Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Santa Portraits

We went back to Bullock Hall for our meeting with Santa. To make sure that we didn't create suspicion about Santa, we made sure to keep the exposure low and visit just once with Santa. We decided this was a lovely way to talk with Santa and have nice pictures done. Charlie got a little nervous and Sissy did fine. Olivia was definitely not a fan of the guy!

This picture really sums up how they ere feeling!

Love this one!

This one of Livy with her paci looking at Santa is by far the closest she got to him without getting upset! Poor baby just couldn't take that guy!

My man was nervous, but he hung in there and made sure to tell Santa about some of the things he wanted.

These playful shots made it easier for them to be themselves.

This precious girl was eager to talk to Santa and does such a nice job of being a big girl and trying to be so sweet in these situations.

I love these pictures and know we will put them out at Christmases to come and enjoy how beautiful they are.

Elf on the Shelf

Rainbow Bobby has been our loyal scout elf and this year much to Sarah Graves' delight, he brought a friend! We decided to name her Elfa Claire. It was touch and go there for a while as to what her name would be and whether or not we would lose a child in the negotiation process for the name. Eventually, it worked out pretty easy! Charlie wanted to name her Chip and Chippy Claire was not acceptable to him. Finally, he got hooked on Elfa and Sarah Graves agreed she could work with Elfa Claire - Claire was her pick.

Here are some memorable moments with our elves.

Hanging their underwear from the kitchen light always gets them! They love to see the elves doing something so silly!

Making a "snow" angel with sprinkles!

Hanging out on the mantle.

Just hanging around! Playing with some of the things in the toy set Sarah Graves picked out for them.

Who doesn't love some fun with Legos.

These elves get into some crazy situations!

In October this toy wish book came and that night we had to look through it and make our list!

Sarah Graves tucked her list away and pulled it out one evening in December to let the elves bring it back to Santa. She sweetly wrote this note asking them to take the message to Santa. 

Charlie let me write his requests and he wrote his name. 

Sarah Graves wrote her list herself. 

The kids delight in the elves. Charlie would look for them first thing every morning. As usual, they are sad when it is time for the elves to go home

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent the rest of the weekend doing different things.
Poker games at night

Time by the fire pit

GG had never had a s'more so it was a fun first for her!

The kids had fun just hanging out.

Time to relax.

Fisher is a funny kid!

Emme loves her Paw Paw.


The girls had fun doing clay projects!
SG had a mermaid

Abby had cute snails

 The girls asked for a tea party and enjoyed some snacks and lemonade on the deck.

Maw Maw with SG and Livy

Charlie was a little overwhelmed having so many people around. He told me one morning that he liked to get up early when it isn't so much people! Poor buddy, conked out in the middle of the afternoon and Maw Maw was happy to hold him.

Some more time playing poker.

Saturday we saw some of the family start to head home. We missed them, but kept on with the fun.

Rides on the jet ski!
Emme was patiently waiting her turn.

SG and Emme with Pops

Pops and Fisher

Brennan, Abby, and Pops 

Nay and Aunt Tammy took the kids out for a fall walk. 

Fun in the leaves!

By evening, the kids were ready for some time to relax and start watching Christmas movies.

With a nap and fewer people around, Charlie started to be more of himself. I'm glad that the grandmothers had a chance to see him humming and bopping around.

Sunday was time to head home. We had a fun time with everyone and left feeling better connected. I love that the kids had the chance to be with their cousins. It was so great to watch them having fun with extended family. There was a lot to be thankful for this holiday.

Bourgeois Family Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving at the lake with Pops' family. There were 27 of us all total, which was not nearly as crazy as it might sound! It was actually really nice having time to visit with one another over several days and feel connected with aunts, uncles, and cousins we don't see often.

As soon as we got there Wednesday evening, the kids pulled out a fun game that Nay brought called Speak Out. You wear these mouth pieces and people try to guess what you're saying when your lips are all stretched out! It was super funny and I think everyone got a kick out of it! The adults enjoyed playing but declined having their photo taken!

Thanksgiving day came early and we were ready to get connected with family.

Sarah Graves loves her cousins and I think Abby, Emme, and Brennan enjoyed the time together too!

Charlie was very excited to color placemats. I thought it would be fun for each child to decorate their own and he was very into it!

Brennan joined in the fun!

Livy was super into making hers!

Sissy was proud of hers!

Emma got into it!

He was so proud of his creation!

My aunts made a lot of plans to have games and crafts to keep the kids busy. My Aunt Tammy brought beanboozled for the kids! They were excited to try it out.

The faces when they had a gross flavor were so funny! The best were mom and Jeanne' trying sour milk (could have been coconut)! They forbid me to post the pics!

With so many people cooking, it actually felt like a relaxed sort of day. Everybody made or brought a dish and it all came together pretty easy.
John in the kitchen.

Mike helping Maw Maw make her cornbread dressing.

Aunt Tammy and Abby having fun.

I made this fruit turkey! I thought it was really cute and Charlie and Livy enjoyed all the berries!

With 1 oven in the house, space in it was at a premium, so dad put the turkey on the grill. It turned out great!

We had tons of dishes including a pork roast and a ham, sweet potatoes, spaghetti and cheese, cornbread dressing, green beans, english peas, dirty rice, watergate fruit salad, and so many pies and cakes. It was delicious!

There was nice time to just hang out.

Kids tables!

Aunt Brenda and GG

Aunt Brenda, Nay, and Aunt Tammy

Aaron and Maw Maw

My precious boy!

Eric and Jennifer

Nikki and John

Lovie and Pops

Pat and Aunt Linda

 After lunch there was great time to hang out and enjoy being together.
Lovie eating some of Livy's popsicle

 My family has long enjoyed a game that we refer to as the marble game. It is something like trouble. We all grew up playing it and my Aunt Brenda had the fun idea to bring our boards and all take turns playing. My grandparents made us all boards one year for Christmas, so it was easy to have a few boards playing at one time.

I played with this group and we had a spirited game!

Sissy won her game and was excited to pick a prize from BB!

Livy and Nat

Time spent chatting on the porch. The weather was gorgeous and warm, so it was perfect to sit outside.

In the evening, everyone came inside to celebrate Pops' 65th birthday and get ready to watch LSU play.
Aunt Brenda and Mr. Ron

 The perfect shirt for Pops.

Pops is a prize fighter in his new robe!

The kids made him a thoughtful crown and some sweet cards.

Brennan and Livy

While everyone enjoyed the game, Nay, Aunt Tammy, and me slipped off for some late night Black Friday shopping! It was fun keeping up our yearly tradition.