Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Sarah Graves was really excited to have a sleepover with her best pals, Lauryn and Olivia. There was a lot of silliness!

They had fun dancing, putting on a show, doing makeup, dressing up, and lots of laughter. Fun to see sweet friends together.

Happy Anniversary

Aaron and I celebrated our eleventh anniversary by having a date night at Six Flags! We had a great time going just the two of us and riding all the big roller coasters together! A pretty good analogy for married life.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Fall Fest

Aaron's office hosted a fall festival after work one evening. It was fun with bounce house, food from a delicious food truck, and pumpkin painting. It was a nice evening meeting his co-workers and their families. 
Charlie had a blast bouncing with many other little boys. I think he felt like he was king of the mountain!

Painting pumpkins was fun and they always love a craft project.

All Dressed Up

As the kids get older they want more of a say in what they wear and that includes less and less of my beloved smocked outfits. I love how sweet they look all dressed up for church. 

They also have a very playful side!

These ages are really so delightful. They are full of wonder at the world and old enough to express their curiosity.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Some days Sarah Graves and Charlie seem like oil and water. But most of the time they are good buddies. They work as a team, help each other, and encourage each other. It is very sweet to watch them work together.

A little one-on-one before Charlie's soccer game.

They were so cute going to get their laundry, sorting it, getting the washer going, and then watching the washer with such interest. Now to teach them to fold their clothes...

Brownie Pet Badge

Sarah Graves missed the day that her troop earned their pet badge. After going through the steps to earn her art badge, she decided to complete the steps for the pet badge on her own. She had me look them up and take photos of her to give her leader. She didn't want to be left out!

She was so proud to take Lucy on a walk and be the one to hold the leash. She did a great job and never let go!

Lucy definitely enjoyed the special attention! A walk, freshly washed bedding, treats, and a belly rub made for one happy doggie!
Sarah Graves was very proud of herself for doing it on her own!

Party Boy

While Sarah Graves and I were at Brownies, Aaron and Charlie were at another birthday party. This one was at Catch Air, probably Charlie's favorite place to go!

A superhero party, at a bounce place, with pizza and cake - one very happy Charlie!

More Busy and Fun

Our busy, but fun weekend continued into Sunday. I led Sarah Graves' Brownie troop in getting their art badge. To earn the badge they had to get inspired, paint a still life, paint a mural, paint their mood, and paint without brushes. Phew! It was a lot to accomplish! We started off getting inspired by me teaching them about several well known still life artists. I was surprised how engaged they were during my presentation and remembered learning about artists in school.
We moved on to painting a mural. They painted what they love about being in Brownies.

We moved on to paint a mood using fingers, q-tips, and other items. I think this one was the most relaxing for them because it was completely abstract and had no expectation to look like a specific object.
We finished up with a still life of a stuffed animal. I had intended for them to pain a still life of a fall scene with pumpkins, but when I started opening paints, the orange smelled horrible. I mean like rotten cheese horrible. I knew they couldn't handle a still life of pumpkins without orange paint, so we had to have a new plan. Thank goodness another mother was thinking clearly and suggested painting a stuffed animal in the room.

The girls closed out the meeting pleased that they completed the requirements for this badge. 

I'm glad I led them in getting their badge and the girls were really sweet, but having 12 girls all with their own personality and set of feelings was challenging. Some of them were bothered by the least little thing and I was worn out from supporting all their feelings. 

Busy and Fun

This was a super busy and fun Saturday! We had soccer and several birthdays to celebrate!
Charlie was player of the week for soccer! Way to go Charlie!

Team huddle after a tough game.

Lovie and Livy came to cheer Charlie on. Of course, SG was excited to have time with Livy.

After soccer it was a team effort to get ready for all the birthday fun. Sarah Graves wrapped gifts, Aaron worked on prepping for dinner, and Charlie helped pick up! Love having these kiddos help.

Aaron took Charlie to a friend's rainbow and unicorn themed party.

I took Sarah Graves to a party at Chuck E. Cheese.
Happy to be with her friends, Lauryn and Olivia

Playing games was serious business.

Celebrating her friend, Lily

Had to have a picture with Chuck E. himself.

 The birthday party theme continued with a birthday dinner and small party for Lovie at our house.
Taco night!

Followed by birthday cake!

 Caramel cake was her favorite growing up, so Pops picked up a yummy one from a local bakery.

Cards and presents followed. She had lots of help reading cards and unwrapping presents!

Some even turned into hats.

Livy in Lovie's birthday girl crown.

Fun Evening

We spent a fun evening at Love and Pops' house!
It was officially Lovie's birthday, but we weren't celebrating it that night. However, the kids had picked out a Halloween, birthday card and decorated pumpkins for her as a birthday present.

Then, we played a few rounds of crazy 8's. Pops was brave and had a team with Livy and Charlie! Livy was so mad when they didn't win! She eventually changed teams and played with Sissy. She was delighted when they won!

Of course, we had entertainment from the kids doing gymnastics, dances, and general silliness!

Some nights everyone is in sync and it is such a good time!