Monday, October 23, 2017


When I was in second grade, my grandparents bought a piano for me and Jeanne' to learn to play. I took lessons for nearly ten years. While I have no natural talent, I learned a lot about music theory, how to continue on even when you make a mistake, and what persistence can do.
Ma Maw played the piano beautifully and one time told me about how she so badly wanted lessons. Her dad found a way to give her the chance and she learned all she could. 

I have suggested piano lessons to Sarah Graves several times, but this year she agreed to try it. It is not her favorite activity, but she practices and I hope one day she will look back and appreciate the opportunity she was given. I know she has grandparents looking down feeling proud and cheering her on.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Getting His Kicks

During Charlie's second soccer game he had the idea to block the goal to stop the other team from scoring! He would see them with the ball and head for the goal to defend it! He stopped a couple of scores that way.

Junior Catillion

Sarah Graves joined Junior Catillion this fall and has been having fun! They learn to dance - Cupid Shuffle or Electric Slide, anyone? They learn table manners and they also learn how to interact socially such as shake a hand, introduce a friend, and start conversation. All great skills for my social girl. Plus, it is so cute to see the kids all dolled up in their finest!

Hurricane Party

My Uncle Gene and his roommate, Gary came up from the Miami area to get out of the path of hurricane Irma. Fortunately, their place had no damage and itt gave us a nice chance to visit. Mom made a delicious gumbo for us! It was a huge pot and hardly any was left. So good!
It has been several years since Uncle Gene came to visit. It was nice to see him. Uncle Gene helped continue our homeschooling experience by working with Sarah Graves on spelling and reading.

Gary was so kind and bought the kids treats from a yummy bakery. He had their full attention with that! Charlie is generally a little shy, but when I dropped the kids off (school was cancelled again due to Irma), Gary was up and Charlie just chatted him up about all sorts of things. 

Who can resist a doughnut man!

While we were all together, it was a great opportunity to celebrate Jeanne's birthday. The kids and I made her a pound cake and mom made a razzleberry pie! So much good stuff!

Dinner and Follies

We had a fun Friday night dinner at Lovie and Pops'! We enjoyed some yummy Italian food and watched the kids act silly!
Charlie put this costume on to do a magic show!

After tumbling and performing gymnastics, they looked pretty cute together!

Hurricane Home School

Anticipating heavy winds and rain from hurricane Irma, school was canceled. Aaron and I were fortunate to work from home. We planned ahead and set up home school for the kids. I wrote different activities on strips of paper and they had to complete each one before they could do what they wanted. Some were fun like building with Legos or doing gymnastics, and others were school focused. To our surprise, they enjoyed doing it and stayed on task until all were done! If I thought home schooling could be like that, I would be inclined to try it!

Game Night

We had a fun time playing games with the kids! Charlie gets pretty competitive and does not like to lose! He does add a fun spirit to playing games! Sarah Graves has fun with it, but would rather play dolls or craft! I love that they are finally at ages where we can all play together!

Back to Sunday School

The kids enjoy Sunday school, but Sarah Graves really looks forward to it! She was very excited for it to be back!

Greg continues to be a friend to them!

Story, music, and craft are all fun, but craft is the biggest hit! This Sunday it was model magic that drew the excitement!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Night at the Braves

We had the good fortune of receiving tickets for the Braves game from Aaron's company! A Saturday night at the ballpark was a lot of fun!

Ice cream! 

Watching the tool race is a fun part of the game!

They were tired, but troopers all the way!

Grace Choir

Sissy moved up to Grace choir this year! The exciting thing about Grace choir is playing handbells! we can't wait for their first concert!