Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Frozen Party Details

Like most girls her age, Sarah Graves LOVES Frozen and has known for quite some time that she wanted a Frozen birthday party.
I was so excited when I saw this invitation on Etsy and she loved it too! It reminded me of an infographic.

The Frozen theme was a lot of fun! There were so many things to choose from that I took to pinterest and eventually decided on the ideas that I would use for this party.
I found this great Arendelle banner here on Pinterest

I was so grateful that my sister did a snowflake Christmas and had tons of snowflake ornaments to hang as decorations!

This party theme was a lot of fun to plan the food.

Kristoff's ice cubes were made from Jell-o with an ombre effect. I found the recipe here on Pinterest. I doubled the recipe to make a 13x9 size pan of it and I made 2 13x9 pans of it. The made plenty of "ice cubes" to fill 35 cups. They turned out really cute!

My parents made this Elsa cake and did a fabulous job! In her YouTube watching, Sarah Graves saw a video on how to make this type of cake. Lovie and Pops watched the video and as usual, came through with a great cake that fit what Sarah Graves requested.

The iced cookies were Elsa's Snowflakes! These took a long time, but they turned out so cute!

I had to do a few of these with just her monogram on them.

I love the monogram on these snowflakes!

Pretzels were Sven's Antlers

Marshmallows dipped in melting chocolate with sprinkles were Olaf's Snowballs

I decorated the mantel to bring the Frozen theme into the den I found this great "Let It Go" printable banner here on Pinterest.

Of course, Rainbow Bobby was there to take in all the party fun!

I had fun putting the Frozen theme all around using some poly fill for snow and images from the movie mixed in with our own pics from our Disney Frozen trip.

Our water bottles were labeled, "Melted Snow"

These blue Kool-Aid bottles were labeled "Glacier Juice"

I found the printables for the drink bottles here on Pinterest

We did more snowflake ornaments on the ceiling in the breakfast area. These were all white and silver and gave a great look of snowflakes falling!

Hard to see, but this banner says Happy Birthday.

We invited Sarah Graves class at school plus a few more friends making this our biggest party yet. We had 21 kids come to the party! I wanted activities to keep the kids busy. We planned snow dough for them to play with and a take home item. I got the idea here, but the recipe was not very specific. 
This is what I ended up doing
2 large boxes of baking soda
10-12 ounces of lotion (white works better for snow and it can be any scent you choose)
a hearty sprinkle of blue and white/clear glitter

This recipe made about 3 good sized snowballs. I ended up making 8 batches of snow dough to have 25 snowballs. I downloaded the label from the site referenced above, but I didn't have the exact same label, so I ended up making my own, which wasn't hard. I bought these snowflake themed ziploc bags at Christmas time and didn't need them, but they were perfect for this!

Everyone thought this would be a huge mess, but it really wasn't. I put a plastic tablecloth on the table and let the kids stand around it to play. I got it some of our Play-Doh toys and also some cookie cutters to give them some ideas for what to make. Some of the snow dough did get on the rug, but it vacuumed up super-easy!
I think the kids liked playing with it and were really excited about the cold feeling it has, just like snow!

Sarah Graves requested decorating cupcakes as an activity and another take home item for the friends. This was simple to put together. I had several types of sprinkles, two colors of buttercream frosting, and some fun Frozen colored jellybeans. 
I expected this would make a huge mess and put a tablecloth on the table and one under it. The kids were pretty neat and it was easy just to pick up the tablecloths and toss them and the mess in the trash.
I had clear plastic party cups for the kids to put their finished cupcake in to take home. They liked the idea of a treat for later (I hope the parents liked it, too)!

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Sarah said...

What a special event! Sounds like a lot of fun and I know she will remember it for ages!