Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Weekend

We had a low key weekend that included a lovely dinner out Friday night with two delightful diners. Saturday we had a super-early wake up call first from Charlie at 4 followed by sissy at 5:30 (maybe 20 minutes after Aaron got Charlie back to sleep). I thought I could give SG food and let her watch TV until an acceptable weekend wake up time, but she soon came back, this time to daddy, wanting band aids for some boo boos. So there was time to mow the grass and get groceries before music! After music there was a meltdown from a very tired sissy before she went to gymnastics! A good nap helped some and gave me time to prep food for a baby shower I helped host for a former colleague.
Sunday morning brought more early wake up calls that cannot be explained, but daddy took that one since I was up late making cupcakes. We went to church our little angel looked so cute and was beaming with pride as she brought up the children's prayers. Charlie was a dream as he peacefully drifted off during adult Sunday school and slept through the service. After church I had a bit more to do for the baby shower that evening and Aaron played with the kids. Lovie graciously babysat while we went to the shower. A fun event celebrating a baby girl on the way and Aaron showed off how to estimate the circumference of a pregnant woman's belly with perfect accuracy! It was a late night for us, so the week has been off to a sleepy start! A busy, but good weekend.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Going to Church

We rarely are ready for church with time to get a picture, but we were on Sunday and they looked so cute all dressed up!
Sarah Graves has started going to Sunday school before church and Children's Chapel during the service. They bring them in during the offering and then she gets her special blessing at communion. She LOVES going! She likes the songs, her teachers, getting to help light the candles, and the snack. I am proud that she gave it a try because she was scared to go not knowing anyone.
Aaron goes to adult Sunday school and Charlie and I visit the nursery. The caregivers are so sweet and want to love on him. He is fine to go to them as long as he can see me, but he gets very upset if I am out of his sight. I hate to leave him in there knowing he is upset, so I stay with him, then I take him with me to the service. He regularly falls asleep, but it is easier some weeks than others.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We are definitely behind on Charlie's checkups and shot schedule.  We have all been sick so frequently that it has been hard to get him in for well visits.  Shots are hard enough on the immune system that I try to be careful about giving them when he has a cold or other virus, so that has made it hard to stay on schedule.
When he was 5 months old we went for his 4 month well-visit.  I don't think I ever posted his stats from that, so here goes: 19 pounds and 4 ounces (92nd percentile), 26 inches (54th percentile), and head circumference was 17 inches (71st percentile)  He was healthy and received his vaccines for the 4th month, DTaP and Rotavirus.
This technically was his six month well-visit, but he was nearly eight months old!  This time his stats are: weight 21 pounds (84th percentile), height 28 inches (62nd percentile), and head circumference 18 inches (84th percentile).  She checked his ears and they both healed up well and the ear drum that perforated is now sealed up.  His improved mood made me confident that he was better, but glad to have the confirmation.  He received the prevnar and HIB vaccines, which made him feel a little cranky and yuck.  These are the vaccines he should have had at 5 months old, so we have some catching up to do, but we will just go back every few weeks until we are all caught up.
Developmentally he is right on track or a little ahead.  He is eating solids, babbling, rolling around, sitting up, scooting, responding socially, laughing, and smile just like a baby boy his age should.

My Angels

In case you don't know what angels look like, I'm blessed to have these two.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Charlie and Sissy

Fun with Sissy!

She was having fun feeding him (and herself) water out of a straw and he was having fun trying to get her glasses!


I love festival time!  There are several each weekend for the next few weeks and I love getting to go.  I think SG does too!  Mom, Dad, and Jeanne' all joined us Saturday for one.  The day was sunny, breezy and a tad bit cool.  It felt good to be outside and we had a fun time enjoying food, shopping, and kid fun!
 The kid area had this hamster ball thing and SG was intent that she had to do it!  It took a lot of her tickets and had a long line, but she was pumped to do it!  She was so cute dancing in line and getting all excited for it.

She eventually could stand up in it for a second and thoroughly enjoyed it.  She has mentioned that she wants to do it again!

Next on her list was the bungee jumping thing.  This also had a very long line, so fortunately we divided and conquered by having someone in each line at the same time.  If not, we might have been there all day!

That night as I put her to bed, I asked her about her favorite part of the day fully expecting to hear the cotton candy since she honed in on that right quick, but she told me it was Pops teaching her about how to jump.  Dad had carried her over to tell her about bending her knees and making a big jump while she watched some older kids do it and that meant a lot to her.  She can be so tender!

Not quite as much for our little man to do at festivals, but he was as sweet as could be all day!  His tooth is starting to really show, too!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

We Have Glasses!

