Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

We headed down to the beach on Tuesday evening and although it was a really late night, it was so nice to wake up at the beach.  It just feels more relaxed when we get down there.  The weather was warmer than I expected, so Sarah Graves spent our first day in just her diaper!  She was loving life being bare foot in her diaper!  Lovie and Pops brought her walker and she roamed all over while we worked on preparations for our big meal. 

Thanksgiving day was beautiful and warm.  Sarah Graves chose to dine al fresco for breakfast!

Sarah Graves loves to go out on the deck and go "sailing".  This is what Pops calls it when he takes her out and they feel the wind and sail on her "boat", the Watussy.  I'm not sure if her Daddy takes the Watussy out or not, but she was enjoying watching the boats out in the water with him and he was teaching her about the seagulls.

She loves books and Pops was happy to read this one to her. 

Lovie can always get a smile out of her!

Aunt Nay was showing her all the yummy food that we had for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Jeanne' came with her boyfriend, David.  David became Lucy's best friend when he sat and gave her some attention.

We made the tastiest Thanksgiving dinner.  Cornbread dressing and sweet potato casserole are my favorites!  We tried some of Pioneer Woman's recipes and they turned out quite well.  The brined turkey was nice and moist.

Sarah Graves enjoyed some mashed potatoes, turkey, and broccoli for her first Thanksgiving dinner.  This girl loves to eat!
Thanksgiving night, Mom, Jeanne', Jeanne's boyfriend, David, and I headed out to Silver Sands outlet mall to do some shopping.  The stores started opening at 9 PM and were open all night long!  Mom and I drug ourselves home at 5 in the morning!  We had a lot of fun, but I just about passed out on the car ride home.  We shopped for 8 hours without taking a break to eat or drink.  It was like some sort of an athletic event.  I bought some gifts and of course Sarah Graves was a big recipient of the stuff.  You wouldn't believe the people that were out shopping at that hour!  I was surprised and felt sorry for the babies whose parents drug them out in the middle of the night.  I'm glad that Aaron and Sarah Graves could get their sleep while I shopped.  I slept for a few hours while Aaron and my Dad took Sarah Graves (in her pajamas with crazy bedhead) to Home Depot to do some Black Friday shopping of their own!

Saturday we dressed in our LSU gear and cheered our tigers on one more time.  We were very disappointed to see them lose, but with a girl this cute, we weren't sad for long!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Letter Month Ten

Dear Sarah Graves,
I know, technically you were ten months old last Sunday, but we have been a little busy, so I am now finally writing your letter.  What have we been su busy with, you ask?  Traveling, learning to walk, and generating harmony with your sister, Lucy are at the top of the list. 
Halloween weekend we took your first plane trip to Baton Rouge to visit with family and friends.  You did really well on the plane and managed to make a few friends.  It seems like other people think you are as cute as your Dad and I do!  You did really well meeting so many new people.  You would let them hold you and smiled and gave kisses.  I was a little concerned that traveling and staying in a hotel might throw your schedule off, but you did just great.  You napped when you could and came right back to your schedule when we came home. 
Lovie and I took you on another trip to New York city.  I was participating in a leadership training there and I just couldn't be away from you for several days.  As it turns out, you loved being in the city.  You were happy to ride in your stroller and look at everyone.  Our hotel was near Times Square, so you and Lovie went over to watch Good Morning America.  Our biggest hope was that you would be close enough to see them filming, but you were so cute that you were even on camera.  I didn't believe it until people started telling me that they saw my Sarah Graves on Good Morning America.  You were only 9 months old and had a TV debut! 
You have really been focused on learning to walk.  You took your first steps a couple of weeks ago and since then you are getting better and better.  You have walked a few feet, but often you take several steps on your own and then go to crawling.  You are absolutely adorable taking shaky steps with your arms out.  When you start to lose your balance, you begin to move faster!  I wish that we could get a good picture of it, but every time I break out the camera, you will only crawl around. 
You and Lucy like one another quite a bit.  It is very cute to see you giggle and reach out your hand to touch her.  The problem is that Lucy wants to jump up in your face.  She doesn't do it to be mean, she just wants to lick you all over.  You get annoyed with it and she is heavy and can knock you over.  So, we spend a lot of time trying to work with Lucy and teach her not to jump on you.  We are determined to find something that works. 
You are just such a happy baby.  You smile and laugh for us.  It is so funny to see what might make you giggle.  Sometimes it's just a word!  Pink Cadillac made you giggle and giggle the other day.  Then the next day, you were over it.  You are becoming more verbal and I know you understand a lot of language.  You can say "bye bye", although you won't do it on command.  Sometimes you will say "hi" at the appropriate time, so I'm pretty sure that you know what you are saying.  It drives me crazy that you will not even babble "Ma Ma".  I have been signing it and saying it for months and you don' try.  Maybe it's because I come no matter what and you aren't forced to.  You are pretty good at grunting when you want something.  If it doesn't work the first time, you do it louder again. 
I think the thing that melts my heart is when you reach for me.  Sometimes it isn't convenient that you want me to hold you and sometimes it hurts Daddy's feelings that you want me, but it makes me feel so good to know that you are happy and content with me.  After all the work to give birth and get up with you during the night, it feels like you might recognize the special bond that we have and want me.  I'll take that in exchange for some sleepless nights!  You are such a joy to be with.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beachy Thanksgiving

