Friday, July 18, 2014

Spray Fun!

Saturday afternoon we met my friend Sarah and her husband Pradeep at a spray ground.  Sarah and Pradeep are expecting twins boys around Thanksgiving and it was a lot of fun to talk babies and kids with them!  Our kiddos certainly painted the picture of how busy and crazy life with kids can be!  They loved the spry ground and had a lot of fun darting in and out of the water.  
It was a lot of fun to catch up with my sweet friend and her husband!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Charlie discovered these rain boots that once belonged to SG and fell in love!  They are Elmo boots from Grancy.  They fit him perfectly right now, too.  The only problem is that he lost one and we can't find it anywhere!
He happily puts on the one that we can find and goes around looking a bit like Gossie from his favorite book.

Funny Boy!

here Charlie is showing off his silly side.  He is really into his hats lately.

A Sister's Love

Sarah Graves woke up really early Saturday morning.  She did stay in her room, but she put on a very loud performance of "Let It Go" and "Roar".  We were so tired that we did manage to continue dozing through that.  A while later, (felt like hours, but probably was minutes) I started hearing chatter from Charlie.  He wasn't crying, so I stayed there in my sleep deprived coma.  Finally, it was around 6:30 and I could still hear chatter, so I decided to go get them.  I went to Charlie first and found that Sarah Graves had climbed into the crib. This was a first!
She happily told me that she heard Charlie and didn't want him to be lonely.  When she came into his room he told her that he dropped his baby, so she helped him out with that and then climbed in to keep him company.  Their love for one another is one of the most affirming things for me as a parent. Surely, we have done something right if they can love each other so well.
The camera flash in the dark room so early in the morning was not well-received!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Feet!

A trip to Target resulted in new shoes and some very happy feet!
Charlie took one look at these Spider-Man flip flops and proclaimed, "I buy it!  I buy it!"  I was worried they might not fit his foot very well, but there was no telling him that he couldn't have them.  Amazing enough, he keeps them on too!

Sarah Graves was not in the market for new shoes, but felt that if Charlie was trying them on, she should too.  She checked out cowboy boots, tennis shoes, and finally landed on these.  She likes the bright colored beads the best and has worn them since she got them!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Letter Month Twenty-Two

Dear Charlie,
I just watched you fall asleep while nursing and nothing fills my heart with more love for you than watching you relax and drift off to sleep like that.  You look like an angel when you sleep.  I love you at this age and sort of wish we could stay this way longer, but it is quickly passing us by and you are growing more and more independent.
You have discovered Elmo and Caillou and love to watch them.  You request them pretty much first thing in the morning and watch for a while before you move on to other activities.  The kitchen is still one of your favorite things to play with.  You make us all sorts of pretend treats and like to wear a chef dress up outfit!  You also love to play with Play-Doh (your sister got you hooked on that) and you are becoming more interested in coloring.  You recognize many animals, including giraffes, zebras, monkeys, elephants, ducks, cats, mice, dogs, bears, and alligators.  You learned zebras because of the zebra rug at Lovie and Pops'!   You also know the numbers one and two and you can count two objects.  I can ask you how many you have and you will begin counting, "one...two...."  You recognize some of your colors and you talk about the color pink a lot, but I think that is probably mostly because your sister likes pink.  You love her a lot and want to do everything like her!
This month you took a big step toward independence by staying in the nursery at church.  Lovie taught during Bible school and that meant you needed to be in the nursery.  We talked to you a lot about and told you about the fun things to do there.  I also packed lots of yummy snacks for you!  The ladies in there took care of Sarah Graves too, so they had adored you before you were even born.  By the time you got there the first day, you were so excited and calling the name of one of the caregivers! You became fond of both of them and when Ms. Diane was sick, you told me many times that, "Diane sick" with great concern.  You have been staying in the nursery until communion, too.  Although I miss having you with me, I think you have more fun being in there with ladies who adore you and make it a fun time.
You really have a sense of humor and intentionally do things to be funny!  You will put on silly hats, do funny little dances, or even sometimes take something and run laughing with it.  You like to make us laugh and happily report to us, "Charie punny!"  You say your name as Charie without the "L" and we think it's pretty cute!  You also say Lovie now, but it comes out as "Wubby!"  You call out, "Wubby! Wubby!" to her and she just delights in you.  You are definitely Pops' buddy and you look of him every morning.  He tells you bye when he has to go to work and tries not to come back down until you nap since it upsets you to see him and not be able to play with him.  You have a special relationship with them and they just adore you.
You like to hear music, but often tell us, "no singing!"  You also like to dance.  You dancing is mostly twirling in a circle until you are dizzy, but we think it's the cutest ever!
You are such a loved little boy.  Your Dad and I just adore you and so does your sister.  Your grandparents, aunts, and uncles all love you so much.  You delight us, make us laugh, and impress us each day.  We can't wait to see how you grow more!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Independence Day!

