Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Snaggle Tooth

SG lost another tooth! Her third, actually. She had been wiggling it for weeks and finally I suggested she grab it with tissue and just pull it. Right after talking over that idea her tooth came out on its own. She was so pleased with herself! She happily took the $2 the Tooth Fairy left her!

Soccer Champs

The kids finished out their soccer season. Both improved as the weeks went by but neither one of them wants to do it again. Sarah Graves said she doesn't want to be hot and Charlie just didn't like it. On to the next thing!
Both kids were quite delighted to realize they get trophies at the last game!
The look on Charlie's face was priceless when his coach pulled out trophies!

 Here's a shot of Char's team - small but mighty!

 Sissy was excited to get a trophy, too!

Olivia was with us that day and she just adores Uncle Aaron!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Art Camp

SG went to art camp at the local Methodist church. Charlie went to dinosaur camp there, but they didn't have any even for parents to come see what they did. SG's camp hosted an art show to show off their projects.

I was really proud of how all summer she went to different camps where she didn't know anyone and she met a friend every time. This friend is Anna and they had a good time together at art camp. I am so glad SG has experience making friends everywhere she goes.

This was one of their sample projects. They learned about colors, mixing colors from primary colors, different mediums for art, and she had a great time!

They did a presentation to the parents to tell us a bit about each piece.

His Name

This is probably the kind of thing a momma sees and feels proud of but others scratch their head trying to see what the big deal is. Charlie is working on writing letters and his own name. This is the first time I have seen him put the letters together (mostly - he says the e is hard for him).
My big boy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Babyland General Hospital

Growing up in the 80's, I loved Cabbage Patch and always wanted to go to Babyland General Hospital! I was excited that when I mentioned going there the kids were excited.
Sitting in the big cabbage!

The Andy Warhol painting of a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Charlie was excited by the dolls and all the things for them.

Everybody thought the treehouse was fun!

We watched Mother Cabbage give birth to a baby girl that the crowd named Autumn Kate. Sarah Graves is still giggling about a doll born in July being named Autumn!

Our little Cabbage Patches!

Olivia loves babies and she enjoyed all the dolls as much as the big kids!

We thought their school room setup was very cute!

She was so much fun to be with and eager to let me take lots of pictures!

She brought home a new doll that takes a paci!

We had to document unboxing her.

Olivia got a new baby too and she was delighted!

Charlie chose to skip the new doll (he uses one of mine) and instead got a new Batman toy! He walked right to it and said this is the one I want, a transforming bat cave! The look on his face was pure joy!

We had a fun day and I really enjoyed seeing it with my little doll lovers!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lego Land Discovery Center

We went to Lego Land at Phipps Plaza and had a great time! I didn't know much about it, but there were some fun things to do!
Charlie was immediately impressed by Batman!

Sissy was excited to see the Lego Friends!

Charlie likes them too!

Sissy and I sat at one of the stations and did some building.

Charlie tested out his car he built.

There were some neat climbing and play structures for little kids.

SG with the ticket taker!

The 3D movie expanded on the Lego Movie story and went over well with our kids!

We headed to Johnny Rockets for a fun lunch!

We had a fun time exploring Lego Land and hanging out together!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I took this picture because one day they will grow up and won't play "family" together or ask me to babysit their babies. They love to pack up their babies in the mornings getting them in car seats and bringing a diaper bag for the day. They call each other mom and dad, which sometimes is confusing since I don't know if Charlie means me or Sissy Mom! They love it when I give a report at the end of the day telling them all the crazy things their babies did.
Sometimes I am annoyed by all the extra stuff we bring everywhere, but I will miss these days and their imaginative fun.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day at Six Flags

Our staycation continued with a really fun day at Six Flags! Going in the middle of the week was awesome because of no lines!
My big kids were ready for the day!

Our first stop was the new DC Super Friends section with new kids rides!

Riding the Batcopter!

The new Wonder Woman ride was a lot of fun!

My superhero was pooped out and needed a rest, which made a great time for Sissy to ride roller coasters! 
She rides everything she is tall enough for, including Georgia Cyclone, Blue Hawk, Scream Machine and Mindbender!

Afternoon showers made for a great time to have a snack!

We also enjoyed the water rides! We got SOAKED on Thunder River! It was a really fun day!