Friday, March 27, 2015

Princess Cinderella

Last weekend, Sarah Graves and I had a movie date. This was our first time going to the movie together and we picked a good one! We saw Cinderella and the Frozen short film. Both were well done and just perfect for enjoying with a little girl.

We can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter Stuffies

A sweet family friend that I have known as Aunt Sandy sent the kids sweet stuffed animals for Easter. 

Sarah Graves received Lambie from Doc McStuffin and Charlie got Clover from Sofia. Charlie calls his Peter Rottentail, though! He loves it and drags Peter Rottentail all around with him!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


This precious boy had a check-up with the hand specialist today. His hand is fine, but the middle finger is not straight like it should be. He will probably need surgery again in the future, but we need to time it well so that he doesn't outgrow the correction and require more work. 
It is hard to think about putting him through that again. He uses that hand fine and it is definitely not his dominant hand. Then again, we want him to be his very best and don't want to short change him. It's a good thing he is in the midst of a big growth period and we don't plan to do anything for a while!
Everyone at Dr. Lourie's office agreed he was the most handsome boy they have seen! I couldn't agree more!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Baby in the House!

Last weekend we had fun having baby Livy at our house! We pulled out our things for a little baby and she fit right in! 

We went to Costco and church with her and she did well. She is used to being worn and it was easy to pop her in the Ergo. She is so light! She was really sweet and cuddly, too!

I must say that it felt odd to be taking care of a small baby and not nursing her. I took for granted how much I relied on my body to tell me it was time for the baby to be hungry and we didn't have to worry about making bottles. Fortunately, Olivia likes the bottle much better than mine did and she will take it even if it isn't very warm. A big relief for me!

Sissy and Charlie were good with her! Can't wait for her to come back!

Puppetry Field Trip

Last week Sarah Graves' school had a field trip for a puppet show. It was all about two caterpillars and their journey to become butterflies. The puppeteer did a great job explaining the puppets as well as the story. Sixty pre-k kids were a lot to keep entertained, but she had them focused.

Afterwards, they did a craft to design and make their own butterfly puppet.
Glad I join my sweet girl for a fun activity!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Weather!

We are starting to get some warm, sunny days here! It is welcomed after so many rainy, gloomy days this winter. Last Sunday we had gorgeous weather and just couldn't be inside! Charlie and I spent the afternoon in the backyard.
He got in touch with his inner artist as he made a painting of a bear.

He "walked" Lucy around the yard. She was happy to get the attention and didn't mind having her leash pulled this way and that!

Charlie was a pirate steering his ship around.

He was touching the sky on his rocket, too!
We had a good time together just doing what he pleased.

Sarah Graves and Aaron spent their afternoon outside at her friend Eliza's birthday party.
The kids go crazy for a piƱata! It was a ballerina party and she was quite thrilled to be going out wearing her tutu from her ballet recital!

Sarah Graves discovered that she loves lemon flavored treats and helped herself to two lemon cupcakes! Eliza had a fun backyard for he kids to play, so she had a ball being outside with her friends! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kids' Workshop

Aaron took Sarah Graves to a Home Depot Kids' Workshop last weekend. She had a great time going on a date with Daddy and proudly made a set of bookends to use in her room!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Sarah Graves was excited for St. Patrick's Day! We don't normally do much for the holiday, but she wanted to bake a special cake. She had visions of frosting a shamrock and a rainbow on it, but on a weeknight my best was a pound cake tinted green. She was happy and I had fun making it with them!

Lovie made them cute shirts for the holiday!

I didn't have great luck getting one shot of both of them, ha! The bottom one is Charlie's effort to smile, though!

Of course, she had to enjoy some more of her green cake!
She LOVES this kind of sweet treat! She had a great day and was so excited to see that leprechauns had been in her classroom leaving shamrocks all over and in the adjoining classroom they created a lot of mischief and dumped out all the toys and spread streamers around! Five is such a fun age!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Letter Month Thirty

