Monday, July 24, 2017

Livy Turned 2 1/2!

We had fun celebrating Livy's 2 1/2 birthday! She already knows she's a big girl!

Livy and Charlie are really good buddies! They drive each other crazy, but love each other so much.

Sarah Graves adores Livy and wants to take care of her and help her. She's Sissy for everyone!

My two cuties ready to party!

Livy was so excited to have everyone sing happy birthday to her. She really soaked in her big moment. So cute!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Tennis Time

I love the opportunity for the kids to try new things during the summer! I love that there are so many things for them to try and possibly fall in love with!
Tennis is one of those things I wanted them to try. We have lots of fond memories watching tennis and wanted to give the kids a chance to try. 

Sarah Graves was game from the start. I admire her eagerness to try new things and experience what life offers!

Charlie, on the other hand, had serious reservations. He had many reasons he didn't want to try. He thought he would get hit with a ball, someone might take him, it would be too hot, etc. For weeks we brought it up daily and listened to his fears. Sometimes he cried, sometimes he growled, sometimes yelled, but over time it got less and less. The day before camp he simply said, "no, no, no." 

Picking out a Sponge Bob racquet definitely helped! He was so cute and enthusiastic the morning of!

They had beautiful weather for tennis and ended up having a good time! Charlie still isn't sold, but he had more fun than he expected! Sarah Graves knew a lot of kids there and seemed to enjoy it!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lake Pics

Lovie made the kids these matching sets, and we had to get some cute pictures at the lake with the kids wearing them. Of course, we rarely are at the lake that the kids aren't wearing swimsuits and lifejackets, so it was a special effort to get them all dressed and looking cute for pictures!

They are so sweet!

I think this one might be my favorite! It is also the last shot I took before Sarah Graves was stung twice by a wasp! Her participation in the photo shoot was over when that happened!

Love his cuteness!

Charlie was so pleased with his idea to pose like this for the picture!

This picture shows her sassy personality so well!

Trip to the Dentist

Toothbrushing is sometimes a struggle and flossing is even more so, but we had a clean bill of health at the dentist!

Dr. Schwartz is so patient that Charlie just relaxes into it.

We can even see Sissy's new front tooth peeking through!

I'm going to miss this gap toothed smile!

He had the idea for this cute picture!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bath Buddy

Charlie getting a bubble bath after swim practice.

Could just eat this cutie up!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Such a sweet girl and she loves her daddy.

He loves Pops!

Happy kids spending time with Pops.

Livy loves her Pops.

Sarah Graves and Charlie are so lucky to call Aaron daddy! I am very lucky to have the joy of raising kids with him!

We are all so lucky to have an amazing Pops! The kids call him the King of Crazy because of how he pulls us on the boat!

Father's Day Weekend

We started Father's Day weekend by giving Aaron his big gift, a kayak! Thanks to Mom and Dad for helping me get it to the lake as a surprise for him!

These beautiful hydrangeas grow all along the seawall by the lake and I love their colors.

One of Charlie's favorite tricks is doing a spin-a-roosky off the dock!

The kids have learned to play water games like Marco Polo and sharks and minnows. Thanks to Aunt Nay for being a fun playmate!

Nay and Lovie tried out kayaking.

A chance to ride the raft with Aaron and SG.

We couldn't celebrate Father's Day without a sunset cruise.

It was a pretty sunset, too!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Goodbye to a Friend

Sarah Graves said goodbye to her friend Kayla. Kayla's family moved back to New Orleans, so maybe we will visit sometime!

Love her sweet friends!

Char started off in a rough mood, but turned it around and charmed us as he ate a whole kids pizza!

Sarah Graves and Kayla!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Spirit Week

We kicked off a fun Spirit Week superhero style!
Charlie was happy in Lovie's class and Sissy was happy with friends from school.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Six Flags Fun!

We spent a really fun day at Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor!

Livy really enjoyed the wave pool and some of the water slides! She finally got so tired she slept in a beach chair!

Sissy and Charlie both loved the wave pool, but the water was SO cold!
A funnel cake after swimming made a yummy treat!

After all the water, we headed out to ride rides! We really enjoyed the new Hall of Justice ride and all got on spiny cars for Harley Quinn! 

So much fun together!

Smyrna Sharks

This year the kids joined Smyrna Sharks swim team as rookies! Rookies are in training to be on the Makos or Hammerheads competitive teams.

Both kids were so excited to see friends from school there. We had a chance to get to know Marcela and Julian well!

I am so proud of Sarah Graves for having a good attitude every evening for practice! She got in the water and gave it her all!

Charlie was very nervous to swim and put up a fight the first week of practice. Eventually, he settled into the routine and did great!

A post swim practice treat!

Summertime ice cream treat!