Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Mornings

This week has been my first back to work since Charlie was born and I am pleased to say that we have all survived five mornings of our new routine.  The week was a little unusual because Lovie and Pops both had the stomach flu, so I had to come up with an alternate plan for Monday and Tuesday.
Monday, Jeanne' jumped in and babysat Charlie in the morning and I worked from home that afternoon.  Thank goodness for understanding managers!  On Tuesday, my mom's friend, Ms. Jacquie, volunteered to keep Charlie.  It really does take a village!  Charlie has handled the new transition beautifully.  He is eating pretty well from the bottle, sleeping some, and being as charming as possible for everyone.  Lovie has been happy to get him the last few mornings and is enjoying him "getting to know" her.
I have survived and think it's going okay.  Monday wasn't too hard because it was just a few hours and he didn't leave the house, but packing him up Tuesday was pretty hard.  I come into work with the constant feeling that I left something at home, and I did, my best buddy.  I did a few things this time to try to better prepare for the transition; one of those was having placenta pills to take at this time to give me a little boost, another was checking in with my colleagues at work to try to stay more connected, and I made a real effort to have some milk pumped well in advance.  The biggest help is that I now have the wisdom to know that no matter what, I am always their momma and will always hold that special place for them.  I think these things have helped it go smoother, but it is by no means easy to get used to the fast pace that we have to keep in the mornings and evenings and the little bit of time I get to have with each of them.


Wednesday before Thanksgiving we spent the day at GG's house doing some cooking for the big day.  It made for a relaxed day with time to spend with both grandmothers.  Sarah Graves loved being at GG's house riding the tricycle and the little car in the house, no less.  The joy of being a great grandchild.  My great grandmothers let me play in the sink full of soapy water not caring how big of a mess I made and made special foods for us, so I am glad SG gets to know that same kind of indulgence!
Lovie was in charge of making the desserts and SG was thrilled to help (or as she says it, heeelp).  She measured the pecans for pecan pie and helped mix the ingredients for pumpkin pie.  There were lots of compliments on the pie and it might be due to her special sweetness.

There was also time for everyone to love on baby boy.

Sarah Graves showing off her Thanksgiving shirt with a girl turkey on it!

She had a chance to go out to the garden to pick fresh broccoli for our lunch - stewed chicken - my favorite!

Maw Maw enjoyed holding this sweet fella.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pool Time!

We stayed in a hotel with suite to make it more convenient with two small kids and it made it feel like a vacation.  We loved spending time with family, but it was nice to have some down time to be together just the four of us.  One of the surprise perks for our hotel was that it had an indoor pool!  Sarah Graves and I went swimming several times and really enjoyed it.  

I was a little sad to learn that she now knows to count 1-2-3 instead of saying 2-A-O-D before she jumps!  She does however say 1-2-3 BLAST OFF!  Which is pretty cute too!

Thanksgiving Day

The chance to spend Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge was such a gift.  We probably wouldn't have made the drive if it weren't for Charlie's baptism, but it was so nice to be with my family.  We haven't seen many of them since Sarah Graves was Charlie's size and to have a day to be with all of them was so fun.  We had Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Tammy's and everyone from my Dad's side of the family was there except for Jeanne' and one cousin and even some of my Mom's side joined us there too.

These people give me a lot of things to be thankful for!

This little one didn't lack for arms to hold him.

Mom and Uncle Steve ooohing over this cute boy.

Sarah Graves and Wyatt are just a few weeks apart and had a good time playing together.  Aren't they darling with the little car? 

Aaron and my cousin Nick had time to chat.

GG made some plain cornbread for Sarah Graves and she generously shared it with her new buddy.

Aunt Tammy strolled SG around.

My cute boy and Lovie.

This was our first time to meet Keniann and I enjoyed talking to Lynsey about babies and natural parenting.  

Later that evening we headed to my Uncle Ronnie's to visit with my Mom's family some more.  

Uncle Ronnie was talking to Charlie while he stretched out for a while.

Mallory and Sarah Graves played with him for a bit too.

Sarah Graves and Uncle Steve laughing.

This was also our first time to meet Raylee and Sarah Graves was excited to see her.

It was nice to see so many of my cousins and catch up on what is happening in their lives.  

We had a great Thanksgiving with so much to be thankful for!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I really wanted to take SG to see LSU's campus and visit Mike the tiger.    Of course, Mike was lounging when we went to visit, but he did raise his head up to look at us.  He sure is a big tiger!

SG thought it was more fun to sit on this bronze statue of Mike!  Charlie was tucked into the Ergo quite happily.

The oaks at LSU are so gorgeous and I sometimes miss walking out of Audubon through the quad and seeing them.  

Aaron and I were both quite excited to go to the Chime's for lunch and enjoy their seafood pasta.  SG was a little more excited to have ice cream!

That afternoon we had some visitors to our hotel.  Uncle Steve came by to see us and visit for a bit.  

Nikki came by while SG was napping and that gave us a chance to really catch up.  I really enjoyed those few hours with my cousin and appreciate Aaron staying with SG while she slept so that I could visit.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Charlie's Baptism Reception

Maw Maw Bourgeois was very generous and helped us have a reception after the baptism at her house.  My cousin Eric's wife, Jennifer, was so helpful and came to Maw Maw's to get the food set up before we came back from the church.  Maw Maw made gumbo and potato salad, I made sensation salad, and we purchased boudin balls and cake.  The food was quite good and it was so nice to spend the afternoon celebrating the joyous event with much of our family.  

My aunt and uncle have a bounce house and brought it over for the little ones to enjoy.  SG was thrilled!

My Aunt Beck came to meet Charlie.

GG holding Charlie in the beautiful gown that she made for our family.

Maw Maw Yvonne with my two sweethearts.

Sissy was happy for her brother.  

Lovie and Pops did so much to help us.  Pops picked up the things we needed from Sam's on Saturday and he helped set up Sunday morning.  

I think he has Lovie and Pops quite smitten and who wouldn't be for that smile!

As always, I didn't get pictures of everyone there, but luckily we had more time to visit with everyone throughout the week.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Charlie's Baptism

We had a great trip to Baton Rouge and had it not been for our hotel having spotty internet access, I would have posted about our trip sooner.  

Charlie's baptism was a special occasion for us and we were so excited that so many family could be there to share it with us.  We had grandparents, great grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins there.  

Charlie did not enjoy the experience that much.  In fact, we were that family during the service.  We had a toddler jumping and talking loudly, an infant who wailed periodically, a momma breastfeeding in the front pew, and various family members all doing there best to keep everyone calm!  The priest was so kind and made it seem as if we were totally normal!

 Charlie's godmothers, Aunt Linda and Patti

We are so thankful to Mr. Dan and Beverly for driving down for the special event.  I didn't think orchestrate pictures of everyone else at the church.  I am thankful to Uncle Steve for serving as paprazzi and getting these shots for us!

We are so proud to have Charlie join our Christian family and be sealed as God's own forever.