Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we had a fun time in the morning dyeing Easter eggs. Lovie, Pops, Nay, and Livy came over to be part of the fun!

The kids were proud to see our flowers blooming and growing!

Getting the kids to all pose and smile at the same time is quite a challenge, but those sweet faces are something to cherish!

We didn't expect Livy to love dyeing eggs! She got a kick out of it and dyed quite a few.

Of course, Charlie enjoyed it too!

Sweet Sissy with Livy!

Aunt Nay showed them some tricks like wrapping a rubber band around the egg to make a cool effect.

We also worked on a tie dye effect using a dropper to drip dye on the egg.

After we finished up dyeing the eggs we headed in for an egg hunt. Charlie really enjoyed hiding the eggs as a surprise for Sissy.

Sweet Sissy with Pops!

The kids love when we all get together, so it was a fun treat to share dyeing eggs with all of us together!

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