Friday, February 20, 2015

First Communion

Sarah Graves made her first communion on Sunday! 
Jeanne' and I made our first communion at the same time and Jeanne' was close in age to Sarah Graves when she made hers. My mom made us matching dresses with smocking and lace. The dresses were a labor of love and we were so pleased that Sarah Graves could wear Jeanne's dress.

For the past month the kids have taken a class teaching them about baptism, communion, and the order of the service. Sarah Graves was the youngest child in the class and she did really well.

Just before time to go to communion she got nervous and wasn't sure about it. Lovie talked her through it and when it was her time she was all ready. She was very serious about it. She had decided ahead of time that she would prefer to intinct rather than drink from the chalice. 
Lovie and Pops gave Sarah Graves the special necklace she is wearing. You can see it best in this picture.

She wanted a picture with Nay and Livy!

Here she is with Father Brian.

While the Maw Maws were visiting they each gave Sarah Graves gifts to celebrate her first communion. Maw Maw Yvonne gave her a rosary and GG gave her a book on the rosary.

In addiion to the gifts, we went out to brunch to celebrate this special event. I think she was proud of herself for doing it and we were so proud of her!

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