Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grocery Driving

These fun cars on the grocery carts have totally made grocery shopping a joy for Sarah Graves.  This little car attaches to the front of the cart and there is a kind that looks like a car and attached to the handle of the cart.  This one is a lot of fun for her, but she enjoys both.  She plays with the steering wheel and she jabbers to herself while we shop.  Sometimes she reaches out and grabs stuff, but she nicely puts it back at the end. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Playuing Side

Aunt Nay emailed this photo to me this morning.  Aunt Nay came over to watch SG this morning and I will come home at lunch to be with her this afternoon while Mom is in Baton Rouge for a reunion.  We are so lucky that members of our "village" live nearby and are willing to help out with our sweet girl!
In this photo she is panting like Lucy.  I love that she chose to wear her rain boots!  I'm glad she's having such a good time.  I enjoyed having breakfast with her!  We made French toast and she gobbled it up.
Why won't Microsoft Picture let me save the rotated picture?  Computers confuse me...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Little Gymnast

Sarah Graves has been a physical baby from the start it seems that the more she can do, the more she tries to do.  She is completely into trying to do a tumble.  She struggles with getting her feet over straight, but she practices frequently, so I'm sure she'll get it soon. 

I just love her tenacity and spunk! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poop Tales

Just a warning, this is a post about poop, or as we say at our house, poughkeepsie. 
Sarah Graves is becoming more aware of when she has a dirty diaper and is quite interested in its contents.  Several times she has reached down wanting to touch it while I am changing her.  Well, she recently got her little hand down there before I knew it and when I looked up, she had her finger in her mouth!  I didn't know what to do first!  I started telling her how gross it was to eat poughkeepsie and then she started crying because I hurt her feelings.  I quickly wiped her finger with a wipe and as soon as I got her bottom cleaned up, I took her over to wash her hands thoroughly, with soap.  When Aaron was brushing her teeth I commented on how thorough he was being and how long he was brushing for and he reminded me that she just ate poughkeepsie!
The other day she had a huge poughkeepsie diaper and I handed her a tube of diaper rash ointment to hold (hoping I could keep those little hands occupied).  As I worked to clean up her bottom, I started smelling the diaper ointment and looked up at her to see that she had opened the tube and had the white ointment all over her teeth and was sticking her tongue out as if to say it was gross!  Again, I didn't know what to start on first!  I quickly swiped at her mouth with a wash cloth and finished up her bottom.  Once she was diapered, I worked on brushing her teeth.  She smelled like diaper ointment the rest of the day! 
She has learned to unsnap her diaper and has managed to get it open a couple of times now.  Once she opened it while Grancy and Gramma were here and they went to get her up from a nap to find her with an open diaper and a few solid pieces of poughkeepsie sitting in her bed!  I have since learned that she has to wear pants or panties over her diaper to go to sleep.
I am afraid that we may have many more tales of diaper issues before Sarah Graves is potty trained. 

Skinny Jeans

While Grancy was here she wanted to buy Sarah Graves a prize, so we went to Crazy 8 and picked out a cute outfit for the fall.  I got the jeans in a size 2T just to be sure that they would be roomy to go up over her fluffy diaper.  I decided to try them on her at home and I was envisioning that if anything, they would be too big and way too long. 
When I put them on her, they started to get stuck at her knees and the top of the jeans wouldn't go any higher than her hips.  I was trying to help her wiggle into them like I would my own and then it occured to me that babies are constantly growing and these jeans just wouldn't work for us. 
When I took them off of her I did a check to see that I had picked up the right size and noticed that these were labeled skinny jeans!  Who would imagine that they make skinny jeans for babies?  Who wouldn't want their baby to be a little chubby?  Who knew that fashion issues started so young? 

Needless to say, I will be on the lookout for what cut of jeans I pick up for her next time.  I will look for a picture of a bulldog on our next pair!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Shot!

Okay, better late than never; here's our baby shot for last week. 
Lovie and Pops brought her this T-shirt from their trip to London where they had a chance to see a match at Wimbledon.  Now she just needs a racquet!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Da Da!

Today is Aaron's birthday, but we actually celebrated yesterday and today.  Last night, Lovie and Aunt Nay came over to watch Sarah Graves while we went out for dinner just the two of us.  We tried a South African restaurant in Buckhead, 10 Degrees South, and the food was really neat.  The flavors were different than anything I have had before.  Aaron had a chicken curry that he said was very fruity and I had sosaties, which was beef that had an apricot glaze over it.  It was really nice to order wine and linger over dinner.  Sarah Graves does really well in restaurants, but this wasn't the right place to bring a baby! 
After our dinner we came home and celebrated Aaron's birthday with homemade banana pudding.  I don't care for bananas, so this is a real treat for my Mom to make banana pudding for him.  If you like bananas, this one would be quite delicious with butter finger cookies in it!  Mom wanted to be sure that he had enough, so she tripled the recipe and we now have pudding for an army!
Today was a relaxed day.  We went to church, SG took a morning nap, and then we went to lunch at Popeye's.  This is more Sarah Graves' kind of dining experience.  She loves the chicken and the biscuit.  Potatoes are also a hit with her.

