Saturday, April 15, 2017

Busy, Busy!

Some weekends are super-busy!
a couple of weeks ago we had a fun and busy Sunday!
I was in charge of the craft for Sunday school. The lesson was the greatest commandment, so I found a cute activity making a mobile using the symbols from the commmandmebent. Charlie and his cute buddy Miles tied theirs together to make a necklace!  
They sure are cute!

We were the door decorators for Sarah Graves class for April and it was a team effort! Sissy and I picked the design and Sunday before church Aaron helped me start to make it come to life.
After church we got busy pulling it together. We couldn't really do it at home so it all had to be assembled and sized at the school. We drew a lot of curiosity as people passed by after church to see what was happening! Always good to have onlookers as you kneel on hands and knees to cut paper!
The kids helped me get the right colors for the rainbow and Sarah Graves and Aaron created the umbrella and cottony cloud. 
We thought it came out cute!

We grabbed lunch and headed to the movie! We saw the trailer for Boss Baby back in November and Charlie was smitten! He asked many times to see it and finally it was out.
The movie was really cute and Charlie giggled at that Boss Baby! It was a nice way to relax after a busy morning!

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