Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Morning America

My Mom watches Good Morning America religiously. I would too if I didn't go to work so early. Anyway, when we were walking around last night we found the spot where people stand outside the studio. This morning I mistakenly got up an hour early, so I suggested that we walk over thwre to see if we could get close and see anything. When we arrived, Mom asked a security guy if we could go in the studio and be part of the audience and he said we could. I knew that I couldn't stay long, but went in anyway. So I left them there and went on to my training. Who would have guessed that SG would sneeze and get the attention of Sam Champion! He came out again and SG qgave a cry and got his attention again. A friend of Mom's said that even Robin Roberts mentioned her name! I don't have any video of her big television debut, but I think my grandmother may have recorded it, so hopefully I will get to see it sometime.
Who would have guessed my Mom and my baby would be on national TV!

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Nikki said...

Hey Nat -- John and I are going to try and make a DVD off of the TIVO next week while we are at Maw Maw Coon's for Thanksgiving. I will ship it over to GA for you all. Wish us luck. I know it can be done as he does it all the time with LSU games, but we do not have TIVO just "DIVO" - Commcast version of TIVO. We can only try!! Please do post pics. I bet you guys had a great time! Wish I could have met you up there!