Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Day of Pre-K!

August 16th was the first day of school and Charlie was ready!
He was very pleased with his new "glow up" Star Wars shoes!

My buddy who usually doesn't want his picture taken was all smiles!

He may not look it, but he was excited to have a picture with his new Minions lunch box in front of his cubby. 

After the picture he told me goodbye and away he went excited to play with his favorite magne-tiles again! My baby is growing up!

First Day of First Grade!

After much anticipation, August 16th, the first day of school, finally came! Sarah Graves was so excited to have Ms. Muller as her teacher. When she got the postcard in the mail welcoming her, she exclaimed, "that's the teacher that I wanted!"

She was so excited and posed so cute with her sign!

She unpacked her backpack and hung it up like an old pro. I just love how cute her backpack turned out thanks to Lovie!

Her first day went great and she seems quite happy!

Pre-K Meet & Greet

Charlie had a meet and greet in his class the day before school started. All summer he said he wanted to go back to Froggie school, but when the day came, he seemed on board with at least meeting his new teacher. When we arrived, we immediately saw Miles who was in Char's class last year and the only boy who ended up in his class this year. They were excited to see each other and all appeared to be going great. The door closest to us was locked, so we went around to a side door and in his excitement to get there, Char tripped and fell on both knees. 
They were not hurt too bad as in there was not much blood, but he was thrown for a loop. I gave it a minute and consoled him hoping it would get better. I carried him to his classroom and walked around pointing things out, but the wailing continued. We walked the hall and saw a few teachers from last year and the sobs went on. We went in the bathroom and perched on a step stool and the tears continued. A friend of Charlie's came in the bathroom with his mom and the crying briefly stopped while we handed him a birthday invitation, but they picked up after that. At some point in the tears, he said, "the only way this is going to get better is for you to take me home!" When he said that, I knew there was no way we were leaving school without him going in that classroom of his own will. All through his tears, I kept reminding him it was okay to be scared and okay to feel nervous to be in a new class. When the sobs started to slow, I took him to the nurse's office and she put bandaids on the boo boos. As we walked out of the nurse's office, I asked if he would rather go out on his playground or go to his classroom. He said he wanted to go to his classroom and he never looked back. 
We went in his classroom and he didn't cry at all. His teacher greeted him again and he was not overly friendly, but he managed to get involved decorating his name card that would go on his space at the table.

After he decorated his name, he immediately found the magne-tiles and he was hooked! 

He would play with any kids (and shared with them) as long as they were interested in magne-tiles!

On the way out, he was all smiles and even asked to take this picture!

First Grade Orientation

Aaron and I took Sarah Graves to orientation for first grade! We started off in the chapel with a welcome from the administration and then moved to her classroom. She is on the same hall as her kindergarten classroom and so excited to see Ms. DeHart, her teacher from last year!

SG and Daddy! She was very excited!

Charlie and Sarah Graves have known each other since they were babies and this year they are in the same class! He is quite a character and was very excited to see her!

Sarah Graves is "O fish ally" a first grader in Mrs. Muller and Ms. Parks' class!

Here she is at her seat at the table where she sits with Callie and Ethan who were friends from last year a new friend named Luke. 

She and Ethan were good buddies last year and very happy to see each other!

Olivia is in her class this year and SG was very excited to see her since they had a great time at American Girl Doll camp this summer!

We had nothing but smiles during orientation! I think it is going to be a good year!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Visit with Lexie

Alexis is my dear friend from high school and I cherish the time we get to spend together. She lives in D.C. and is awesome about making time to come see me and the wild crew!

She brought SG these awesome olympic swimmer and gymnast outfits for the girls to wear! I think she loves the AG store as much as Sissy! So much fun to see them pretending the girls are winning medals and performing routines in the Olympics.

 We have been friends since we were 13 and have had some crazy fun times together (we're pretty tame now!)

We brought Lex to the lake for the weekend she was here so we could hang out with Flip, Trish, and Jeanne' too. As it turns out, Trish, Flip, and Char all came down with a stomach bug and oddly it affected each one of them differently. Mom had it Friday night, Char had it Saturday, and Pops had it Friday night and into Sunday. Thankfully, Lex did not get sick!

Lovie took SG for a water ski lesson at Lake Lanier and SG was anxious to try out her new skills. Aunt Nay wasn't so sure about driving the boat with SG skiing, but she was good to go on the jet ski! Sissy did awesome getting up each time and was able to ski a little. 

