Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Seeing Friends

My dear friend Sarah had twin boys several months ago and we finally went to visit them! We don't go to other people's houses a lot, mostly because I prefer to keep our kind of crazy at home. The kids are getting older and it's hard to visit in restaurants, so I decided we would take our chances. I waited for a time when I felt like we were all healthy and would be less likely to expose the babies to something, then we made our plan. Turns out, the kids did great! They were a little crazy - Sarah and Pradeep got a sneak preview of what is in store for them - but we had a chance to visit and meet their sweet boys. 

My kids were enthralled with the babies and their exersaucers! They were so intrigued with those toys! They were also very sweet and talked to the babies and tried to interact with them. 

Sarah and Pradeep have a dog, Murphy, who so badly wanted to play with the kids, but they were no more interested in that dog than they are in Lucy. At least Lucy knows it isn't personal!

I am looking forward to getting the families together again!

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