Monday, September 18, 2017

Birthday at the Braves!

 My team at work planned an outing to a Braves game and it happened to be on Charlie's birthday!
I guess all the excitement of turning 5 wore him out! He fell asleep before we made it to the game and couldn't wake up for the excitement.

He did get a special button for celebrating his birthday at the Braves!

Sarah Graves is so good natured and has fun wherever she goes. She was friendly and spoke to my co-workers!

About midway through the game Charlie woke up and came alive to enjoy it!

What a way to kick off being 5!

Birthday Fun!

Rainbow Bobby and Elfa Claire were hard at work getting ready for Charlie's big day!
Sponge Bob balloons for his chair.

These crazy elves had fun with crepe paper!

There was crepe paper on the mantel and they made a curtain at Charlie's doorway. 

They made a fun sign for his chair, too!

I have to say that his birthday got off to a rough start. We had a misunderstanding because he thought his birthday party would happen on his birthday. Needless to say, he was upset when he found it it was a school day. I think he thought he wasn't going to have the party like we had talked about and planned. He was beside himself upset. 

Sarah Graves very badly wanted him to enjoy his birthday. If it were possible to will someone out of a bad mood, she did it. She had the best attitude, encouraged him, and tried to help make his birthday really great. She has a big heart and wants everyone to be happy.

Eventually, her efforts paid off and he agreed that he did want birthday doughnuts.

His shirt says, "High 5's and Fist Bumps." He picked it out himself during the summer and loved it because he thought the 5 meant it was for 5 year olds! He was very proud to wear it on his birthday!

We made these Batman cupcakes to share with his class to celebrate his big day!

Ms. Jeanne made a big deal of his birthday during circle time letting him do calendar for the day, singing happy birthday to him, and giving him a birthday crown!

Daddy came to celebrate at school!

That yummy cupcake!

He was definitely a happy boy! Love seeing him so joyful!

Glad I could be there with my buddy!

Enjoying cupcakes with some of his friends.

Charlie is 5!

My sweet boy turned 5! He was so excited about it! He had been talking about his birthday for months!
Charlie is full of life, very affectionate, has a great sense of humor, a logical mind with an attention to detail, and an all around great kid! When he starts a sentence, "If I understand correctly," I know I'm going to be called on the carpet for something. He showers me with kisses regularly; continues to be my snuggle buddy at night; and is hooked on playing video games, particularly Smash Bros. with Aaron!
On any given day his favorite food is pepperoni pizza, peanut butter and jelly uncrushable, or strawberries. He pretty much only drinks water and cannot stand any carbonated drinks. Some of his favorite things to watch are Puppy Dog Pals and Sofia the First. He has a tender side and takes good care of his doll, Max. It is very cute to hear him and Sarah Graves playing dolls as Mom and Dad. He also enjoys playing with his superhero figures and building with his Legos. He loves listening to Puppy Pirate books at bed time and doesn't care that we have read them many times. 
He completes our family, brings us so much joy, and helps us grow. I couldn't imagine life without this sweet buddy and am so grateful he chose us. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Although Atlanta was not in the path to totality for the eclipse, we had about 95% coverage. There was a lot of excitement for the event.
Charlie watched the eclipse with Love and Pops. Love how cute he looked with his eclipse glasses and "shield."

Sissy watched it at school with her class.

She was quite pleased with her glasses!

Aaron and I worked as usual but took time to watch the eclipse. Glad we all got to experience this historic event!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pizza Friday

With three successful days of school down we decided to celebrate with a Friday pizza night at New York Pizza Exchange! 
One of the highlights of going to this restaurant for pizza is eating outside on their patio and on weekend evenings there is live music. Usually they welcome the kids to play or sing along and the kids were eager to join in with the band!

Yummy pizza!

They love to go out with Lovie!

It's the bearded lady!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

First Day of School!

It felt all too soon our vacation was over and school was starting, marking the end of our summer!

SG helped pack lunches for the first day. Aaron takes care of lunches since he leaves soon after the kids get up, but SG was eager to help with picking items for the first day.

This was my first time working with chalk markers and I was really impressed with how it worked! Sarah Graves wanted to write her information and I think she did a great job!

My buddy was excited for his first day! Thanks to Love for another precious first day of school shirt for this man!

Love these two so much! Excited and eager for the first day!

Sarah Graves was a little nervous to be moving up to second grade and leaving her beloved teacher, Ms. Muller, behind. She was really excited and proud to carry her backpack and lunchbox that she picked and that were beautifully monogrammed thanks to Lovie! She was also super proud of her fun tennis shoes that Grancy took her to get.

My man! Love this boy and so proud of all the maturity he has gained this past year!

I know she was nervous, but she was brave!

The big excitement for second grade is having your own desk!

She also gets her own planner to write her assignments in! This is starting to feel very grownup! 

I am always so proud of how well they embrace new experiences and are eager to take on new responsibilities that come with growing up. 

Pre-K 5 Meet'n Greet

Coming back for our third year at St. B's felt pretty relaxed. In fact, the meet'n greet for Charlie's class was night and day compared to last year! He was confident and enjoyed it more like a playdate!
Charlie and Miles have been in the same class for three years now! He lit up when Miles got there and they picked up playing where they left off last year. They seem to be well matched for one another and get on great!

Charlie is in Ms. Jeanie and Ms. Allison's first grade class. He was very pleased to be in this class because he was confident it's the class you go to when you are five! We call it pre-k 5 since he will be 5 while he is in this class!

He found his seat, folder, and cubby with no problem!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Getting Ready for School

With just a couple of days before the first day of school, we had a lot to do to be ready. In between meetings for work we worked in a lot!
Charlie had a great check up from Dr. Sarah. She said the his weight and height are on a great growth curve and he has thinned out the way he should have at this age. His vision screen was good and he really liked the doctor. I think he wanted to hug her at the end, but gave her a high five! He was angry to get a shot, but at least it was only 1!

Sissy also had a good check up. She is growing well and now that she is able to swallow a pill, we were able to try a different medicine that hopefully she won't complain about taking (wishful on my part!). She was very brave and took her one shot, chicken pocks. 

A little later we headed to see Dr. Lee and check out SG's vision. Her vision has improved a little and her eyes are in good health. She hung in there as Dr. Lee made adjustments to her prescription and dilated her eyes. 

As a reward for their patience, we went for an ice cream treat!

After picking out Sissy's new glasses, we went to get their hair trimmed so they would be all set for school!

Phew! We accomplished a lot in one day! I had lots of calls and emails to get through coming back from vacation and the kids were really patient with me. Somehow we managed to work it all in!

A Little More Vacation

Even though we were home, we worked in a little more of that vacation feeling with a fun day at White Water! Nay, Livy, and Lovie joined us making it a really fun day!

Of course, I don't have pictures of the best parts! Charlie is a solid 42 inches which gave us more slides to enjoy! Livy loved the tot spray ground area and all the kids had fun in the wave pool!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Going Home

I don't think any of us wanted to go home just yet, so even though we had to leave, we stretched our time as much as we could.

One more yummy breakfast at Asiago's Skillet

Then we stopped off at the Air Force Armament museum on our way out. It is really neat to show the kids the planes and tell them about our history and the amazing things that have been done to ensure our freedom.