Thursday, August 10, 2017

Week at the Lake

We kicked off our week at the lake with a lot of fun! Lovie and Pops' friends, the Fredettes, came for the weekend with their grandson, Evan. The kids loved having a new playmate!

Livy got braver and hopped on the paradise pad!

Charlie was dying to play a new game, Water Head! After you pull out enough pins in the hat, water starts to come out! It's a game of roulette to see if you will get wet that turn!

We had lots of fun riding the raft! Evan and the kids had a great time riding! One time the raft flipped over and we all fell in pretty hard! My sunglasses were on a strap that floats. Well, when I came up, my glasses were gone. We had excitement when the strap was spotted floating in the water, but the glasses were gone! That start the week of me losing/breaking sunglasses. I went through four pair total!

Debby and Dennis live in Fort Walton and brought up fresh gulf shrimp!

It was a group effort to boil them and they turned out delicious!

We had a fun dinner on the porch enjoying our tasty shrimp!

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