Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Six Flags Day

We spent a gorgeous spring day at Six Flags!

Charlie told me no pictures when I took this one!

My Wonder Woman girl!

Love these cuties! The park was very crowded and they are not used to waiting in line for long! The weather was so awesome that I didn't care!

Waiting to be spun and twirled on the tug boat. I love rides we can all ride!
Charlie has had this tiger for a while but has recently fallen in love and brings "Tigey" everywhere!

Sarah Graves was so excited to be with Aunt Nay!

Charlie tuckered out by the evening and fell asleep while we were in line for Blue Hawk. So sweet, but he is getting heavy!

We had a really fun day and enjoyed riding some of our favorites. Now the kids can't wait for water rides! Fun times!

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