Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Crazy Man!

Charlie says some funny things and explains things in a funny way! I forget to capture some of them, but here are a couple:
Recently, after having his finger pricked at the doctor, Charlie didn't want to take the band aid off.
Charlie: Ow! This bandaid is hurting my finger!
Me: Why don't you take your bandaid off?
Charlie: Then the blood will come squirting out!
Me: I think it's okay now that the bandaid has been on for a while.
Charlie: No! The blood will come out and it will be stinking!
Me: Really? What does blood smell like?
Charlie: Frozen! It stinks!

Another time he shared his wisdom.
Sarah Graves (whiniest voice): When am I going to get my iPad back?
Me: I'm not sure, but it won't be today.
Sarah Graves: Puhleeeeease! I promise I will take care of it!
Me: I'm sure you will, but I don't think you are ready today.
Charlie: Sissy, you have to be nice to Momma if you want to get your iPad back!

Last night we were having fun playing when I told him it was almost time for bed. He said, " Mom, I switched my brain to playing and I won't be able to switch it back for sleeping."

Some of the phrases that he uses that I love are, "Well actually, ..."
And "See, the thing is..."

He cracks me up!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Carpool Crazies

Carpool officially starts at 7:50. I try to be the first car in line, which gives us about 20 minutes to wait. I try to use the time to  go over letters, spelling words, or Spanish. Sometimes, my crazy children have other ideas like hanging out the sunroof and having a dance party! Hopefully, they remember our mornings as being a mix of fun and studying!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tooth Fairy Visits Again!

We had another visit from the Tooth Fairy!   It seems the Tooth Fairy gave an increase!

New Glasses!

Sissy saw the eye doctor a few weeks ago, but it took us a while to find some glasses that really spoke to her. She saw these rainbow colored frames and she was in love! She was a little nervous to make a bold choice, but couldn't resist having glasses that she loves!
She has been so tickled with them and received nothing but compliments on them, so I think she made the right choice!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Four Year Old Well Visit

Charlie had his four year old well-visit last week and he is doing great! He weighs 37 pounds (60th percentile) and is 40.5 inches (56th percentile). We are hoping for a growth spurt by spring to help him get to 42 inches so he can ride a new super hero ride coming to Six Flags!
He made a train in the waiting room and had me pushing him around!

They checked his vision and his hearing and both appear to be normal. I didn't suspect that he had any issues with either, but always good to confirm.
He thought the paper gown was silly but he looked pretty cute!

He was really nervous about getting shot. He got more anxious throughout the appointment and would not speak to the doctor. We had to wait more than usual, which gave him a lot of time to think about the impending shot! He ended up having his finger pricked for blood work and getting Dtap and Polio vaccines. Poor buddy was so mad that he wouldn't even look in the treasure box! He screamed for a while after we headed home and then finally fell asleep and took a long nap.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Time to Head Home

All too soon the long weekend was over and it was time for everyone to get back to head home for work and school. We took a few more pictures to remember the good time we had together.

Maw Maw with her great grandkids, Peyton, Livy, Charlie, Ryan, and Sarah Graves, and the younger of the grandkids Mallory and Lindsay.

Maw Maw with grandkids Jeanne', me, and Nick

All of us together! Livy, Jeanne', Pops, me, Aaron, Charlie, Lovie, Nick, Uncle Steve, Mallory, Aunt Chris, Uncle Ronnie, Sarah Graves, Maw Maw, Ryan, Lindsay, and Peyton

My mom did an awesome job of planning a relaxing and fun weekend with a great menu! The lake house is pretty remote so we stay put and so she had to plan every meal making sure that we had the necessary ingredients and she did it awesome! Yummy breakfast casseroles, a big sandwich spread every day for lunch, and some tasty dinners complete with desserts! 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

S'mores and Fireworks

When the sun went down, we headed by the lake to see some fireworks and make s'mores by the fire pit! 
Love seeing these cute cousins enjoying the fireworks.

Charlie and Daddy

 Pops gave all the kids glow necklaces - so fun!

The s'more were a big hit!

Ryan and Nick enjoying the fireworks.

Ryan and Peyton enjoyed the sparklers.

Lucy at the center of all that attention!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Lake Life!

There were so many of us there that I had a hard time capturing even a portion of what was happening! There was always a group out by the water and usually another hanging out on the porch.

These kiddos had a blast together. Ryan is 10 and Peyton is 7 and they got along just great with SG and Charlie.

Lindsay was so sweet and Livy just took to her immediately. She didn't get to come with Uncle Ronnie and Chris this summer, so we were glad she made it this time.

Mallory, Lindsay, and Ryan hanging out on the boat.

Riding the raft, jet ski, water skiing, and playing on the paradise pad were lots of fun, especially when you get to do it with your cousins!

The paradise pad is awesome and Livy loves that she can walk around on it!

Livy got to try the ski trainer and even got in the water with it!

Lovie and these sweet babies. 

Lucy stays safe wearing her life jacket on the boat. She smiles just that big the whole time she rides!

Nick and Uncle Steve

The kids loved playing "king of the mountain" on the paradise pad! Sarah Graves played as hard as the boys and they loved making each other fall in the water!

Peyton was so kind and showed Lucy so much attention!

Chris enjoyed riding in the boat.

Peyton got up on the ski trainer. He was frustrated with how hard it was to get up on skis.

We managed to fit all 4 kids on the raft and they loved it!

look at my girl up water skiing! I am so disappointed that we didn't get pictures of Uncle Ronnie water skiing like a champ and Ryan getting up on skis for the first time. So much fun!

Uncle Steve and Lovie

Uncle Steve with Charlie

Livy just got comfortable with all her extended family around! She would go down to the water with Uncle Steve.

Maw Maw didn't want to walk down to the water because the steps are a little tricky and it is a good ways down. We all enjoyed hanging out with her on the screened in porch and she kept an eye on everyone from up there!

We had two days to all be together and enjoy time on the water. We had great weather and lots of happy memories being together as family.