When we went to the eye doctor a few months ago, he told us to come back if we noticed her eye crossing.  Well, last week her teacher mentioned that her left eye had crossed a couple of times while she was doing a worksheet.  I did some things at home to see what happened and she complained that her eyes hurt.  We headed back to the eye doctor today and he agreed that her vision in her left eye is definitely worse than her right and she favors the right eye.  The suggestion was to wear glasses as much as we can for the next several months and recheck her to see if it improves.  
I started wearing glasses when I was a baby, so getting glasses is nothing new to me.  However, getting my preschooler to try them on is a bit of a different story.  She quickly decided she didn't want glasses and wasn't enthused about trying them on.  This was made more challenging by the fact that they just don't make many frames in her size.  Our eye doctor didn't have any her size and we went to three other stores before we found some that we liked.  Mom was with me, thank goodness, and I think she enjoyed watching me go through some of the same trials that she went through with me!  
SG's desire was for green glasses since her favorite color is green.  Unfortunately, they don't make many frames in green and the ones they had were mostly boy glasses.  Most of what we found was pink, purple, and neutral colors.  I went for fit and something that looked like a little girl and we found just the right pink ones!  
She is concerned about what her friends will think of her glasses.  I didn't realize the self conscious stuff started so early, but here we are.  The adults she has seen with them on have all been so positive and tell her how cute they look.  I sure hope her friends have similar reactions tomorrow!  We think she looks precious in everything and Charlie can't wait to get his hands (or mouth) on them!
It too us all day to get these glasses and now I'm pooped!

Love Them So!

Having kids is work, but seeing them in moments like this makes it all worth it.  She loves him so much and is so excited to see him each day!  He likes her and is more and more amazed by her all the time.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rocket Girl

This girl is so funny and has a delightful imagination.  She got these swim goggles and of course had to wear them, even if we weren't near water!  While she was swinging with them on, she told me she was flying on her rocket ship!  A few minutes later we were playing beach and the sharks were after us as we "swam" through the backyard.


I have been refreshing my wardrobe and Aaron and the kids needed a few things, so we headed up to the outlet mall on last Saturday.  After a delightful lunch at Red Robin, we were ready to shop!
Charlie came home with a new sun hat and several pairs of new pajamas.  

Sissy came home with Cinderella shoes!   We went to Stride Rite to see about a sandal type shoe for school.  We had her foot measured and found out she had outgrown the baby shoes and was now in preschool girl shoes.  Aaron and I quickly realized that preschool girl shoes are a lot wilder than baby shoes.  She instantly honed in on these light up, sparkly, Cinderella beauties!  Aaron tried to talk her into a subdued pair of Hello Kitty mary janes, but she was beaming when she looked at the Cinderella shoes.  I couldn't bear to tell her that I wouldn't let her have them.  Her foot is narrow and these fit her well, so there was no real reason she couldn't have them.  I don't think I have ever seen her more proud than when she wore them out of the store!

I am trying really hard to let her be herself and put my taste aside.  She doesn't want to wear dresses, she only wants t-shirts now.  I have a lot of darling summer outfits for her that will be a struggle to get her to wear.  I had visions of how a little girl should look and I'm working on putting my vision aside so that she can be her own person.  It's a work in progress.

This is the style of shoe that I prefer to buy.  Preschool is a brave new world for me!

Aaron was a great help with both kids while I shopped and we all had a good day.  Anytime you can shop at a place with a big playground it has to be pretty good.  

Baby Shot!

Charlie Giggles

It seems like there is a different sound each day that will make him giggle!  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bouncing Birthday

Several weeks ago in the midst of all our illness, Sarah Graves' friend Bria had her birthday party. It was at a place called Catch Air and it was crazy! I took both kids by myself, which probably contributed to the crazy. There were so many things to play and jump on, tons of kids for multiple parties, and really loud music! SG had fun, but told me she was overwhelmed!
I would love to go back when it is way less crowded just to play! That means me playing, too! Some of these things looked really fun!

His Cup Runneth Over

Charlie has a skippy cup with a really soft spout and he loves to drink water from it. He will give the most grateful look sometimes after he takes a drink. The water must feel refreshing to him.

Beautiful Day

We have had some beautiful days lately and are trying to take advantage of them.  Sunday afternoon we went for a little walk in our neighborhood and gave Sarah Graves a chance to ride her tricycle.

Zoo Trip

We had beautiful weather over the weekend and since we were mostly feeling pretty good, we decided to take a trip to the zoo!  As usual, SG's favorite part is the playground!

We tried out the wild bird encounter and both of them had pretty good patience with it.  It wasn't crowded, so SG could move around and that helped.  
Cortes the bird was probably the prettiest one we saw.  There was a large owl that swooped around the audience and definitely got SG's attention!

The carousel was another big attraction.  She picked a dolphin to ride and sat there like a grown up girl.  Charlie was asleep, so he'll ride another time.

Hop, hop hippity kangaroos!

The big thrill for SG was having a picnic.  At first, I thought a picnic meant something much grander to her, but I came to realize that in her mind a picnic is eating outside.  I packed the full picnic basket and all sorts of food for her, but as long as she is outside, she's having a picnic!