Yesterday after work we loaded up and made our way down to the beach. Traffic was bad in Atlanta, so we didn't get down here until about 2 in the morning. Poor Aaron had to deal with foggy, rainy weather and Sarah Graves slept some, but I think she is teething and was uncomfortable.
I say I think because I am never sure if that is the cause of the fussiness until the new tooth appears. Maybe after a few more babies I would be more certain (I'm not saying we are having a few more), but the irritability, diaper rash, and recent onset of drooling suggest that teething might be the culprit.
Sarah Graves woke up about 6:30 (babies do not seem to adjust their schedules much) and it was so nice to see the waves and hear that peaceful sound. I think she will enjoy how warm it is and being able to go barefoot!
I am looking forward to some relaxing time with family.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I tried to post this video of Sarah Graves giggling and for some reason it didn't work.  So, I removed that post and I think I have the video fixed now.

Baby Shot!

Here is our big 10 month old cutie!  She is sporting a darling new dress that Ms. Margaret Anne made for her.  It has a purse on it with her name.  I do hope that she likes purses like I do!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Attire

Ms. Margaret Anne is very creative and when she made the Halloween dress for SG, she made it reversible with a turkey for Thanksgiving on the other side!  It is so cute!  Plus, you don't find many girlie things for Thanksgiving, so that makes it especially fun. 

Lovie found this turkey barette for her hair.  I just love all this cute stuff!  I cannot imagine how much time it takes someone to fold the ribbon and glue all those little pieces on. 

Friday, November 19, 2010


I have become quite committed to cloth diapering. Mostly because I hate the thought of disposable diapers sitting in landfills for an estimated 500 YEARS,
As much as I love our cloth diapers, it just doesn't make sense to haul them with us on airplanes. So, I found a system that uses a cloth cover and a disposable insert that is environmentally friendly. The cover is made of leak proof material and you can wipe out the inside as needed between uses. I have not seen any need to wipe out the inside. The cover has snaps just like our regular diapers do.
The insert is not as absorbent as her Smartipants or Bum Genius 3.0s, but it will last for us now overnight with a single insert. I am really glad that someone came up with this hybrid system for those times when you need some flexibility.
Cotton Babies is the maker of the Flip diapering system.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to Normal

Our whirlwind trip is over and we are back home and mostly back to our routine.  I am worn out, so maybe it's good that we are in our routine!  Here are a few pictures that I took.