We had a fun adventure on July 4th!  
We started with picking blueberries.  Fresh and sweet right off the bush!  The weather was great!  It wasn't too hot and there was even a light breeze.  So great to be outside having fun!

Daddy showed Sissy which ones were ripe and she loved filling her bucket!  Her biggest complaint was that Charlie kept grabbing them and eating them!

The red tractor made us think of Tech, one of the beloved programs on Baby First TV about a red tractor.

We left the farm and came upon a snowball stand!  We were excited to find this tasty treat!  Charlie had already fallen asleep, so no snowball for him.  Aaron and I told Sarah Graves stories about enjoying snowballs when we were kids!

We passed by a July 4th festival in a park and Sarah Graves was intrigued by the bounce houses!  We convinced Aaron that we could buy an ice chest to keep our blueberries cool while we checked it out.  

My cool dudes!

She picked out this patriotic hat for herself!

They were offering face painting and she chose to have fireworks painted on her arm!

Lovie and Pops spent the day barbecuing ribs and we were lucky enough to be invited to enjoy them with them!
My sweet buddy!

Sissy chose to wear her boots!  I asked her for to pose for the picture and she gave me a salute!

SG had some birthday money and she recently chose to use it to buy and Ariel and Eric wedding dolls.  She had a great time playing with them with Lovie and Pops.  She and Pops had them get married, go on their honeymoon in Hawaii, and buy a house in Hawaii!

This boy loves his Captain America doll!  He calls it 'Merica and was running around shouting it!  He sounded very patriotic!

This crazy boy recently saw his grocery cart tipped over like this and proudly told love it was a horsey!  He then decided that he would ride it like a horsey!  He was very proud to show off his new invention to me!

Nay joined us after dinner and we went over to Home Depot's offices to watch the fireworks.  It was neat being able to see multiple displays at a distance.  We just rotated and saw about 5 or 6 different displays.  I think next year they will be old enough to go to a display and camp out waiting for them to start.  It certainly was convenient to just drive up to the roof of the parking deck and hop out to look around!

We had a wonderful adventure for the 4th!  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Play-Doh Madness!

Play-Doh is definitely the most requested activity in this house!  Play-Doh sweet shoppe for Easter increased the fun and the mess.  After scrubbing play-doh out of the rug for the millionth time, I declared it was an outdoor only activity.  Our patio is now littered with specks of dried up play-doh that in case you are wondering, does not wash away with rain.  That's okay because it isn't in the rug where I have to see it constantly!  Storing it outside in a deck storage box has made it much more convenient because we don't need ten trips in and out of the house to set up and put it away.  Play-Doh makes them very happy and entertains them both for a long time!   It is also a chance for them to be creative on their own level.  
As the leader of Play-Doh games, Sarah Graves generally establishes what we are all going to be working on making.  As the little brother, Charlie tries to take any item Sarah Graves has decided to focus her efforts on!  She doesn't quite get it that he just wants to do everything she does.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Streak!

This boy is just delighted to run any time he gets his diaper off! I love that he picked his hard hat to wear while nakie!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pool Time!

We are enjoying the swim club that we belong to and the water is starting to get almost comfortable!  Last summer it was so cool and rainy here that the water never quite reached that really comfortable temperature, but we are almost there this summer!  
The kids love having Pops and Lovie live so close that they can join us for a dip!  

