Thursday, February 26, 2015


I think sometimes our evening time is hectic and dinnertime is not the peaceful, family time that I envision. However, I also know that one day these guys will be bigger and I will want to remember what it was like to have dinner and fun time with a 2 and a 5 year old.

Tonight we had the pleasure of dining with a pumpkin and a princess! It was one of those peaceful meals where food was passed, children ate, and we mostly stayed in our seats enjoying the meal!

After dinner the kids played with kinetic sand. I banned play-doh from the house, but the sand sticks together pretty well and it doesn't get ground into the rug, so I gave it a try letting them play with it. Charlie did pretty well and Sarah Graves gets the idea of it!

She was quite proud of herself using the horse mold and adding a horn to make a unicorn!

Kinetic sand did Charlie in, but SG was up for playing with some silly putty like stuff that a friend of hers made and gave to her. It's pretty fun with all the glitter in it and it makes funny sounds!

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