We stayed at the Park Central New York on Seventh Avenue.  Our room was surprisingly large for a New York hotel room and there was even some open space in the room for SG to get down and play.  I know, you are probably wondering if I am in my right mind letting my baby get down on the floor in a hotel room, but there was no way I could keep her from getting down for two whole days.  

We were only a few blocks from Times Square so we walked over there a few times.  Sarah Graves sat in her stroller just taking it all in.  I don't think I have ever seen her sit so still while she rides.  She just sat, rubbed her blanket between her fingers, sucked her paci, and looked at everything.  

We passed by Radio City Music Hall and I couldn't hlp but think of Annie and sing the song Let's Go To the Movies.  Annie was my favorite movie growing up and I recently put the DVD in to show SG.  She was amused by my singing and dancing.

The forecast showed rain, so I picked up this rain cover for her stroller.  She fit right in with the New Yorker babies and stayed completely dry.  She kept giggling with it on her stroller.  Maybe it felt like a little tent to her!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Morning America

My Mom watches Good Morning America religiously. I would too if I didn't go to work so early. Anyway, when we were walking around last night we found the spot where people stand outside the studio. This morning I mistakenly got up an hour early, so I suggested that we walk over thwre to see if we could get close and see anything. When we arrived, Mom asked a security guy if we could go in the studio and be part of the audience and he said we could. I knew that I couldn't stay long, but went in anyway. So I left them there and went on to my training. Who would have guessed that SG would sneeze and get the attention of Sam Champion! He came out again and SG qgave a cry and got his attention again. A friend of Mom's said that even Robin Roberts mentioned her name! I don't have any video of her big television debut, but I think my grandmother may have recorded it, so hopefully I will get to see it sometime.
Who would have guessed my Mom and my baby would be on national TV!

Monday, November 15, 2010

New York State of Mind

Today, Mom, SG and I flew to New York. I am attending some training and they came to keep me company. SG ended up nursing and sleeping in my arms most of the flight. We had the window seat and I think there a few people that we didn't flash! I know it won't be long until SG decides to wean, but I am grateful that I have been able to soothe her like I could today.
Our hotel is just a few blocks from Times Square and pretty spacious.
We walked over to Times Square to look around and have dinner at a deli. I ordered food out of obligation and thoroughly enjoyed the cheesecake, which I really wanted!
SG was wide eyed as we strolled around the busy streets. She was going strong when I made her go to bed at 11. She rarely makes it past 8:30 or 9 o'clock, but it is the city that never sleeps. She is an excellent traveler and adapts pretty easily to whatever we try.
We are using jarred baby food, so I am sure she will have some reactions to the different tastes. Maybe it will spark some ideas for new menu items at home.
I think Lovie and SG are planning a trip to the Central Park Zoo tomorrow while I am in training. We are hoping for some good weather.

Training Lucy

Now that Sarah Graves is very mobile she spends a lot of time on the floor, which has made us realize that Lucy does not respect her and Lucy's problem of jumping on people is magnified when the person is very small.  We have struggled with what to do and tried to teach Lucy not to jump on Sarah Graves, but it hasn't worked.  So, I reached out to Atlanta Dog Trainer who we have worked with in the past and had success. 
I have enjoyed working with them because they seem to understand that Lucy is stubborn, but she is capable of learning.  We worked with another trainer at PetSmart who frequently dismissed her stubborness for the fact that she is a bulldog and felt we should not expect anything more from her.  Trish, the trainer who came today, was confident that Lucy is capable of learning not to jump on people, but we have to be stronger than she is.  Lucy is pretty strong willed.  I hope we are stronger than she is.
Trish's instructions for us today were to work on a behavior called "Leave It", which basically teaches Lucy that there are things, people, treats, etc. that she cannot have and will never have.  You work on it by having a plate with tempting treats on the floor and while Lucy is on leash she can't have the treats on the plate, but she gets a treat when she lays down or otherwise appears to not pay attention to the treats.  The idea is that we will practice with treats for a while and then move to Sarah Graves' toys and then put Sarah Graves in front of her and teach her to "leave it". 
We also have to tighten up our control over Lucy and what she has access to.  This means:
Her food is left out for 15 minutes and if it is not eaten, it's picked up until her next feeding time.  (She sometimes leaves a bowl of food for several days before she decides to eat it, which I guess in doggie world gives her a lot of control.)
Her toys are picked up until we are ready to play with her.
She is not allowed in Sarah Graves' room.

