Monday, April 24, 2017

A Good Egg

I saw this idea on Pinterest and am so excited he likes it! He has recently been interested in putting letters together to make words.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter Sunday

We had a really lovely Easter.
The Easter Bunny came and left lots of treats and prizes. The big one was a care bear themed build a bear and gift card for each kid. There were lokai bracelets, swim goggles, and some clothes, too. Chocolate bunnies were a big wish and he delivered those!

Charlie was excited about a care bear blind bag!

Sarah Graves was pleased with a new outfit!

Flowering the cross at church and I was proud that we had some flowers blooming to bring.

Charlie and Livy looked so sweet waiting for church.

Love these two looking so sweet in their Easter best.

I feel like we won the lottery getting a cute picture of all 3 looking so sweet!

Headed off to hunt eggs after church.

Love my sweet family!

We hit the lottery twice and got a cute picture of all of them with Lovie and Pops!

Nay and Livy so happy!

The kids were pleased with all the prizes that people who love them sent them. There were Easter themed treats and goodies as well as small toys, gift cards, and clothes. 

We had a simple lunch of ham, grits, strawberry and spinach salad, and croissants. The kids were happy and I think the adults enjoyed it too. 

After giving up sweets for Lent, I was excited for the desserts! My favorite was the lemon icebox pie that Aaron made! 

Maw Maw wanted the kids to have lots of treats for Easter, so she sent them this cookie cake and ice cream, and some other treats! They really enjoyed the cookie cake!

 I saw this idea for a fruit pizza decorated like an Easter egg and knew we had to try it. Jeanne' decorated it and it turned out really cute. It was the only thing Charlie would eat during lunch! He said he was only eating sweets on Easter!

I wanted to try this idea for a carrot patch chocolate cake. It was tasty. Apparently Charlie waited as long as he could to eat some and he and Livy ended up digging in on their own!

My favorite part of the day is the part that I didn't take any picture of! We sat outside enjoying the gorgeous weather, eating dessert, and watching the kids play. It was relaxing and so nice to enjoy time together. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood organizes a fun Easter egg hunt for the kids. They hide tons of eggs around the cut-de-sac and some of the eggs have candy and others have money! The money was quite a hit with our kids!

All the kids gathered and ready to look for eggs!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we had a fun time in the morning dyeing Easter eggs. Lovie, Pops, Nay, and Livy came over to be part of the fun!

The kids were proud to see our flowers blooming and growing!

Getting the kids to all pose and smile at the same time is quite a challenge, but those sweet faces are something to cherish!

We didn't expect Livy to love dyeing eggs! She got a kick out of it and dyed quite a few.

Of course, Charlie enjoyed it too!

Sweet Sissy with Livy!

Aunt Nay showed them some tricks like wrapping a rubber band around the egg to make a cool effect.

We also worked on a tie dye effect using a dropper to drip dye on the egg.

After we finished up dyeing the eggs we headed in for an egg hunt. Charlie really enjoyed hiding the eggs as a surprise for Sissy.

Sweet Sissy with Pops!

The kids love when we all get together, so it was a fun treat to share dyeing eggs with all of us together!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My Crazies!

Sarah Graves and Charlie really enjoy playing and being crazy with each other. They are quite entertaining!

Crazy Performers

Charlie and Sarah Graves love to put on shows for us! They like to sing, do acrobatics, and just be in the spotlight. Here's a glimpse of their performances. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cooking Club

Charlie has been loving Spanish cooking club with Ms. Marta!


Monday, April 17, 2017

Playing Outside

Sissy continues to enjoy riding her bike.

Charlie is not interested in riding his bike. He feels nervous and doesn't want to do it. He is excited to play hide and seek in the cul-de-sac!

I love watching them happy and enjoying themselves outside!

Beauty & the Beast

While the kids were off for Easter break, Lovie took them to see Beauty and the Beast. Sarah Graves was very excited to see it. Charlie was convinced the Beast would be too scary!
It turns out, the movie was a hit for all of them! So thankful that Lovie can make their school breaks a lot of fun!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Busy, Busy!

Some weekends are super-busy!
a couple of weeks ago we had a fun and busy Sunday!
I was in charge of the craft for Sunday school. The lesson was the greatest commandment, so I found a cute activity making a mobile using the symbols from the commmandmebent. Charlie and his cute buddy Miles tied theirs together to make a necklace!  
They sure are cute!

We were the door decorators for Sarah Graves class for April and it was a team effort! Sissy and I picked the design and Sunday before church Aaron helped me start to make it come to life.
After church we got busy pulling it together. We couldn't really do it at home so it all had to be assembled and sized at the school. We drew a lot of curiosity as people passed by after church to see what was happening! Always good to have onlookers as you kneel on hands and knees to cut paper!
The kids helped me get the right colors for the rainbow and Sarah Graves and Aaron created the umbrella and cottony cloud. 
We thought it came out cute!

We grabbed lunch and headed to the movie! We saw the trailer for Boss Baby back in November and Charlie was smitten! He asked many times to see it and finally it was out.
The movie was really cute and Charlie giggled at that Boss Baby! It was a nice way to relax after a busy morning!

Pre-K Egg Hunt

Lovie came to Charlie's Easter egg hunt at school! I had a meeting I couldn't change, so she came to the rescue! He was quite happy to have her there. When asked where his momma was he said, "oh, she's at Home Depot!"
He was happy to have his Lovie! He found 25 eggs, but his teacher had him put some back so there would be enough for all of them. She said only take 10. I think he was okay with it.

Easter is TOMORROW!

Charlie has been very excited for Easter! So excited that sweet Sissy made him a calendar to count down the days.
Today he figured out that tomorrow is Easter Sunday! It was so cute to see his joy!