Monday, September 29, 2014

Magic Kingdom Day 1

We covered a lot of ground our first day in the Magic Kingdom.  The park wasn't crowded and we were really excited to see it all!

Charlie having fun!

The carousel in Fantasyland was a huge hit!  

Lady Tremain and the stepsisters stayed in character and acted just silly as they did in Cinderella.  

Riding It's a Small World

Charlie was so pumped to see Tigger!  I didn't know that he cared that much, but at every sighting of him he got excited.  One time we saw Tigger walking and Charlie said, "I miss Tigger, momma."

The Mad Tea Party was a big hit too!  SG spun hers a lot, but Charlie let his rest.  

We had great timing and caught the afternoon parade as we came out of Haunted Mansion.  

We had lunch at Be Our Guest in the Beast's Castle.  We thoroughly enjoyed our food, especially the Master's Cupcake with the "grey stuff"  The atmosphere in the dining room was lovely.  So much so that Charlie passed out on my shoulder!
We kept our Beauty and the Beast theme by going to Enchanted Tales with Belle in the afternoon.  A fun way to meet Belle!  

Pops was picked to play the knight in the skit. 

We had a great first day!  I don't think we could have asked for better!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pretty Princess (and a Handsome Prince!)

The kids were delighted to wake up to their Tinkerbell surprises!  I never imagined how much Sarah Graves would love those special Cinderella shoes and would not want to take them off!

We were serious about princesses and got started with breakfast at Cinderella's Castle!  This is a coveted reservation and I felt pretty proud that I was able to get one.  It was quite special to be in the park so early and walk down Main Street with a clear view of the castle.  

These princesses were all very kind and gracious.  They all kept up their character and managed to be   so sweet.  Sarah Graves was thrilled to meet each one and proudly got their autograph in her book.  I think she was a little in awe of them, but excited just the same!  We had great service and they went out of their way to make sure we were all well taken care of felt special.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

On Our Way!

I have been super-busy with work and getting this family ready for our much anticipated trip to Disney!  Last Saturday, we were up early to make the drive down to Disney!
Charlie and Daddy took a minute for a pre vacation selfie!

A stop at Chick-Fil-A gave us a chance to have breakfast with Lovie and Pops before we all headed out and the kiddos got some energy out in the play area.  

I was so excited to see these gates!  I have been planning for months and was so anxious to see it all come together!  

We chose to stay at the Contemporary because of its close proximity to the Magic Kingdom.  I had thoughts that the monorail would make it easy for us to come and go throughout the day, but that one didn't quite pan out.  

Charlie was so precious saying, "I excited!  I excited!"
We arrived in the late afternoon with the idea that we wanted to get settled and be ready for our first park day.  I promised the kids a trip to the pool, but the several hours it took to get our luggage to our room put a damper on that.  Sarah Graves and I still went, it was just really late!  

 That first night we had a very special visitor to our room, Tinkerbelle!  For our first day she brought an extra special Cinderella ensemble that included a tiara, dress, and shoes.  Those shoes turned out to be a real hit and Sarah Graves barely took them off the whole trip!  There was also a toy for Charlie.  I think Tinkerbelle couldn't come up with an outfit that he would want to wear and decided a toy that he would enjoy would be better than some costume.