Friday, July 21, 2017

Tennis Time

I love the opportunity for the kids to try new things during the summer! I love that there are so many things for them to try and possibly fall in love with!
Tennis is one of those things I wanted them to try. We have lots of fond memories watching tennis and wanted to give the kids a chance to try. 

Sarah Graves was game from the start. I admire her eagerness to try new things and experience what life offers!

Charlie, on the other hand, had serious reservations. He had many reasons he didn't want to try. He thought he would get hit with a ball, someone might take him, it would be too hot, etc. For weeks we brought it up daily and listened to his fears. Sometimes he cried, sometimes he growled, sometimes yelled, but over time it got less and less. The day before camp he simply said, "no, no, no." 

Picking out a Sponge Bob racquet definitely helped! He was so cute and enthusiastic the morning of!

They had beautiful weather for tennis and ended up having a good time! Charlie still isn't sold, but he had more fun than he expected! Sarah Graves knew a lot of kids there and seemed to enjoy it!

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