Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Weather!

We are starting to get some warm, sunny days here! It is welcomed after so many rainy, gloomy days this winter. Last Sunday we had gorgeous weather and just couldn't be inside! Charlie and I spent the afternoon in the backyard.
He got in touch with his inner artist as he made a painting of a bear.

He "walked" Lucy around the yard. She was happy to get the attention and didn't mind having her leash pulled this way and that!

Charlie was a pirate steering his ship around.

He was touching the sky on his rocket, too!
We had a good time together just doing what he pleased.

Sarah Graves and Aaron spent their afternoon outside at her friend Eliza's birthday party.
The kids go crazy for a piƱata! It was a ballerina party and she was quite thrilled to be going out wearing her tutu from her ballet recital!

Sarah Graves discovered that she loves lemon flavored treats and helped herself to two lemon cupcakes! Eliza had a fun backyard for he kids to play, so she had a ball being outside with her friends! 

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