile).  He received the polio vaccine at this appointment.  
He is meeting all the physical milestones for a one year old, eats great, is starting to sleep better, says a few words, and is an all around great guy!  

Beach Trip!

We spent last week at the beach and just loved it!  We got down here Saturday afternoon and quickly had to hit the pool.  Sunday morning came early for us and Sarah Graves hopped into her swimsuit before helping Pops make pancakes for everyone!

Charlie doesn't like to keep his hat on so Daddy borrowed it!

He enjoyed the little pool we set up on the beach!

I can't believe how big my little man is getting!

Sissy was tired and thought she might take a rest with Lovie.

He loves this suitcase that Grandaddy and MeMe gave him for his birthday!

I started with what I think might have been a migraine while we were out on the beach and had to lay down for a couple of hours.  Aunt Nay and Daddy kept an eye on the wild people and had a good time.  In fact, when I got up, I heard Sissy asking Nay if she could be her Mommy!  You have to work hard to keep your place in her heart!

Feeling a little better, we took an evening walk on the beach and saw the sunset.  

It was a great first day!