Monday, February 9, 2015


Last Sunday we celebrated Olivia's baptism, and Aaron and I finally became godparents! She is our first godchild and we are so excited to be part of her life in that special way.

My sweet girl snuggled up for a picture with momma.

Lovie and Pops admired this pretty baby wearing her special things for her baptism.

Father Brian is the rector at our church and we were happy he could baptize Olivia.

She was angel through the whole service!

We had to get all the shots of the combinations of family members at the front of the church.

Charlie wanted to drink a little from the font!

Jeanne' planned the baptism to take place while the Maw Maws were visiting. Special to share this day with them.

Olivia wore the same gown that Sarah Graves and Charlie wore, made by Maw Maw Bourgeois. Olivia had her own special bonnet and bib for her day.

This baby had no problem getting a nap in while wearing the gown! She sleeps all the time!

Since the four of us were all dressed up and had someone else to take a picture, we figured we should try to get a shot in!

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