Aaron has been waiting several months for mac to release the new mini computer.  It's a desktop computer and it is so tiny.  He was thrilled when they announced Wednesday that it was available.  This was probably the highlight of his birthday. 

The new, very big monitor was Sarah Graves' and my gift to him.  He has it all set up and even put Microsoft Office on it today.  It is pretty amazing how small it is and how little space it takes up.  One thing that it doesn't have is a drive for CD/DVD; everything has to be downloaded or loaded through USB.  He is totally loving it!

He also enjoyed some sweet time with this little girl.  She let him rock her and read her several books before bed. 
Aaron, we love you and hope you had a great birthday. 

Friday, July 22, 2011


We had such beautiful weather last weekend and just couldn't believe how gorgeous and cool it was.  We tried to get outside to enjoy it as much as we could. 

Lucy loves to go out in the backyard with us and really enjoyed the cooler temperatures. 

This weekend is going to be really hot, so I'm glad we enjoyed being outside last weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Laundry Tip

My grandmother told me about a trick to get grease out of laundry, put lighter fluid on on it!  I had never heard that before and was shocked when I tried it and it worked!  I mentioned it to my mother in law and she had heard of it and found that it worked for her.
I put a little on the spot before I washed it, but Ms. Nancy said that she just puts a little on and it evaporates and the smell does too.
This trick might save many of my beloved clothes!

Family Dinner

Lovie and Pops came back from their trip and we planned a dinner with them to hear about their trip and catch up on all that happened while they were gone (mostly, they wanted to see Sarah Graves). This turned out to be one of those perfect evenings where things just fall into place. Sarah Graves had a long afternoon nap, we picked a great place to eat, the weather was gorgeous, and our table was perfect! We went to JCT Kitchen and the food was delicious!

Our for our family dinner in what felt like our private courtyard because of our table being off on one side all by itself.  The weather was delightful with temperatures in the low 80s and a breeze blowing.  Who could ask for more?

Notice Sarah Graves had to bring along her PiPad.  If I leave it at home, she asks for it repeatedly and looks for it everywhere, so it's best just to bring it along.

Shouldn't every little girl have this kind of attention?  All eyes on her!

 Grancy was happy to take her for a stroll around the courtyard when she was tired of being in her chair. 

 A happy family after a happy evening.

 Giving Lovie a sweet kiss.

 She was so tired, but she hung in there for a picture was DaDa and Grancy. 
She was too funny because she would sign that she was all done, but then she would come back for another bite of dessert!  I feel that way often.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prizes from London and Paris

Lovie and Pops came back and brought many prizes for Sarah Graves.  One of them was this darling scooter that all the little ones in London were using.  Sarah Graves didn't quite know what to do with it, so Grancy was showing her how it is done!

Here is Sarah Graves with some of her new things.  She has a new bear from Harrod's that we have named Harry, a little backpack that has a lead that can clip on so that she gets more freedom without getting lost when we're out, and of course, her scooter.  She also has some cute t-shirts, a new dress, a guide to being a princess, and a keepsake for when she's older. 
Lovie and Pops didn't forget about me and Aaron.  We have a variety of things that they picked up for us including some delicious candy for me and a t-shirt for Aaron. 
We are so glad they are home!  I missed my morning call with Mom something terrible! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Goodbye to Grancy and Gramma

We said goodbye to Grancy and Gramma.  We had such a great time with them here.  Sarah Graves adored playing with them and we did some fun things.  We wish that they lived closer so that our visits could be more frequent, but this was a nice, long visit.  

We went to IKEA and snapped this picture while Grancy and Daddy tried out some comfy chairs. 

Sarah Graves really enjoyed playing with Gramma.

Aunt Ardie sent her a new book about the pink ABCs.  The book goes through the alphabet referring to all things pink and girlie.  She is taken with this book and all its glittery wonderfulness!

We were all well taken care of while they were here and so very much appreciate them coming to help us. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Funny Face

Sarah Graves has developed such a sense of humor!  She makes so many funny faces.

Sarah Graves loves to make a funny face at her Grancy where she puckers up her lips and squishes them up to her nose.  Sometimes she adds an eyebrow lift, too!