Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Irish

I feel like we have been sick for the past month and I'm ready for us to happy and feeling good again.  St. Patrick's day was a fun day, but they weren't feeling great and weren't interested in giving me big smiles!  Have to love the Irish Princess and Lucky Boy!

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Tooth!

In the midst of all our illness, Charlie cut his first tooth today! I can't get a picture of it, but he is so cute checking it out with his tongue. His tooth is on the bottom right up front.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Charlie Makes Four

Yep, Charlie woke with fever feeling miserable. Aaron took him to the pediatrician and he doesn't have the flu. He has the same sort of virus SG had several weeks ago and then Aaron and I had it. He hates taking Tylenol with a passion and fights wiping his nose just as much. So, he isn't the easiest patient, but he is the sweetest.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

More sick

Sunday I was congested and by Monday night my ears were hurting pretty bad. Tuesday morning I used our Teladoc benefit and had a three day z pack anabiotic prescribed. Wednesday I felt worse, so Jeanne' came to take SG to school and me to the doctor. The doctor felt I needed a stronger antibiotic so he gave me an anabiotic shot and prescribed amoxicillin on top of the other.
Thursday evening I thought I was feeling a bit better and ate dinner with Aaron and the kids and actually managed to take a shower. Friday morning I woke up expecting to feel even better and planned to take SG to school. As I got us ready for school, I realized that I felt awful and it was all that I could do to actually get her there and get home again. Mom offered to come and take me back to the doctor and I gratefully accepted. When the doctor saw me back at first he thought steroids were what I needed to reduce all the inflammation from the infection.. I was pretty upset because he felt the steroids would be unsafe for Charlie to nurse. He felt I would need to wait at least 6 days before letting Charlie nurse again. I was crying, worried that after that long with just a bottle, Charlie might wean. Seeing that I had started running fever again, he suggested testing me for the flu. I was positive for flu and have started taking Tamiflu. The Tamiflu is okay for Charlie to nurse and I am hoping it will help him not get this.
SG started running a fever with a runny nose today and Aaron took her to be tested for flu and thank goodness she is negative! She and Aaron both got an antibiotic for a sinus infection. I would often like to let our immune systems take care of this on their own, but I feel like ours are so shot that we may need help to be well.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Daddy Came Back

After his week away, Daddy came home last Saturday and Charlie was all grins!

I think he missed his Daddy as much as Daddy missed him.

Baby Shot!

He can sit so well!

A Really Yucky Virus

I posted about SG having a yucky virus and then Aaron and I got it and I realized it is a really yucky virus!  Wednesday afternoon I started feeling bad and by the evening I knew I had the virus.  I had a high fever and a blinding headache.  I managed to stay home with the kids while Aaron went to EFM, but was anxious for him to get home because I was pretty much incapacitated.  
He started with the virus late Wednesday night and by Thursday morning he asked Mom to come get the kids.  I hate missing even a minute with them, but I knew we couldn't take care of them.  Thursday and Friday passed in a blur as we were both pretty much only able to lie there.  I had a fever over 102 and just felt miserable.  I think all my Emergen C and drinking plenty paid off because by Friday afternoon I was feeling a bit better and willed myself to get up and move around a little.  That seemed to help my headache and by Friday night I was ready for the kids to come home.  Charlie was feeling bad on Friday, so it was a good thing he came back to momma.  He didn't get the high fever, but was miserable with the congestion.  
Saturday, I was able to get the kids out to music, then I got us all adjusted at the chiropractor and picked up a few things at Target.  Aaron still felt pretty bad, but he did manage to drive us to a birthday party for SG's friend.  Lovie and Pops came along and picked us up later making it a pretty fun day.  Plus, Maw Maw Yvonne is here for a couple of weeks, so we spent a little time with her!  I hope we don't get her sick, but sure am glad to see her.

My Mom has completely dedicated the past two weeks to helping out with our kiddos and Aunt Nay has dedicated several of her days off to helping out.  I really appreciate it!  Plus, Aunt Nay dropped off food for me and Aaron on Friday on her way to work.  That was a huge help!  So thankful to live sort of near my village!