Lucy could usually care less about going in Sarah Graves' room, so this didn't seem like a difficult one to enforce.  So we thought. 
When we came home from being gone a few hours tonight, this is what we found:
We came home to find a very guilty looking doggie waiting at the top of the stairs to show us that while we were out she went in her sister's room, grabbed a tube of diaper ointment and a puzzle piece and went to town chewing.  If we read her behavior correctly, she is trying to assert to us that she will not be controlled.  Great...
How did I end up with a husband, baby, and dog who are all stubborn?  Maybe that's the bit of myself that I see in them...
So, we have some work to do to help Lucy's behavior.  We'll get there.  

Sunday, November 14, 2010


This video will give you a sense of how fast SG can crawl now.  It's hard to get video of her doing it because she seems to end up crawling toward me most of the time. 


SG's hair continues to grow longer and seems to want to grow toward her face.  This drives me nuts!  The solution has been to use barettes and bows to keep it out of her face.  This was Lovie's attempt to fix her hair recently.  We called her Pippy that night. 
SG loves having her hair fixed.  She loves it so much that she rips the bow out just so we can do it again.  It's a fun game we play.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big Girl Teeth

This picture shows off her big girl teeth!  She has 5 now and there might be another one on the way!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Labor of Love Reunion

Sunday we went to a reunion for Labor of Love. Pam was our wonderful doula who has done far more than just support us during the birth. Pam opened up a whole world of people and different approaches. She introduced us to Intown Midwifery and that was the most valuable thing anyone could do for my birth experience.
Because of all that, I was excited to go out and meet other families that have worked with these special doulas. It was a beautiful afternoon and there was lots of yummy food!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grown Up

Yesterday I forgot all the parts that make my pump useful at home. I went home to get them and when I arrived I finally met the lady who has been cleaning for us for about 6 months. (having someone clean has been a huge help and has freed up my time in the evenings.) As I backed out of my driveway, I was struck by the realization that I am really grown up. I walk around often thinking that when I am a big girl I will wear really high heels, trendy clothing, enjoy an evening cocktail...the list goes on. Basically, I realized that I am already a big girl who has a job, a husband, a baby, and a house. Maybe I haven't chosen some of the other cool things I envisioned for my adult life, but I am a grown up and it is really good.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Family Reunion Follow-Up

I got busy last week and never posted about the rest of our trip to Baton Rouge.  On Sunday my Uncle Steve had us and my Mom's brother, Ronnie, over for brunch.  We had a good time visiting and Sarah Graves had a chance to wear her costume!  We didn't do a great job taking pictures, but we took a few. 
Uncle Steve loves Sarah Graves and she looks at him so intently when he is talking to her.  I think we got some better pictures of the two of them with Uncle Steve's camera.  Maybe he will share them with us sometime :)

Maw Maw Yvonne was happy to have babies to hold.  Mallory is so grown up now and played with Sarah Graves.  Ryan is still a little boy, but he is really good with Sarah Graves and shares well with her.

It was a whirlwind weekend, but I am so glad that we were able to visit with everyone and help Sarah Graves know more of her family. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Shot!

