Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mommy Charlie Date Night!

Sissy and Daddy had a father daughter dance in the spring and this year the mommies and little boys had a special date night at a school carnival! Charlie was thrilled to get a special outing.

The bouncy fun caught his attention the moment we arrived! He enjoyed an obstacle course, super slide, and a play area that seemed to be the favorite for all the boys!

He was so excited to show off his preschool playground and had a great time playing in there!

He was pretty keen to check out the cotton candy available!

 He had a great time decorating his "zombie" pumpkin! He used a lot of red to draw blood coming out of his head and even gave his zombie some stitches! The moment he woke up the next morning he was downstairs checking on his pumpkin! So cute!

Pre-K in the Park

We had a class social at the park for Ms. Carrie and Ms. Chas' Pre-K class. We met early on a Saturday morning and had a great turn out! Fueled by doughnuts and juice, the kids had a great time playing together. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Six Flags Fright Fest

We took advantage of an open Saturday and headed to Six Flags to check out Fright Fest! It was unseasonably hot, but we had fun!
This man rode Mindbender! He said he didn't like the loop, but yay for trying it! He was also tall enough to ride Harley Quinn (like a tilt-a-whirl) and loved it!

It was super hot out but lots of fun!

Charlie giving a superhero pose with daddy!

Nay and Livy joined us for some rides.

Merry go round!

Charlie said he could drive because Pops taught him how to drive the boat!
When Livy was scared on the ride, Sissy was so sweet putting her arm around her.

Riding Wonder Woman while wearing a Wonder Woman shirt!

Cuties in a Batcopter!

Charlie and I rode the Daffy Duck buckets and got pleasantly wet! Not my favorite ride, but it was so hot that it was nice.

As it got dark, the lights were turned off on the roller coasters making it especially thrilling! Sissy thought Mindbender was awesome in the dark! The grownups took turns staying with the kids and riding the big coasters! Batman was very awesome in the dark! Thankfully, the actors walking around adding the "fright" in Fright Fest did not interfere with the kids' good time!

Date with Daddy

The kids love to go to The Home Depot Kids' Workshops and it makes a fun date with daddy! He takes them for breakfast and then to the workshop. They are always fun, but this one kicking off fire safety month was really fun!

They built fire trucks, which make great toys for their dolls to play with!

There were snacks like popcorn and cotton candy!

The firemen were there and let them explore the fire engine!
They also had a bounce house! What a great time at our local Home Depot!

Birthday Fun

Sarah Graves was excited to help her friends Lauren and Olivia celebrate being 7! She was super excited to go skating!

Here she is with Kayla and one of the birthday girls, Olivia.


The kids really enjoy going to Sunday School and Children's Chapel. I enjoy helping with Sunday School! 
I hope they will continue to enjoy being at church and feel a connection to their church community!

Lessons Learned

Sarah Graves fell in love with jump rope in the spring and all summer she talked about being on the jump rope team. A few first graders get to be on the team but there are a lot of expectations.
When the packet came out about tryouts, we learned just how high the expectations are. She had to write a 1 page essay on what it means to be responsible, agree to the rules which included paying attention at every practice, and learn a jump rope routine to perform at tryouts. She was overwhelmed by it and immediately her interest faded. 
She did write the essay and turned in the application but she didn't want to practice for tryouts. Lovie and I suggested we work on the routine and practice but she wasn't too interested so we let it go.
The day of tryouts, I left work early to be sure she was there on time. Irritable and disinterested, she didn't want to get ready for tryouts. When we did get there, the other girls trying out had come prepared and clearly practiced. She went in a room with the judges and I waited outside. I knew she wasn't prepared but hoped she would do okay. She came out and seemed unfazed but she was rude and off track all evening. I reminded her of how when she works hard, she learns new things and does well - like with water skiing!
This letter came letting her know she didn't make the team. She didn't say much about it. I have mentioned to her several times how practice and hard work are the ways to do well. I hope this will be a life lesson for her that hard work is how you get things and without it, you might miss out. Even though I think this could be a valuable life lesson, it is hard to watch her not prepare and experience failure.

Spelling Bee

First grade spelling has been a challenge for us but with hard work she is doing it! The words have gone from memory words like me and the in kindergarten to spring and bubble in first grade!
Her school does not give a list of words to memorize for the test but rather they get a spelling rule like words ending in ng or le and any words that follow that rule are game for the test. Good for really learning but hard for practicing!

I have looked at YouTube videos and other sites to see how to work on spelling.

I found one that offered ideas for practicing writing the words in some creative ways.

I drew a big spiral and she wrote spelling words going around it to make a cool design! She was so proud of it and brought it to her teacher!
I was so excited for her when she got a 100 on her test! She was so proud of herself!

Superhero From Head to Toe

Charlie loves superheroes so much that for his birthday Lovie and Pops got him Batman Crocs! He loves these shoes and wears them most days! He is happiest when everything he has on is Batman!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Afternoon in the Park

PThe first grade classes met up at the park for a class social. Despite being the end of September it was incredibly hot! I couldn't blame them for enjoying finding shade climbing in the trees!

Charlie was so delighted to find his friend Braxton playing at the park!

The ice cream truck showed up and the kids were delighted! SG and her friend Corina enjoyed sour bomb popsicles! Hard to believe that she and Corina have been going to school together since they were 2! 

Hanging out with her buddy Ethan.

Charlie was so delighted that when his friend Braxton had to go home, his friend Michael showed up!

SG has learned to pump her legs and go high! Charlie is earnestly working on doing it too! It might not be long before Aaron and I will be out of a job at the swing set.