Friday, December 30, 2016

Aaron's New Car

Aaron was able to trade in his VW due to the TDI debacle. He researched for several months, spent many days test driving vehicles, and narrowed it down to a couple. Then, Hyundai announced their incentive for VW drivers and he re-thought the whole thing!

He brought me along to buy one and we came home with something different! I love his choice and it has been great for us!
The kids loved car shopping and are happy with the Santa Fe!

Carpool Crazies

Some mornings I enjoy the few minutes we spend in carpool line! Spirit wear Friday's put them in a fun mood!
For all the mornings that feel hurried and hectic, there are some of these that feel fun and enjoyable.

Choir Performance

SG enjoys singing and has learned a lot being in choir. She is enjoying having her friend Jillian from school in choir.
Even after a sleepover at a friend's she did well!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Sleepover Fun

Sarah Graves kicked off the Thanksgiving break by having a fun sleepover with her friends, Lauryn and Olivia. They really enjoyed playing with their dolls together, performing in fashion shows, baking cookies, and making crafts. 

Pre-K Thanksgiving

I had a fun time going to pre-k with Charlie to celebrate Thanksgiving. They did a full Thanksgiving meal and then made a pilgrim mask as their craft. 

He is so cute and loves on me so when I go to his school events! It makes it worth all the juggling that takes place so I can be there.

Charlie's Craft

After the fun run we went to a nice event that the Methodist church hosts called Hands on Christmas. For a small fee you buy tickets for kids to make little crafts to decorate with for the holidays or give as gifts. All 3 kids had fun doing it.

When we got home, Charlie wanted to a little more, so we found a cute printable craft online to make. He enjoyed making his Santa ornament and was quite pleased to hang it on the tree!

Fun Run 2016

I am so behind on here! It took a lot to get ready for the holidays and I just couldn't fit everything in! I decided to save blogging for when I had time to really do it! So, back in November we went to the kids' fun run at school! Livy came with us, too!

Sissy and her good buddy, Caroline.

Sissy, Jillian, and Caroline

A little time to play on the playground before the race!

Just goofing around with his favorite cousin.

Charlie and his buddy, Miles.

Catherine, Miles, and Charlie ready for warmups!

Just climbing around waiting for the big kids to have their races.

Showing off her tattoo and St. B's sunglasses.

After last year's 2nd place finish, Sissy gave it her all! She didn't place, but she had fun trying.

Charlie was pretty excited to get his medal!

Sissy was disappointed she didn't place, but she handled it well and was pleased with her medal for participating. 

We had fun seeing school friends and their parents. It is a fun community event. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Sarah Graves and I had fun making plans for a Halloween party before we went out trick-or-treating. We made the cake, pretzels in chocolate, punch, chips, and our usual hotdogs and chili.

We saw this idea on Pinterest (it's dangerous to let Sissy get on Pinterest) to fill a glove with water, freeze it, and put the giant ice cube shaped like a hand in the punch so it looks like a bloody hand. The glove is harder to get off than we expected, but the amputated fingers added to the gore!

My Super Girl is ready for trick-or-treat!

Livy wanted to show off how to fly like a superhero.

The excitement of his class party left Charlie a little irritable and I was worried he might not make it out for trick-or-treat. He didn't want to wear his Batman costume that he wore all day, so I pulled this one out and with a little work he was ready to head out!

Batman and Supergirl were joined by Robin and Wonder Woman for trick-or treating.

Then, Batgirl came along!

It's Batgirl and Cat Woman ready for trick-or-treat!

Olivia understood trick-or-treating immediately and was all in!

 Super Girl and Batman turned into zombies after trick-or-treating!

Pleased with her haul of candy!

Our attempts at a picture with Lovie and Pops! It's hard with all these crazies! I am so grateful to have all of them so close to us! They add so much to our lives.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Karate Kid

Charlie asked to sign up for karate this year and seems to like it. I had a chance to observe the class and it was fun to watch him in action.

Showing me his moves before class. 

Doing some warm ups

Practicing kicks

I didn't get a decent picture of the best part. He broke a board and he was so pleased. I went over to to him to acknowledge his accomplishment and he said, "Momma, last week I couldn't do it and this week I can!" He was really pumped about it!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Pre-K Halloween Party

I had the good fortune of going to Charlie's pre-k halloween party and brought the snacks! 

This was a simple idea to add some fruit to the offering and I didn't have to worry about fruit turning brown or sitting out.

Cheetos packaged into baggies to look like jack-o-lanterns!

Cupcakes with a topper to look like a witch's hat!

Charlie and his teacher, Ms. Carrie, working on the craft

They sit so still and polite!

Charlie and me!

My cutie boy! He is so adorable, listens so well to his teachers, does what they ask of him, it is just amazing to realize my baby is a big boy!