Thursday, February 5, 2015

Friday Night Dinner

The Maw Maws stayed over a week and we had the chance to spend some nice down time with them. I love having them at the party, but I don't get to visit during that, so this was my chance to just be and enjoy family. 
Charlie showed off his mad puzzle skills, sang songs, and in general was a crazy 2-year old.

The kids were dying for Pops to bring out the hungry snake again! I need to video them playing this game together because the sheer joy and squeals that come from them is something I wish I could bottle.

There was much time to admire my precious niece, Olivia. Already a month old and starting to be more alert. She melted my heart wearing an outfit that Sarah Graves wore and playing with toys that my two babies had.

Mom, Jeanne', and I were nostalgic playing Trouble with Sarah Graves. Mom always liked playing games with us and we spent a lot of time playing this one. SG is still a little young, or maybe there were just so many distractions that she couldn't stay focused for the full game. We hope to have many more opportunities to play it with her.

Somewhere mixed into all the play was time to just talk and catch up. A really nice time with family.

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