Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Camp

Both kids went to summer camp at Buckhead Prep and learned a ton while having fun. SG had to get adjusted to no dance parties in class, a basic playground, and making new friends, but she adjusted and did well.
Sarah Graves made great progress on learning addition and handwriting.

She can now write her name using uppercase and lowercase letters.

Charlie is now able to color the stencil and trace his name all by himself! When he started school his work always said, "Charlie with help". My baby is getting to be a big boy!

Sarah Graves learned about famous artists and actually described one of Lovie's skirts as looking like an Andy Warhol painting. She has also learned to count by 5's!

Charlie has continued to work on counting, letter recognition, knows the continents, and the seasons of the year.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tiny Prints

I saw an idea for making artwork using hand and footprints. One rainy day we gave it a try and made our own keepsakes.

Sissy made these darling fish prints at camp!

Pretty Dancer

We finally received Sarah Graves' dance pictures. She is such a pretty girl ready for her recital.

Feast of St. Benedict

We celebrated the Feast of St. Benedict with a yummy parish lunch at church. The men smoked pork shoulders and each family brought a side dish to share.

Charlie loves the freedom to be a big kid and run and play!

I am so grateful for my kids to have family and a church community around them. This is the way Aaron and I hoped and dreamed our kids would grow up - feeling loved and connected to something bigger than themselves.

Tie Dye

The kids were excited to head back to camp wearing their new tie dyed shirts we found at the arts and crafts festival. Charlie loves his and couldn't believe we didn't buy all the designs!

Chattahoochee Nature Center

We finished our 3 day weekend with a trip to the Chattahoochee nature center. We had never been before and I didn't expect the kids to love it as much as they did!

The microscope was a big hit!

The butterfly garden was a big favorite!

She was so proud to hold one!

Daddy had a butterfly land on his shoulder.

Charlie was so patient and quiet trying to get one to land on him and very happy when one did!

Charlie loved going on a hike in the woods!

This was such a fun afternoon! These fun times make me realize that my kids aren't babies anymore and we are loving this time with them.

Fourth of July

After some shopping and lunch 
we headed to a patriotic festival at Marietta Square.
This event had lots of activities for kids, arts and crafts, some food, and live music before the fireworks. It was quite hot outside and very crowded. The kids enjoyed the inflatables and the treats.

Love these patriotic cuties!

Pre Fourth Celebration!

Since Fourth of July was on a Saturday, we celebrated Friday and Saturday night. We had a great time with Pops, Nay, and Livy! Lovie was on a trip of her own.
She really enjoyed her cotton candy!

They loved dancing to the band!

This girl danced her heart out. She even danced up a storm to the fireworks!

This band did really good covers of pop and country hits. They were a lot of fun to dance to.

Livy was in on all the action. Her cousins adore her and kept her amused with their jumping and dancing.
The fireworks at the end were spectacular and we had a great view! It was an awesome time and we all enjoyed ourselves!
There are some nights when everyone seems in sync and you have a great time together-this was one of those!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Chuck E. Cheese, please!

Potty training is in full swing at our house! Charlie was showing signs of being ready and it is a requirement for preschool, so we jumped in!
The first week, he wasn't convinced the potty was for him and he still wanted his diapers. We needed a way to entice him to consider the potty, so I offered a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. That got his attention and he was willing to try!
He has done really well! He stays dry most days at camp and usually while we are out of the house. We struggle more at home. I think because he doesn't worry about other people seeing him having accidents at home.

He loved his outing there and we keep reminding him about going back!