Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sick Charlie

Charlie had a bout with a stomach bug over the weekend. We didn't realize he was sick at all until we were in Kohl's looking at kids' clothes and he threw up in the aisle! I guess we should have suspected it when he ate a bowl of blueberries and commented that they tasted weird (yes, he actually said, "these taste weird"). He was so embarrassed and kept saying, "I sorry. I didn't mean to." Poor kid. We weren't the least bit upset with him, just surprised by the whole thing and trying to figure out what to do. We bought him a new outfit and asked for someone to come mop it up and headed home. The same thing happened on the way home and I felt worse for him as he sat there in his car seat feeling disgusting.

A bath, warm pjs, and watching his favorite program du jour, Bubble Guppies, helped him feel better. He ran a low fever and had an upset stomach all day Sunday. We kept him home on Monday and he was feeling better. Here's hoping the rest of us stay well!

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