Meanwhile, Aunt Lex was entertaining Livy with her dance moves and Livy was showing off some of her own!

Livy looking cute on the deck!

Even though he wasn't feeling well at all, Pops built a small fire so we could roast marshmallows and make s'mores. SG is very afraid of fire, but the yumminess of roasted marshmallows was a bigger pull than her fear of fire.

Sunday Pops was feeling a little better and took us out in the boat. 

Fun on the tube! I have the best conversations with Charlie while we are riding on the raft! We talked about why dogs have sharp teeth, what he might be when he grows up (he wondered if he could be a daddy and a superhero), riding the raft is more fun than Disney, and he told me, "this is more fun than I anticipated!" 

SG talks some but she was interested in trying out different positions like laying down on her bells, sitting backwards, etc. The funniest thing is she will be riding next to me and then, whoosh! She flips off the raft and she's gone before anyone can realize it!

Lovie hopped in to help Sissy get set up for water skiing. I think it is sweet that Lovie has been able to teach her how to do it. Lovie has great memories of water skiing when she was a kid and I have wonderful memories of my Pa-Pa (Lovie's dad) teaching me things like counting money and telling time. I hope SG has those same sweet memories. 

The water ski lesson paid off and she can now get up and Pops knows how to drive the boat so she can stay up for a while! Pretty impressive kid!

Aunt Lexie brought perhaps the biggest hit of the weekend, a game called "Pie in the Face!" We have seen in on Youtube videos, but this was our first chance to try it out!

Lots of smiles! It was a huge hit!

I am so grateful for the friendship Alexis and I have and for the way she cares for SG as her godchild, and always includes Charlie too. So glad she makes the time and effort to come see us! I keep thinking we might go visit her and Uncle Tim, but that may be more of a threat than a kind gesture!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Getting Ready for School

The week before school was spent getting caught up on appointments. I took SG to the eye doctor and for a physical.
Dr. Lee is a little concerned that she is needing more correction for her vision than she did last year and she can't quite get 20/20. As someone who has never had 20/20 vision, I'm sure she still sees pretty well, but I want her to have the best vision possible. We are trying new glasses and will re-evaluate in 3 months. 

She was nervous to go for her physical. She worried about getting a shot and I can understand that. She was great on blood pressure, pulse, height, and weight. 

Sissy is growing just great! She is 48 inches tall (75th percentile) and weighs 47 pounds, 6 ounces (52nd percentile).

The doctor did a finger stick to check her blood glucose levels and she also got a Hepatitis B shot. SG was a champ for both of those needle sticks. Her blood sugar levels came back a little high, so in a couple of weeks we will do a fasting blood sugar test and see how it looks then. 

Back to School Playdates

The week before school we had some fun seeing friends. Charlie had a playdate with his buddy, Evan. They weren't into taking pictures. They had Batman videos to watch together!
Charlie was so very excited to have Evan over and they were so cute looking at his Batman toys and showing Evan his room. So very cute!

Sarah Graves had her friend Caroline over. 
Charlie and I made cookie cake together and he graciously shared it with the girls. 

Sissy and Caroline wanted to make sugar cookies! That was an adventure to do at night. 

They worked hard and thoroughly enjoyed making those cookies!

Hurricane Harbor

 We have really enjoyed going to Hurricane Harbor, the waterpark in Six Flags.  

We got there when the park first opened and had a chance to have run of the smaller waterslides that Charlie rides. Aaron and Sarah Graves went off to ride bigger slides and Charlie and I had a blast riding each of the 4 slides over and over again. It is a big structure with lots of ways to climb up and he loved taking the lead and guiding us there. I loved seeing him so happy and confident, just loving life. I wish I had pictures of the look on his face, but I was grateful to just be in the moment with him. 

Sarah Graves had an even better time when her friend Caroline was able to meet us there!

They were so excited to run around together and try out the different waterslides. 

 We took a break for lunch before heading out into the park to ride some rides, plus there was rain coming making the water activities shut down!

A little more love from my good buddy.

Charlie wanted to ride the sky buckets and I was surprised how much they enjoyed doing that!

This silly guy!

 We love the Wonder Woman ride! So much fun!

So much fun to have hang out with friends, ride some rides, and enjoy a good time as a family!