I love these overalls!  Osh Kosh might be my favorite place for every day kinds of clothes.  She can really crawl when she doesn't have a dress to slow her down. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Time Change

When you have a baby, that bit of joy you experience when you gain an hour of sleep with the time change is gone. Babies don't reset their clocks and don't really care if 4:30 is not a sane waking hour.
Actually, it hasn't been as bad as I thought. She has woken up insanely early the past two mornings, but she napped and went to bed appropriately. I let her whine for a few minutes this morning and she must have fallen back to sleep. I heard her again about an hour later at 5:30 and went to her. The book on sleep that has proven pretty useful suggests that you don't go to them before 5 am so that you don't reinforce the super early wake time. Hopefully, she will sleep until 6 again soon.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sense of Humor

Now that Sarah Graves is sleeping through the night and has been for a while now, I feel like I have a sense of humor again. I was so tired for so long that I couldn't think all that well anymore and I definitely didn't have the mental energy to poke fun at anything. The best that I can describe it is to say that I felt dull. I didn't have anything interesting to say and I was just putting one foot in front of the other. Not that I am a comedian by any means, but I have noticed that I feel more with it and more lively. Even Aaron has noticed that I am no longer a zombie!
That's what sleep will do for you.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

GG Kisses

Baby Shot!

Family Reunion

Saturday was our family reunion with the family on my paternal grandmother's side (a.k.a. Maw Maw Bourgeois' side).  We had a great time visiting with everyone and eating some delicious food!  My cousin Eric made gumbo and everyone else brought different items like sweet potato casserole and homemade cookies! 
My grandmother had a pack'n play so that SG could take some naps and she did.  She was passed around the aunts, uncles, and cousins and was pretty content with them.  I'm not sure how we ended up with mostly pictures of her with some of the men!  My pictures came back a bit random as far as what I caught! 
SG and my cousin Nikki

SG and Aunt Linda

SG and cousin Joe

SG and GG

SG and cousin Brian

SG with cousin Nikki and Aunt Nay
We love babies in our family and we had a few of them there.  Sarah Graves had several babies to check out; sweet babies, too!

Nikki holding cousin Emily (she is just scrumptious and you would want to kiss her cheeks to death!)

cousin Lynsey with her baby, Wyatt.  SG and Wyatt are a few weeks apart, but he is so mellow that he makes SG look like a wild woman!
I'm not sure how many of us there were on Saturday.  My Dad has 3 sisters, his aunt had 4 daughters, and his uncle had 8 kids.  Most of them had children of their own and a number of us now have children of our own!  That's a lot of Bourgeois, Aucoins, and Roubiques running around!  We have a lot of fun when we get together, which in the past few years has been mostly at weddings and showers for weddings and babies.  I miss living close to be able to go to all of those events.  I'm glad SG had a chance to get together with a lot of her extended family!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Breakfast with Aunt Lexie

Since we were in town for less than 48 hours we packed in visits at every meal.  Saturday we started off the day with breakfast with Aunt Lexie and her friend Tim. 
After lunging for silverware and making every attempt to throw herself at Aunt Lexie's cofee cup, SG caught a second wind toward the end of our breakfast and got giggly when we went outside.  It was fun to catch up with someone so special to us and we hope that we can have a longer visit next time. 

SG and Maw Maw Yvonne

When we came in on Friday night, Maw Maw Yvonne came to the hotel to visit with us but MOSTLY so she could see Sarah Graves.  Sarah Graves showed off her ability to cruise around furniture and gave a few kisses.  Who wouldn't love that?

First Plane Ride

Friday we left after work flying to Baton Rouge for a family reunion and a chance to see more family and friends.  Sarah Graves' first plane ride went pretty well.  As you can see from the picture, she was pretty distracted by the people and a little rambunctious.  Only one time did she really start to cry and the lady behind us started entertaining her with peek-a-boo and that calmed her down.  I think she did pretty well considering it's a small space and not much room to get down and play (what she really wanted to do the entire time).  I nursed her during take off and her ears didn't seem to bother her at all. 
The return flight was pretty smooth and she nursed some and hung out some.  Again, she got a little impatient with having to be held, but we had toys to distract her.  The iPad was really helpful for distracting her! 
She will be flying again in 2 weeks, but I'm not as nervous now that we have done it once!