Dear Charlie,
You are such a great little buddy and so much fun to have in our life. You make us laugh and impress us all the time with your verbal skills! You can hold a great conversation and really know your mind and speak up for what you want. I love it when you want something, ask for it, then say, "Deal?" to confirm that you will get what we discussed! I could go on and on with cute things you say and how well you put together sentences. You make up pretend things and tell me about them and you can accurately recount what happened while you were at school. While eating dinner you want to tell us about your day as much as Sissy tells about hers.
You love your school. Buckhead Prep has been a great place for you this year. The teachers take good care of you and you have learned so much. You have perfected counting (you go up to 20 now), know your colors, your shapes, sing your ABCs like a pro, recognize a few letters, and you sing nursery rhymes better than most adults! You amaze us with the things you know sometimes! You love to sing and pick up new songs quick. Jingle Bells is still a favorite of yours and you aren't shy about bursting out singing it even in February! You talk about playing with Morgan and Brooklyn at school and you LOVE to play tag when you go outside!
Christmas was really exciting for you this year! You were really pumped about Santa, Rudolph, and our elf, Rainbow Bobby! The toy part got your attention real quick and you kept asking if he would be coming back! I'm glad you were so excited to see Santa and had so much anticipation for the big night! You were sad when Rainbow Bobby left, but happy when he came back for Sissy's birthday. Speaking of birthdays, you are looking forward to celebrating yours! You have been telling us how much you want an Olaf party, at Chuck E. Cheese, with a blue cake! Yes, you know what you want, my man!
Your growth seems to have flattened out. You wear a size 2T or 3T in clothes, and a size 8 shoe. Your appetite is not as large as it once was, but you are a well-rounded eater. Some of your favorite foods are asparagus, raspberries, and sausage. Your most favorite treat in the world is a glazed doughnut! It excites you so much to get a doughnut that it just tickles me! I resist the urge to buy them for you constantly because I don't want to distract you from the fruits and veggies you like. You also love pizza and expect to get a slice any time we go to Costco!
You learned how to climb out of your crib, so we took the rail off to give you a toddler bed and our sleep woes began. You like to nurse and rock at bedtime, but you rarely fall asleep nursing anymore. Then, you don't stay in bed long enough to get your body still to fall asleep. It is definitely a struggle and we keep looking for solutions. Many nights, Daddy gets tired of sitting in your room rocking you, so he loads you in the car around 10 or 11 at night and takes you for a ride. Being still in the car seat seems to help you get to sleep. Lovie does it too to help you get a nap and she calls it "going to the store." You have caught on to the phrase and sometimes cry that you don't want to go to the store! Most nights you wake sometime during the night and come barreling into our room to get in bed with us! You walk right in and find your spot, then snuggle in for the rest of the night. I have come to enjoy my little bed buddy next to me!
You play with toys, but you love to watch TV. Your biggest request is for Justin Time. You love the episode where they go to the Bayou for a fais-do-do! You have walked around saying Ah-yeeee all the time!
When we planned a trip to Disney, we thought you would like it okay, but had no idea you would love it as much as we do! You had a great time! You were a little scared of the characters until you say Pooh and Tigger and you go so excited you couldn't contain yourself! You were jumping and dancing around so excited to see them! After that, you would pose with any character and the princesses loved you! You liked the rides, too! You loved the water slide at the hotel and surprised everyone because you weren't the least bit afraid to go by yourself! I hope with pictures you can remember what a blast you had your first time at Disney!
Since her arrival on Christmas Day, you have spent a lot of time with Olivia. You have done really well having a new baby around and your jealousy has been minimal. You love to look at her tiny hands and refer to them that way. I think you understand just how delicate she is and even when you are angry that she is being held the way you want to be, you aren't angry with her. You give her kisses, bring her toys, and rock her cradle. You are very pleased with yourself when she cries and stops because you rocked her cradle.
You are our precious boy. Your big, bright eyes are so darling and you are so excited about all the new things you see and do at two and a half! You delight us with your silliness and melt our hearts with your I love you's and sweet kisses. I just couldn't imagine life without you and feel so grateful to be your momma.

