Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pre Fourth Celebration!

Since Fourth of July was on a Saturday, we celebrated Friday and Saturday night. We had a great time with Pops, Nay, and Livy! Lovie was on a trip of her own.
She really enjoyed her cotton candy!

They loved dancing to the band!

This girl danced her heart out. She even danced up a storm to the fireworks!

This band did really good covers of pop and country hits. They were a lot of fun to dance to.

Livy was in on all the action. Her cousins adore her and kept her amused with their jumping and dancing.
The fireworks at the end were spectacular and we had a great view! It was an awesome time and we all enjoyed ourselves!
There are some nights when everyone seems in sync and you have a great time together-this was one of those!

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