Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sweet Valentines

We gave the kids each a little candy and made them valentines.

The real treat was breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and a chance to ride Skyview downtown. Sarah Graves had been longing to ride it and the timing hadn't been right, but we made special plans to do it as a fun outing. We had a few obstacles with unforeseen crowds downtown due to tryouts for the show, The Voice and surprising crowds out for breakfast on Valentine's day, but once we arrived, it was a great time! The day was gorgeous and it wasn't too cold.

Sarah Graves showed off her dance moves while we waited in a short line!

Charlie was a little nervous at first, but he quickly warmed up to the ride and the views.

Sarah Graves enjoyed listening to the audio guide point out some of the sights and was particularly interested in a roof that had a lot of dirt on it!

We celebrated Valentine's day at Lovie and Pops' house with Nay and Livy!

This cutie was ready to celebrate! She is growing so quick and looking all around her!
We made a yummy dinner that included steak with caramelized inions, Brie, and bacon. We also had grilled asparagus, mashed cauliflower and not pictured, fried shrimp!

I made these cherry almond cookies as a treat and Jesnne' made yummy chocolate covered strawberries! This meal was fabulous!

Aunt Nay spent time helping Sarah Graves with her loom bands.

The kiddos love to play at Lovie Pops!. The game this evening was pushing one another around pretending to be king and queen!

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