Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sissy's Off to Shreveport!

Sarah Graves has a spirit for adventure! When we mentioned that she was old enough to fly alone to visit her grandparents in Louisiana, she didn't hesitate to say she wanted to do it!

The crew at Southwest took fantastic care of her!

Granny, Aunt Arden, and Austin were there to pick her up. She was a little upset that her bag was misplaced, but they quickly found it.

During the week she went to VBS with Austin and Grancy and Aunt Arden volunteered. I think she had a great time. The last day was dress like a Roman day and Grancy made sure she was decked out in a super cute toga dress!

Sissy with Ella and Lily - granddaughters of Grancy's good friend and neighbor.

A trip to the trampoline park was a lot of un! She forgot her glasses there and they haven't turned up since! We figure some little girl is going around Shreveport showing off her new rainbow glasses!

 Sarah Graves spent part of the week with Grandaddy and MiMi. If she hadn't had a great time already, they made it super fun!
She rode go-carts, super slides, and played mini golf one night!

Had a fun playdate!

She even had a tea party!

They also took her horseback riding and to a hot air balloon rally!

After spending a week being treated like royalty, we were excited to have her home and I think she was pretty happy to see Lovie there to pick her up at the airport!

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