Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Backyard Fun

The kids have been enjoying playing outside lately and have enjoyed more than just play-doh!
They love to be pushed in this tire swing and think it is hilarious when I kick it instead of bending down to push it!

Sissy has learned to pump her legs and keep the swing going!

Six Flags Opening Day!

The kids were so excited to get back to Six Flags for opening day! There were a few new kids rides to excite Charlie and we rode the Log Ride! A little chilly getting wet but a lot of fun!

Charlie loves seeing super hero things!

We rode the bumper cars and that is his new favorite!

This cutie girl loves roller coasters!

We had a long wait for Mindbender, but this kiddo made the best of it playing with a stick and climbing on rocks.Hes a sweet boy.

This new Tweety Bird ride brings the kids up high and let's them drop - in a kid friendly way. Perfect for my little thrill seekers!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Charlie's Big Boy Bed

We decided it was time to move Charlie into a big boy bed. The kids have begged for a bunk bed and after a lot of thought we decided to look for one. We shopped around and picked this one that has a full bed on the bottom and a twin on top. 
Needless to say, the kids are in love!
Charlie was adorable the night Aaron put it together and said, "I'm so excited about my new bed! I'm really growing up now!" As hard as it is to take the crib down, we can't help but be excited for him.

Here's the bed all made up. It never stays this way because Charlie prefers to see his Batman sheets that he picked out!

Sarah Graves has been coming over to sleep in Char's bed pretty regularly. It is sweet to see them snuggled up together. She usually falls asleep first and many nights we are still rocking Charlie trying to stay patient as we wait for him to fall asleep.

The bed also makes a great pirate ship, tent, or superhero hideout!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance

St. Benedict's hosts a Daddy Daughter Dance and Aaron and Sarah Graves were excited for their date!
I was excited to see her excited to spend time with her dad and building an understanding of what it means to be taken on a date.

Daddy brought her a corsage that she thought was very pretty.

They are ready to go!

They met several of her friends and their dads for dinner before the dance.

I think there was only a little dancing that occurred but this girl got into it.

The dance had snacks, crafts, and other activities to keep the girls busy.

Sissy with her friend Lana.

She was tired after the dance but had a good time.

St. Patrick's Day Fun with Froggies

Charlie's class had a visit from a leprechaun and enjoyed a fun St. Patrick's day craft! The kids were so tickled that the leprechaun made their potty green! That was the news as soon as I arrived!

Charlie gets so excited for me to be there and it just makes my day! Wish I could pop in all the time!

Leprechaun Fun with the Critters

A sneaky leprechaun made its way into the Critter classroom and caused a lot of mischief while the kids were at lunch! Good thing I was around to document the mayhem!
The footsteps leading into the room were the first hint of mischief!

The kids were so surprised and were even a little upset that a leprechaun would do that to their classroom! They immediately got to work cleaning it up! It was cute to watch them exclaiming about what the leprechaun had done to their things!

The leprechaun did redeem himself by leaving a fun note and a pile of candy for the kids!

Critter Easter

Sarah Graves was really excited for her Easter events at school! They had an egg hunt with a visit from the Easter bunny followed by Easter treats in her class. Daddy was there for the event and brought in cross shaped, iced sugar cookies that I made with some help from Sarah Graves!

Froggy Easter

I was at an off-site for work, so Aaron went to Charlie's Easter event at school. It's a treat to have Daddy come!

Lined up and ready to find eggs!

Cute little egg hunter!

  I sent iced sugar cookies shaped like a cross for the class and another mom made cute little bird's nest treats.

Charlie enjoyed the treat!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cutie Girly Club

Sarah Graves was over the moon when I signed her up for the Cutie Girly Club! It is an after school club focused on all things cute! They do crafts, paint, and cook while learning Spanish. She loves it!
Both kids go to clubs on Tuesdays and after that they are ready for the weekend!

Wacky World of Sports

Charlie's preschool teacher leads a club after school called, Wavky World of Sports. Charlie was adamant that he wanted to quit swimming and join this club! He comes home so excited talking about the games they play and the silly things they do. They have worked on soccer and T ball so far and Char seems to really like soccer.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Day at the Museum

We had a chance to take Livy and the kids to the newly renovated children's museum. They have been anticipating seeing all the updates for a while. 

This was Olivia's first time really enjoying the museum and I think she liked it! The moon sand is always a hit!

SG loves playing in the moon sand and really enjoyed the section sponsored by Home Depot teaching kids about machines.

Charlie loved cooking in the recently added cafe! There are counters for the adults to sit at and the kids serve up food they cook.