Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day

Santa made a stop at Lovie and Pops' house to leave a playhouse and play kitchen!  She really is a lucky girl to have a kitchen at each house.  
She tried out the playhouse first.  After all, Santa left her stocking in the chimney and her stuffed reindeer was hiding in there, too!
The play kitchen was quickly explored and much to all of our surprise this one talks.  It can tell what food is cooking on the stove and it knows when you are popping popcorn in the microwave.  It also reminds you to tidy up!
 A cleaning set was a sure hit with our little domestic diva!  She immediately got down to sweeping and mopping for them.
 Opening gifts is a bit of a sport for our family and after about an hour we realized Sarah Graves was worn out.  She headed up for a nap and we continued to open gifts.  Lovie and Pops got a kick out of both buying a popcorn popper for the other!  They say you should always buy a gift that you want to receive!
 After a long nap Sarah Graves was ready for more action and delighted to see a stack of presents waiting to be opened.  We had all finished, so she didn't have  to wait her turn!  Boo Boo (a.k.a. Aunt Linda) sent her some gifts and one was this sweatshirt from Cape Cod.  The other one night pictured here is an accessory for the play-dough!  SG can't wait to get back to Lovie and Pops' house to try it out.
 Aunt Nay helped her with the unwrapping of some of her gifts. 

Lovie and Pops gave her this desk for doing her artwork.  I thought the funniest part was that she immediately put her feet in the storage bins as though they were footrests!  
 Pops put on his Santa hat for her to see.
 Then, she had to try it out. 
Then, Aunt Nay had to try it out!

We had a really wonderful Christmas and are so grateful to have a wonderful family.  Seeing Sarah Graves at Christmas really does remind me of how magical Ho Ho Hos! and man man are. 
As I posted these pictures I realize that there are a number of gifts she has received that I didn't get any photos of yet.  I will try to get some of her with those toys and post those soon. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa Came!

We were eager for Sarah Graves to wake up and see what Santa had brought to her!  Aunt Nay stayed with us on Christmas Eve and captured pictures of Sarah Graves' first glimpse of Santa's surprises.  
Once she had a glimpse of those toys, she took off with great enthusiasm!
We were pretty excited about all that Santa had brought, too!  She had a play kitchen with dishes, pots, cooking utensils, a sandwich set, stir fry set, fridge foods, freezer foods, a fruit set, and a grocery cart to haul it all around in. 
She wasted no time tearing into all the parts of the kitchen and starting to cook something up for us. 
The chopsticks for the stir fry set were an immediate hit!  They have velcro to help little hands grab on to the foods they are picking up. 
Santa also remembered to put out a Barbia ATV that Aunt Arden and Uncle Joe sent her.  She wasn't quite sure how to work it, but she loves it now.  She doesn't know how to turn, so she just barrels into anything in her way.  I say she doesn't know how to turn, I think she may just be a little wild and crazy!
After looking at her things, she became concerned about Lucy's stocking and what Santa Paws brought her.  Lucy was thrilled with several new toys and a treat.
We also checked to see that Santa had enjoyed our cookies and eggnog.  Judging by the plate, they were a hit!
She has pushed her baby and all sorts of other toys around in her grocery cart.  It looks a lot like the one she enjoys riding in at Publix with a car on it.
She also had some Christmas presents to unwrap.  Uncle Steve sent her an Elmo blanket and she just loves it. 
She had to give Elmo kisses!
We took a break from opening gifts to eat a Christmas morning treat of cinnamon rolls.  Yummy!
She loved unwrapping packages, so she helped everyone with theirs.
Her stocking had a few items that have been hits.  One was a little battery operated massager that she loves to put against someone and look for a crazy reaction.  Another hit was a small flashlight.  She has really enjoyed it. 

She had a present from Maw Maw Yvonne and was really excited to see Elmo on a plate, bowl, fork, and spoon.  She loves to eat off of these and constantly tells me about Elmo and Big Bird and gives her Cookie Monster impression.  We'll have to get that on video!  

We had a wonderful Christmas morning at home before heading off to Lovie and Pops' for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve was a busy day at our house.  I picked up the camera sporadically, so we don't have a ton of pictures.  We skyped with Grandaddy and Mimi and Grancy and Ger Ger so they could watch SG open the presents that they shipped to her.  She had a great time tearing through presents and is only just now starting to calm down enough to really pay attention to some!  Everyone enjoyed watching her as she did her thing.

 We went to the early church service so that SG could go with us and boy that sure was different than going to midnight mass!  Imagine about 100 of Sarah Graves in a sanctuary doing a Christmas pageant.  My head was spinning, but it was nice to be with Mom and Dad and I love singing all the carols. 
Then, we all came back to our house for an unconventional, albeit yummy Christmas dinner of sensation salad, spaghetti and meatballs, and almond cream cake.  I'm not big on the turkey and dressing meal, so we just decided to make this.  The spaghetti and meatball recipe was from The Pioneer Woman and it was a great one!  We also had some of the Christmas cookies that I had baked earlier in the week.  Snicker-doodles, iced sugar cookies, and peanut butter balls are favorites for us.
 Sarah Graves enjoyed showing Lovie and Pops some of her new toys.
After eating several cookies herself, she was pleased to put some out for Santa.  Our Santa requested some eggnog for his cookies. 