Charlie insisted on carrying the beach bag all by himself!  He came up with the plan to put the straps on his shoulders and was so proud to do it himself!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Bouncy Birthday

Sarah Graves' friend Raani turned 4 and we were invited to her Cinderella/bounce house party.  Her family is very kind and let Charlie come too!  There were multiple bounce houses and slides to play on and the kids were like a blur bouncing around and going to the next one!  

Raani and SG became friends in Early Preschool, then they were in the same Preschool class.  Raani has switched to a different school and Sarah Graves was very excited to see her again.  

I think Charlie may have had as much fun if not more than Sarah Graves!  He was thrilled to be there, kept saying, "Happy to You!", and made friends with Raani's extended family!

A Big Owie

Last Tuesday, Sarah Graves fell down at school and got a deep cut.  She and several girls were on the playground dancing to "Dynamite" on Kidz Bop, they did a jump, somehow Sarah Graves fell down, and when she came down her chin hit a rock.  It was a very innocent thing that was really just an accident.  She wanted to blame it on a friend of hers, but I think it was just one of those things that happens to kids.  I got the call that she had a deep cut and may need some stitches, so I dropped what I was doing and went to her.  

She was so brave sitting on a teacher's lap applying pressure to the cut to help the bleeding.  As soon as I saw her I scooped her into my arms and I felt her body relax against me.  For a moment, it was like holding her as a small baby; just feeling her melt into me.  I assured her it would be okay and we gathered her things to go see about this cut.  I wasn't sure if I should take her to her pediatrician, urgent care, or the ER so I went to Lovie's house to see what she thought.  We gave our pediatrician a quick call and they recommended going to the ER as all they would do is evaluate if you need stitches or not.  We headed to the ER at a local hospital a few blocks away and it was just right for what we needed since it wasn't crowded and we didn't have to wait long.  

The doctor felt stitches were definitely needed.  While he was getting everything set up for us, two heart attack victims came in and they needed him.  Sarah Graves never saw these two patients, but it must have made an impression because that is what she tells people about.  She didn't like the process of getting the stitches and said, "owie!" a lot, but I stayed with her holding her hands and tried to distract her from thinking about it.  Charlie was in the room and he started to get upset seeing his Sissy upset.  It was pretty sweet, actually.  Lovie comforted him while I stayed close to Sissy.  We got through it pretty easily and lunch from McDonald's and spending the afternoon with Lovie pleased her.  She didn't have any pain later that day and never really seemed to be bothered by the cut or the stitches.  

They told us to come back in five days, on Sunday, to get the stitches removed.  I figured that would be a piece of cake compared to having them put in.  Maybe I should have prepared a bit more because it wan't that easy.  She didn't act nervous about it and she hadn't really brought it up as something she was afraid of, but she certainly did not like it at all.  At first, she was just struggling a bit, then it got to where she wouldn't let them touch her without struggling.  And finally, even with me basically laying on top of her and trying to reassure her, she was writhing around.  They tried lidocaine cream to numb it a bit to make it easier.  Then, a second nurse came in to help.  Then there was the idea of a sheet around her to keep her from jerking.  Finally, it was Sarah Graves wrapped in a sheet like a mummy, strapped to a papoose board, an orderly held her chin up, I held her lower body and talked to her, a doctor held the scissors, and the nurse held the tweezers.  She screamed and struggled with everything she had.  I felt absolutely rotten having to force her to do it.  There was one stitch left and every time the doctor went to get it, she started to scream.  It felt like it took hours and in reality it took about thirty minutes.  I think I could have given birth and felt better than having to go through that.  Once the stitches were out, the nurse closed it up with some steri-strips and we were on our way.  

Since bars weren't open yet for me to get a grownup drink, we went to brunch at Copeland's and buried our emotions with really yummy food!  Even Sarah Graves loved their waffles with fresh cream, lemon bars, and chocolate dipped marshmallows!  In the afternoon she curled up in front of the TV and took a snooze with all of her comfort objects.  I don't blame her for needing a little nap to recover.  We all had one!