Letter Month Sixty

Dear Sarah Graves,
Five years old doesn't seem possible. I remember the moment I first held you and finally looked at your precious face. I have to say that I have really enjoyed this age with you. You talk so well and hold great conversation. You are animated when you speak and use your hands and facial expressions to make your point. It is just precious!
You are fascinated with Barbie and everything to do with her and princesses. You love to watch YouTube videos demonstrating toys and acting out scenes with Barbies and princesses. You know a lot about different toys and have really gotten some good ideas for playing with your dolls by watching.
You have really enjoyed being in pre-k. You tell us how much you love your teachers, Ms. Marlene and Ms. Renisha. They are both very fond of you and do a lot to make school fun. You seem to get along well with kids in your class. You are friends with a bunch of kids, but your close friends seem to be Sydney, Charlotte, and Hank. You have had a crush on Hank for a while and say you want to marry him! You have been practicing writing a lot! You can now write your full name and it is very clear. You also enjoy drawing and coloring a lot. You make so many pictures for me during the day at school. You also bring me rocks that you find playing outside. You tell me you bring the rocks so I will know you thought of me.
You enjoy taking ballet, gymnastics, and swim lessons. You have missed going to music class some, but you like doing gymnastics instead. We will find a way to integrate music back into your routine soon. You love to sing and have a definite opinion about what you hear on the radio. You have a lot of dance moves, too! You dance whenever the mood strikes! Right now you really want to be a rock star when you grow up - ballet teacher is a close second!
Big events were going to Disney World, having a baby cousin, and making your first communion. We knew you would love Disney and you did not disappoint! You happily took pictures and got autographs from princesses, rode rides, and sat enthralled during the shows. Your favorite parts were meeting Princess Elsa and having a ball at the hotel water slide! It was truly the trip of a lifetime and I hope you will remember how much fun we had!
Your cousin Olivia arrived on Christmas day and you were eager to meet her. You have been kind and sweet to her wanting to cover her with a blanket, hold her, and rock her in her cradle. You have been waiting for Aunt Nay to give her a paci, too! It won't be long and Olivia will be up playing with you.
Making your first communion was a big deal for us. You have been wanting to do it for a while and we finally decided you were ready to take the class and understand a bit more about it. You wore a dress that was Aunt Nay's when she made her first communion and it was a special day for us. You were a little nervous just before you went to receive it, but you remembered what to do and you did great!
Eating is still a challenge, but we continue to work on it. Your love of crispy bacon as the only meat you eat still surprises and pleases me. You still find breakfast to be your favorite meal and enjoy waffles, pancakes, banana nut muffins, biscuits, doughnuts, and pretty much any other sweet carb offered! You eat enough to grow and keep your energy up, which is our primary concern. We would love to see you eat more from other food groups, but right now we just focus on meal time as a time for family and being together, not a time to stress out about tasting new foods.
You have a kind heart. You love your family fiercely! You tell us you love us and offer kisses and hugs with enthusiasm. You are generally kind to your brother and try to play with him. He loves you and looks up to you, but it is hard to see sometimes when he is breaking toys or pulling your hair. I love you so much and want so many good things for you. I love how innocent you are right now and how you believe anything is possible. You dream of becoming a rock star or an LSU Golden Girl and believe with your heart that that is going to happen. For your sake, I hope it does and all your other dreams too. I still feel thankful each day to be your momma.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

I AM - Cleopatra

Sarah Graves' class put on a program to highlight famous people they learned about. Sarah Graves was Cleopatra and other kids were people like Oprah, Sammy Davis, Jr., President Obama, and Babe Ruth. It is so funny to now hear Sarah Graves make mention of Sammy Davis, Jr. In conversation or recognize Oprah on the cover of a magazine!

She felt like a queen in this costume!

She delivered her line so well and I loved how proud she was of herself. She was also given the privilege of delivering the closing.

Cleopatra, Ghandi, and Sammy Davis, Jr. All together!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Big Sister at a Birthday Party

Sunday Sarah Graves went to the birthday party for her friend, Peyton. Peyton's family was kind enough to invite Charlie as well. Charlie has been to birthday parties, but he doesn't yet get invited to many, so he was excited! The party was at a gym and there were lots of activities for the kids.

Sarah Graves was the sweetest big sister and stayed by her brother showing him what to do! She has such a kind heart for him and really tries to look out for him!

Seeing Friends

My dear friend Sarah had twin boys several months ago and we finally went to visit them! We don't go to other people's houses a lot, mostly because I prefer to keep our kind of crazy at home. The kids are getting older and it's hard to visit in restaurants, so I decided we would take our chances. I waited for a time when I felt like we were all healthy and would be less likely to expose the babies to something, then we made our plan. Turns out, the kids did great! They were a little crazy - Sarah and Pradeep got a sneak preview of what is in store for them - but we had a chance to visit and meet their sweet boys. 

My kids were enthralled with the babies and their exersaucers! They were so intrigued with those toys! They were also very sweet and talked to the babies and tried to interact with them. 

Sarah and Pradeep have a dog, Murphy, who so badly wanted to play with the kids, but they were no more interested in that dog than they are in Lucy. At least Lucy knows it isn't personal!

I am looking forward to getting the families together again!