Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ice Cream Man!

When we are at the beach, the kids love to listen for the tinkling music of the ice cream truck. We don't have an ice cream truck that comes around our neighborhood, but now we have our very own ice cream man! Charlie likes to get the ice cream cart and wheel it around to hand out ice cream! His ice cream is better than the ice cream truck's - it's free and there are no calories!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

We had a laid back day going to church, having a tasty lunch, and of course, going to the American Girl Doll store! 
We took Aaron for lunch at Scalini's and our crew was well behaved - a gift in itself.

They can be so cute!

Charlie asked for just a meatball and that is what he ate!

Yep, Aaron is such a great guy that he agreed to take Sarah Graves to the AG store to get Lea's ears pierced! She was really excited to have it done and he loves her so much he agreed.

After our trip to the mall we did some relaxing before going for dinner and grocery shopping. We definitely live an ordinary life!

We had the restaurant all to ourselves which was nice so our crew could just be themselves.

It was nice spending the day together and celebrating the great dad and uncle Aaron is for Sarah Graves, Charlie, and Olivia. We are very lucky to have him to love us all!

Sunday Afternoon

We had a fun Sunday afternoon playing in the sprinkler and painting. Olivia was hanging out with us and she enjoyed the fun!

Livy was not impressed by the sprinkler play!

Charlie thought it was fun!

Sissy helped Olivia use a sponge to paint.

Charlie loves to paint and spends time trying to get it just right. On this day he was painting a watermelon.

The kids love all being together and if they could have it their way we would live all together on a compound!

Costco with the Crazies

After the dentist we took the kiddos to Costco. With 3 of them it is always an adventure!

A visit with the dentist

The kids really like their dentist, Dr. Aaron. I am so glad that they don't resist going and we don't have the struggle that we used to have. We even let Aunt Nay and Livy come with us so she could see what it is like to go to the dentist!

Everybody was all smiles with the news that their teeth are looking good!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Getting Our Kicks

Neither of the kids had played on a soccer team, so we took advantage of the summer to let them give it a try. I found a league that practices and plays on Saturday mornings and the focus is on having fun and enjoying the game. I really thought that both kids would love it, but they are more lukewarm about it. They were really excited to shop for their shin guards and cleats, and they really look forward to the snacks after their game! Other than that, they aren't that thrilled. 

Oh well, we gave it a try. Maybe they will change their mind in the future. I will hand it to both of them because some kids on Charlie's team choose to just sit down and he stays in the game and Sarah Graves always plays in the broiling sun but she never gives up. I have felt some pride in that!

There is a playground right next to the fields where they play and that is the biggest thrill for both of them! This playground has a biplane type thing and 2 different types of monkey bars as well as a set of chin up bars. That is completely up SG's alley! There are slides and normal stuff too that Charlie likes. I would say time on the playground is the highlight of their experience!

We brought snack for after the game and this is what Sarah Graves and I made. I was pretty please with my Pinterest find.

Finding Dory!

We went to see Finding Dory on opening night and had a great time! The kids really enjoy going to the movie and this one was really cute!

Spirit Week!

Sarah Graves went to Spirit Week for the fourth year in a row and Charlie went for the first time! He was very pleased to be going and enjoyed seeing some of his friends from school. Sarah Graves was in a class with her buddies from church, Allie and Greg. 

Olivia was there to cheer them on during the closing celebration!

So sweet hearing the sweet songs from these kids praising God. I am very thankful that we are part of a community of people who put so much energy into our kids.

Sports Camp

Charlie was very excited to go to camp with his teacher from froggy class, Mr. Peter! He had fun learning about real sports like baseball and soccer and also learned to play some wacky sports! They made crafts related to sports and also did some themed snacks!

American Girl Doll and Me Camp

Sarah Graves was so excited to go to American Girl Doll camp at St. B's! It was the one camp that she was definite she had to go to this summer and it did not disappoint! 
They spent the week playing with their American Girl dolls, making crafts, and yummy snacks! I think she enjoyed playing with the other girls and their dolls more than anything else!