Monday, December 26, 2011


We had a wonderful Christmas and I have lots of pictures to post about it.  Our enjoyment of the day after Christmas was interrupted a bit by the fact that Sarah Graves has an ear infection.  She started telling us yesterday that her ear hurt, but she was still in good spirits.  I was in hopes that ibuprofen would keep her comfortable until we got to the pediatrician, but it was worse during the night and she was up quite bit. 
We were some of the first to get to the pediatrician this morning and sure enough, she has an ear infection.  They gave her antibiotics and an ear drop for the pain.  She had a good nap today and seems to be doing fine.  Hopefully, she'll be back to normal and will sleep well tonight.  I know I need it!

Letter Month Twenty-Three

Dear Sarah Graves,
You are such a joy right now (not that you haven't been always)!  You are your own person and it is so fun to watch you grow.  You are inquisitive, imaginative, and so very loving. 
You are really into baby dolls and pretend cooking right now.  Your imagination has really fired up and you crack us up with some of your pretending!  You have several babies and you refer to some of them by names and others are just baby.  Your babies have to eat, sleep, and they even poop.  Sometimes you make pie to feed your baby, which cracks us all up!  You have a small set of dishes that came as an early Christmas present and you pretend to bake all sorts of yummy treats for us.  Maybe all your pretend baking is why you don't care to eat real food.
You are not interested in food much these days.  You seem to go through phases where you love on thing and want it constantly and just as quick as it became your favorite, you are over it.  You did that with eggs and now I am afraid that "cancakes" are going the same way.  You don't eat any vegetables or meats, except for the occasional chicken nugget. You sometimes eat oranges or bananas, and apple sauce.  You love what you refer to as fru fru, otherwise called a Buddy Fruit.  You suck it out of the pouch in one breath and would probably eat that for most meals if we offered it.  That is one of the few ways I can get fruit and vegetable in you.  Most days you just don't seem to have a big appetite.  you love pie, cookies, cupcakes, crackers, most any food lacking in nutritional value, but you will eat some of it and then you're done.  Hopefully, you will develop into a better eater soon because I am out of ideas for you. 
You are talking so much more and putting several words together.  You have your own way of saying most things, but you are very consistent with it.  Once I figure out what you are saying, you look at me as if to say, "isn't it obvious?"  My favorite right now is MAn MAn.  That is your version of snowman and I smile every time I hear it.  I even bought you a small stuffed snowman just to hear it more!  Recently, lovie heard you in the kitchen and came in to find you holding a pie plate and saying, "Sarah eat pie."  You definitely know what you want and heaven help us when we try to get in your way!
You are still an awesome sleeper.  You climb up the stairs saying night night when it's time for bed and snuggle in with all your babies.  You are very attached to your blankie and lovie.  Your lovie is going more and more places with you and provides a lot of comfort.  It's looking worn and tattered and I'm a little concerned that we only have one of the one that you love so much. 
You are so excited about unwrapping presents and getting toys.  It is very cute. You know that Santa brings toys.  Somehow in my efforts to explain baby Jesus, you lumped him in with Santa, so he says Ho Ho Ho!  We'll continue to work on that. 
You carry a special light and joy with you in everything that you do.  I think others notice it too and we continue to be amazed by you.  I still feel so lucky to be your Ba-Ba and yes, that is still your name for me.  I feel privileged to have it. 

Friday, December 23, 2011


Sarah Graves has been coming home with some really sweet crafts from school.  Two of my favorites are these ornaments that she made.  They will be treasures for Christmases to come!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We are in full preparation for Christmas at our house!  Sarah Graves is enjoying filling in her Advent calendar that she received last year.  She remembers it better than I do!
I have been busy baking cookies and wrapping gifts, which is why I haven't been posting too often.  We are taking plenty of pictures and I will get caught up soon.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Visit with Santa Paws

Saturday we took Lucy to visit Santa Paws.  They took Lucy's picture with their camera and were nice enough to take a family picture with our camera!
Lucy was all smiles while we were there and Sarah Graves wanted no part of being with Santa.  He offered for her to be on his lap, but she was adamant that that was not for her!   I hope that Santa Paws heard Lucy's wishes!  She sure is a great dog.

Friday, December 16, 2011


A Visit with Santa

Our only plan Saturday was to go to see Santa Claus.  Sarah Graves was getting caught up on her sleep and slept in until we woke her at a quarter of nine!  Since "cancakes" are her favorite right now, we went out for some before heading to the mall. 

The line for Santa was on the lon side, so Mom and I took SG over to the indoor play area for a while and Daddy stood in line for us.  I didn't want her to be miserable having to stand in line for a long time and then be grumpy when she got to Santa.
Lovie joined us for a fun afternoon!

Sarah Graves was very sweet with Santa.  She wasn't scared of him and she listened to him so intently.