Saturday, August 19, 2017

Last Dinner

 We went out for a fun dinner and dessert the last night Grancy and Gramma were here. We enjoyed having them with us and so appreciate all their help! They spoiled us by cooking, playing with the kids, and making our week super easy!

So appreciative of the help and so glad the kids had the joy of spending a week with Gramma and Grancy! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Night at the Braves

We were excited to show Grancy and Gramma the new Braves stadium! We went out for an evening game to watch the Braves v. the Dodgers, and the Braves won!

Ready for the game and sporting their new shoes that they picked shopping with Grancy and Gramma!
While Sissy picked out her shoes, Gramma took Charlie in the mall and let him ride one of the rides they have. After one machine took their money several times and never worked, Charlie declared that it had cheated them! Right he was!

We had such a fun night! Charlie was starting to get sleepy when Grancy swooped in and got them cotton candy! That revived him and he was wired the rest of the evening!

We really had a good time! The weather was beautiful, the game was fun, and the stadium has so many things to do! 

It Takes a Village

 The day I accepted my new position, mom and dad found out they had the opportunity to go on a cruise on a private yacht for dad's work. Needless to say, no one would pass up that offer, but with Aaron and I starting new jobs, we couldn't ask for another week off. So, I reached out to family to come help us and Gramma and Grancy were to the rescue without hesitation!

They got these two off to gymnastics camp! Charlie was so impressed with himself that he climbed the rope and rang the bell twice! Sissy was excited to be back in gymnastics and working on her back walkover. 

The kids had a great time with Grancy and Gramma and we thoroughly enjoyed having them with us! 

Grancy backed her famous chocolate pie with Sissy!

She helped Charlie with his building projects.

So grateful to have so many people who love us and these kiddos!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Blessing of the Backpacks

Our church does a blessing of the backpacks and lunch boxes in preparation for a good school year!

Charlie was excited to pick out his Power Rangers lunch box!

Sarah Graves is in love with the color teal and was excited to find a teal and pink backpack. Of course, she had to have Lovie monogram it!

Sprinkler Fun

One of my summer bucket list items for the kids was playing in the sprinkler in the backyard. A lazy Saturday afternoon hanging out with Livy was the perfect time to let them enjoy sprinkler fun in the backyard!
I love how happy a simple stick makes him!

Charlie helped her get on the swing. Big girl playing!

Lucy loves to be with her kids!

It's a mini bathtub! 

They had fun running in and out of the sprinkler and just being kids. 

Miles Turns 5

Charlie's good buddy, Miles, turned 5! He had his party at Champion Kids. The kids love it because there is a zip line! When Michael had his party, Charlie hung out with Miles and then during Miles' party he hung out with Michael! So glad all three of them will be together in pre-k this year!

Such a funny, silly boy!

Celebrating Aaron

With Sissy off at camp, the three of us celebrated Aaron's birthday! We enjoyed dinner out and for a treat went for doughnuts at Krispy Kreme!

Our buddy was in a great mood, enjoyed his dinner, and was totally impressed that the restaraunt had palm trees!

My two favorite guys! So glad we could celebrate the great guy, husband, and father Aaron is. We are all grateful for him in our life!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Off to Camp!

After being home for a few days and working on her sewing skills, Sissy was off to sleep away camp! She totally impressed me with how brave and adventurous she is! She did a mini session at a local girl scouts camp, so it was a perfect way to try out going off to camp! An added bonus was going with her friend, Mallory!

Her cabin was Gypsy Hill 2. Gypsy Hill offers more luxurious accommodations with air conditioning.

Sissy's cabin was Moana themed and she had Hay Hay above her bunk. It reminded her of Charlie!

She and Mallory were able to have bunks next to each other.

She loved doing the zip line! She was quite pleased to report that some friends were scared, but she wasn't scared at all!

I am so proud of this girl because she was worried about finding things to eat during camp, but she had a great counselor called Tater who made sure she found things she liked such as dry cereal, croutons, and chocolate milk! She was really excited that one night they made s'mores by the fire and another night they had breakfast for dinner! Such a great way to build her confidence!

Ice Cream Social

We spent a fun evening with Uncle Ronnie, Chris, and the girls when they came to Atlanta. It was nice to have a chance to visit with them and hear about their lives. Sarah Graves adores Mallory and Lindsey - the big girls!

Six Flags Birthday

For Aaron's birthday, he wanted to spend a day at Six Flags. We had a great time, with short lines, and fun rides; then, the rain moved in. We were grateful we have a season pass and could come back another day! Walking on to the new Hall of Justice ride twice in a row was a definite highlight! I love this season of life with the kids being old enough to enjoy fun things with us!

Harley Quinn is still a favorite and we walked right on two times! Getting car number four is an added bonus!

My guys sporting their Batman shirts!

Crazy kids!

Celebrating a fun dad!

Birthday Brunch

As a pre-celebration for Aaron's birthday, we had brunch at Copeland's! The food is such a treat!
SG was so cute all dressed up!

Charlie loves to play tic-tac-toe at restaurants!

Sissy and Livy were sweet buddies. Sissy tried to help Livy and keep her patient in her seat.

Love these two so much!

Happy birthday to daddy!

Lovie and Pops with the kiddos.