Aaron and I are back to work today and hoping we stay healthy for a bit!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In Need of Sleep

This is the sweetest baby with a cute personality, but he looks like an absolute angel when he sleeps. If only that we're more frequent.
I try not to complain, mostly because I want them to know how much joy they bring us, but I am tired. I'm not even tired, I am exhausted. Aaron is too and I give him a lot of credit for helping at night when he can. We need a way for us as a family to get 6 consecutive hours of sleep a night. Eight would be even better, but I think we could function on 6.
Charlie's sleep is the main issue. He starts in his crib around 7:30 and sleeps for 30 minutes or an hour before he wakes up. I will nurse him back to sleep as long as I feel like it has been long enough since the last feeding that he isn't going to nurse until he throws up (he has done that on multiple occasions). If I am not going to let him nurse again so soon, it is better if Aaron soothes him back to sleep with bouncing, rocking, and patting. I serve only one purpose in his mind and he is angry if he can't have it. Our evening goes on like this until we are ready for bed and I just bring him in with us. He spends the rest of the night nursing, using me as a pacifier, and being patted and rocked when he either no longer wants to nurse or I can't take having someone use me as a pacifier any longer. Some nights I only briefly wake up to roll us to the other side. Other nights, like last night, it feels like there isn't a stretch of peaceful sleep to be had. He was scratching, pinching, biting (no teeth yet, thank goodness), kicking, and crying on and off all night until at 4 he decided to talk loudly and blow raspberries. When the alarm went off at 5:30, I wanted to cry because I am so tired and can't bear the idea that my chance for sleep is over until night.
I do not want to leave him to cry himself to sleep, but I am running out of other ideas. I have read books, but none seem to offer any new ideas. We give him solids now, but that doesn't seem to consistently change his sleep habits.
He doesn't nap well, either. Generally, the longest he will nap in his crib is about an hour. Many days it is only 20 minutes. He can be so tired during the day, but will only sleep for these short bits. He used to sleep well in the Ergo, which worked for naps, but he has grown very social and won't give up and go to sleep. He falls asleep in the car, but he is about to outgrow the carrier and I am panicking how we will cope without it to take him out of the car asleep.
SG goes to sleep well and only seems to wake for bad dreams (Caillou and the scratchy monster is pure evil), needs a drink of water, or can't find her paci in her bed. These issues wake us up, but are quickly solved and we all go back to bed. She is still a good mapper (knock on wood).
I am at a loss. We need sleep because I see my patience and enthusiasm for them waning. When momma can't function well, nobody is very happy.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yucky Virus

SG has been sick with a yucky virus for 3 days now. She started with a fever on Thursday and we hoped it had left on Saturday, but no such luck. She has a terrible cough and runny nose, too.
We went to the pediatrician this morning (thank goodness for Sunday appointments) and she tested negative for strep and the flu. The pediatrician thinks it is likely a different virus a lot of kids are getting that has high fever associated with it. He said it may be a few more days before she is feeling better.

Friday, March 8, 2013


I took SG for her three-year-old check-up right around her birthday, but I just never got around to posting about the actual check-up. She weighs 32.2 pounds which is in the 56th percentile and she is 37 1/2 inches tall which is the 55th percentile. She was in great health and my main concern was her picky eating. The pediatrician recommended that we stay on her current asthma medications which are Singulair, Flonase, and the Flovent inhaler. We have had so much success with these that I agree we should definitely continue. During that appointment Sarah Graves also had her hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines.
Wednesday I took her to see ear nose and throat specialist for an allergy check since we haven't been back since October. The doctor felt that Sarah Graves has done so well with the medications that we should try being off of them for a while to determine if she really needs them. I also mentioned that at the recommendation of our chiropractor we had removed most dairy from her diet and saw a tremendous improvement after doing that. The ENT agreed the dairy could have been making the mucus such a problem that her body couldn't handle it on its own. She expressed her concern about SG's diet with regard to eating the same foods day in and day out for months on end as this will likely lead to more food allergies. She already has a mild allergy to strawberries and peas, which means she has an increased likelihood of developing more allergies. Her ears, nose, and throat looked great on Wednesday, so the doctor recommended that we continue to work with our pediatrician.
Thursday afternoon, Lovie and Nay picked her up early from school as a treat, but soon realized she wasn't herself. By the time I got home, she was running a low fever and lying on the sofa. She complains that her throat hurts and her eyes burn. I am hopeful it is just a cold, but we are continuing our medicines for now just in case it becomes more. Poor kiddo woke up during the night and actually wanted to sleep with me. I had her in one arm and Charlie in the other! She is home with Lovie today and feeling yucky. Thank goodness for Lovie this week and always!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Aaron is away at training this week, so Lovie is staying with us.  She is sleeping over every night this week! Sarah Graves is thrilled to have Lovie stay at our house!  If it were up to Sarah Graves, we would all live on a compound together.  Isn't that what every child wants, all their favorite people in one place all the time?
I have appreciated all the help.  The evenings are hectic enough, but doing it by yourself is just exhausting.  It has been nice to have someone there to talk to once the kids are in bed.  I am not used to having anyone to help me get SG ready in the mornings and I could definitely get used to that!  If Lovie and Pops ever want to move in, I would be happy.
We have missed daddy a lot while he is gone and one of those reasons is his patience getting Charlie back to sleep.  I can usually get him down the first time, but the frequent wake ups after that start to wear on me.  We have done alright though and once Charlie comes to bed with me, he has slept pretty well.  We hope that daddy is enjoying some nice meals in restaurants and some nights of uninterrupted sleep!  We will be excited to see him on Saturday!

