Sunday, September 18, 2016

Time to Head Home

All too soon the long weekend was over and it was time for everyone to get back to head home for work and school. We took a few more pictures to remember the good time we had together.

Maw Maw with her great grandkids, Peyton, Livy, Charlie, Ryan, and Sarah Graves, and the younger of the grandkids Mallory and Lindsay.

Maw Maw with grandkids Jeanne', me, and Nick

All of us together! Livy, Jeanne', Pops, me, Aaron, Charlie, Lovie, Nick, Uncle Steve, Mallory, Aunt Chris, Uncle Ronnie, Sarah Graves, Maw Maw, Ryan, Lindsay, and Peyton

My mom did an awesome job of planning a relaxing and fun weekend with a great menu! The lake house is pretty remote so we stay put and so she had to plan every meal making sure that we had the necessary ingredients and she did it awesome! Yummy breakfast casseroles, a big sandwich spread every day for lunch, and some tasty dinners complete with desserts! 

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