Friday, June 1, 2018

Spring at Six Flags

We spent a really nice, spring day at Six Flags with Nay and Livy. The park was really crowded, but the weather was so nice that it was great just to be outside!

We waited in such a long line to ride this, but they loved it! 

Charlie was really excited to be tall enough for the SuperMan ride! I was shocked because he normally wants nothing to do with it! Must have been feeling brave!

Such a great day spent together!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Easter eggs

We had a good time dying Easter eggs! As the kids get older, it becomes more fun and their creativity shows!

a fun time with them!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Finding Winnie

The second grade put on a cute play written by their drama teacher, Ms. Freeman, based on the book, Finding Winnie 
Sarah Graves really enjoyed practicing and performing for the show!

They did a great job singing and acting!

 I'm so glad Sarah Graves had a chance to be part of it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spring Swim

We found a swim program on the weekends that helps get the kids ready for summer swimming. The kids enjoyed it and the instruction was really good!
Charlie worked a lot on kicking and some on his stroke combined with the kick.

Sarah Graves started learning butterfly and breaststroke!

Who doesn't come home from swimming and enjoy some bubbles!

Cotillion Dance

 Sarah Graves' last cotillion event was a dance that included their families. She was very excited and invited Lovie and Pops to come to. 

I was excited to get some pictures of them all dolled up before the dance. We weren't sure if the girls were supposed to wear white, it turns out they were, so SG changed when we got there.

Happy girl to see her Lovie.

She let Pops have a dance. Such a sweet moment. 
The kids also showed off line dances!

Fun to see them all dressed up!

St. Patrick's Saturday

We didn't do anything Irish, but we did have a fun St. Patrick's Day. 

 The highlight of the day was going to see a Wrinkle in Time. I was surprised at how much the kids understood the movie and enjoyed it. I enjoyed it way more than I expected!

Charlie was so excited to see the trailer for Marvel Infinity Wars!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Headed Home

 We had one last yummy breakfast before leaving the hotel.
A visit from some different Lego Friends!

We also saw a character from Lego Nexo Knights.

A little more time to build and play around the big pirate ship.

Charlie liked the light up squares on the floor. 

Who wouldn't love swimming around in a pit of Legos!

After we got on the road, Charlie started whining that he just wanted to go home. We thought it was because he didn't want a long car ride. As it turns out, he was car sick and didn't want to throw up in the car. Wish we could have avoided that miscommunication! A rough ride down the Florida Turnpike later we were able to stop and get him cleaned up. We stopped at a Popeye's to clean him up and as soon as we got him in fresh clothes, he mentioned that he could go for some cajun rice and a biscuit! Oh my!

The rest of our trip was pretty uneventful and we finished off with a yummy dinner at Chuy's!


We had another wonderful day at Legoland! Before we left for Florida, it was supposed to rain every day. We brought all kinds of rain gear and were prepared for some very wet days. We were so blessed that it never rained on us! There was a heavy downpour, but we were in the theater seeing one of the shows and missed the whole thing! I couldn't believe it!

She was so pleased to see these Lego Friends! The girls were very friendly and stopped to chat for a minute!

To say the kids loved the breakfast buffet would be an understatement. They looked forward to it each morning and even now bring it up as one of the parts they loved!

They loved the spinjitsu playground! They would have stayed there all day! 

Meeting the Blue Ninjago, Nya, was exciting.

Then we met Wild Style!

 She was quite funny and wanted a picture with each Lego Friend statue!

 Most of the food in the park was adequate. Fried Chicken served okay fried chicken, Burgers served adequate burgers and chicken. Then just before leaving on our second day, we discovered Granny's Apple Fries! These were delicious! Apple cut into strips like French fries, fried, and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and served with a side of heavenly whipped cream! I only wish we had discovered them on our first day.

We had two great park days and thoroughly enjoyed our time together!