Baby Shot!

He is getting up on his hands and knees and rocking now.  It won't be long before he is crawling.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Birthday Fun!

SG's friend Peyton was, I believe, the last in her class to turn three.  His party was on Sunday afternoon at his house.  Because Charlie had been sick, SG and I went to the party and Daddy stayed home with Charlie.  
Some of her best friends were at Peyton's construction themed party.  Her favorite things were playing on this roller coaster toy and the Little Tykes bounce house in their basement!

The kids were so cute sitting around the table singing happy birthday and clapping for Peyton as he blew out his candles.  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Charlie Cuteness

I almost forgot to post these cute pictures of Charlie.  We took these one Saturday a few weeks ago so that we could remember this cute roly poly baby stage.  He really enjoyed getting to be nakey for a while!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Last week feels like it was a blur.  Sarah Graves was sick Sunday night and still didn't feel great on Monday morning.  Then, Charlie started with some sniffles.  Tuesday afternoon I started feeling like I had a stomachache and by Wednesday morning I knew it was the stomach flu.  Thursday I was feeling better and by early Friday morning Charlie had started with it.  His seems to have done like Sarah Graves where he seemed better Saturday and was sick again early Sunday morning.  I have decided that when you have kids, especially a child that shares your bed, you need guest rooms so that you have extra beds waiting with clean sheets for when the unexpected happens during the night!
We had some fun too and I will post about those events soon!

Letter Month Six

Dear Charlie,

Six months old already is hard to believe!  In some ways it feels like you have been part of our family forever.  Look what you have accomplished in just six months!  You grab for everything, respond to your name, sit up, roll all around, and even scoot yourself around.  The best parts are your smile and your laugh. 
You are a physical little guy.  You are now able to sit up and play for a while without tipping over.  You roll with great ease to get to what you want.  You can even scoot yourself around; although, I’m not sure exactly how you do it.  You grab for everything and immediately want it in your mouth.  No drinking glass, piece of paper, or earring is safe in your presence!   You also grab on to hair, which can hurt sometimes.  Sissy is not fond of this part. 
Lovie tells me you are also able to hold onto your bottle, and you will grab for me while you are nursing.   Sometimes this results in me getting a pinch and combined with your desire to use me for chewing, has made for some uncomfortable nursing time.  We have persisted and you definitely have not missed a meal.  We have started you on some solids in the last few days.  You have had avocado, banana, broccoli, and apple so far.  You have enjoyed the taste of all of them so far, but the broccoli upset your tummy.  It is so cute to watch you get the chunk in your first and start to gnaw on it. 
Sleep is still a big challenge for us.   You nap periodically and sometimes it is for 20 minutes and other times 2 hours.  We usually have to help you get to sleep by rocking or bouncing and patting your bottom.  You are funny about the pacifier and sometimes you suck on it while going to sleep like you love it and other times you rare your head back and cry out as though it is poison to you.  Your night sleep isn’t any better.  You get sleepy around 7 or 7:30, but you often take a long time to fall asleep and then awaken very quickly.  Once you get in bed next to me it goes a bit better, but you still wake frequently to nurse throughout the night.  I do love to look over at you sleeping so peacefully next to me.  You look like an angel sleeping. 
You are a talking guy!  You are mostly making vowel sounds and raspberries these days!  You have definitely perfected the aaahh sound and can blow raspberries with the best of them.  You really do give kisses and I think you understand the meaning of the word.  Your Mam-ma, Grancy, and Gramma came to visit and when I asked you to give Mam-ma a kiss, you did it!   I didn’t think any of them were going to leave without taking you with them and who would blame them!
It is hard for me to believe, but we just tried out the stroller with you.  You weren't a big fan!  I think you prefer to be close to momma taking in people's faces in the Ergo.  I like the view of your face that I get while carrying you that way too.  We have tried you a couple of times in it on my back and that works pretty well.  I just have to pin up my hair or you take the opportunity to grab a nice fistful!
You just have the sweetest way about you.  You look at me with your big eyes and easy smile and my heart melts.  Sometimes when I see you looking up at me so sweetly I think of the first moment we met and you gazed at me – a moment I won’t forget.  Those fat cheeks are irresistible too!  I am one lucky momma.