Saturday, July 11, 2015


After a busy afternoon having fun seeing the movie Inside Out and running errands, Charlie lost his ability to listen well and I lost my patience. I yelled, I fussed, and he cried, tantrumed, and acted out. Picture me chasing him down in a store and grabbing him under my arm as he cried and thrashed all the way out to the car. It wasn't fun. When we finally made it home, I was frustrated and really didn't want to spend the rest of the evening arguing with kids.

I decided the best way to get us back on track would be to find a way to play and let Charlie regain some of the control he had been seeking during our errands. I was also hot and thought playing in the water would be good for all of us. Charlie was super excited for the play! He eagerly helped to fill the baby pool and got Sissy to come out with us!

Our play time did just what I hoped it would do. The kids and I connected in a positive way, we laughed, and Charlie got to be the leader in the play. He squealed with delight dumping water on me and they loved squirting me with water guns. I know the negatives have a way of sticking in their memories, but I hope that these fun times also find a place in their memory too. 

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