Friday, January 19, 2018

Fun Friday

I had the joy of being mystery reader for Charlie's class! We read Dinosaur Mardi Gras! They were enthusiastic with lots to tell me! I felt a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop!

Charlie has fallen in love with eating at Steak'n Shake! He loves their mac'n cheese. It's the same Kraft kind that I can make at home, but he loves theirs!

SG likes the milk shakes.

We ran to the mall and of course they wanted to play for a bit! When did these big kids in the play area become mine? They look like giants among the toddlers!

Clean Teeth

I took the kids for a dental check up and they both have great looking teeth!

They like their dentist and both do really well while there!

I wish I had taken pictures of them afterward when we went to lunch. We had a delightful time together and I so enjoyed being there with them. We talked about the meanings of different names and they think it's hilarious that Aaron means brother of Moses. I totally don't see why that's funny, but love the giggles it brought!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Ringing in 2018!

New Year's Eve was fun and relaxed at the lake. 
Grandaddy hung out with the kids by the fire.

Charlie learned to play Rumikub and he and Aunt Nay made a great team! He learned how to meld, make a run, and a set!

MiMi helped Charlie and Livy play games, too!

Pops and Lovie bought fireworks! The kids got to help pick them out, which Charlie loved and Sarah Graves was incredibly afraid of the building catching on fire! It was freezing cold and many thanks to Pops for doing all the set up for us to enjoy!
Aaron and Charlie all bundled up!


Sissy says, "ahhhh, it's cold!"

Livy doesn't like the cold, but she does like fireworks!

Charlie loves to take pictures and he took some awesome portraits of everyone! We had fun taking pictures with photo props, too!

After dinner we played a fun game where we used a die to pass gifts around! We all wrapped up a candy bar and had fun opening our gift to see what treat we had! 

We made it up to toast at midnight and were grateful for the warm fire! 

Monday, January 15, 2018

New Year's at the Lake

After the rush of the holidays, it was nice to slow down and spend a weekend at the lake. Grandaddy and MiMi came, too! The weather was bitter cold and windy So, we were thankful to stay warm and cozy inside by the fire! 

Charlie had fun playing with Logan and his new drum set!

Grandaddy and Pops worked with Charlie to learn to play chess After reading Harry Potter and how they played an enchanted game of chess, Charlie was eager to learn.

 Glad for the kids to celebrate Christmas with all their grandparents!


Hanging out with this cutie!

A rare moment when she found the courage to pet Lucy. Lucy was in hog heaven!

Learning about distant relatives that Grandaddy has been researching.

Time to relax watching a Star Wars movie. 

We had some yummy meals over the weekend! There was also a lot of football to watch! Nice time to relax and hang out. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Holiday in the Park

We made a final trip to Holiday in the Park and it was freezing! It was also super crowded! We skipped some rides because the idea of wind whipping in our faces was too much! We did ride the train to the North Pole and spent more time enjoying the lights and music!

We came in and I was feeling a little grumpy and lacking in Christmas cheer. By the time we left, I had a heart warm with cheer (even if my feet were freezing!)

Brownie Dance Badge

I almost forgot about the fun time SG's troop had getting their dance badge by learning to belly dance!

She felt really cool wearing the special skirt!

She worked hard to learn the steps in belly dance and they choreographed their own routines!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Christmas Afternoon

We spent the afternoon and evening celebrating Christmas with my family.

We started off by celebrating Livy's third birthday! She loves her birthday and has been so proud to turn three!

They adore her and she loves them!

Livy's elf, Ho Ho, stuck around to celebrate too!

Remembering our happy Christmas!

All excited for Christmas!

Livy and Nay having a happy Christmas!

Our budding photographer, Charlie, caught this shot!

Charlie and Sissy received American Girl dolls Logan and Tenney are bandmates together!

 Charlie was super excited to receive a full set of Osmo! It has lots of games and interactive pieces to play with the iPad! 

Livy received a leotard, tights, and ballets! She is very excited to start her career as a ballerina!

 She was a sweet helping going around and assisting with unwrapping gifts. 

 Pops yells, "Stick 'Im!" while watching football. Everyone knows that as Pops' statement, so I was excited when I found someone to make a custom LSU cup that said stick him!

Love made a delicious dinner that included my favorite beef tenderloin! It was delicious!

We left feeling fulfilled that Christmas brought all the joy and love we hoped for. /if only it could last longer. So much planning for a day that passes in a blink.