Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy Birthday, Smyrna!

Sarah Graves' friend Mallory lives close to Smyrna Market Village where they celebrate the founding of the city of Smyrna (and a number of other local events). Mallory's mom had the idea to have a cookout at their house and then walk over to the square for the fireworks. It was a lot of fun hanging out with these other families and the kids getting to play with friends old and new.
Caroline didn't get to go to the fireworks, but she and SG enjoyed playing before.

These sweet girls making their way over to Smyrna Market Village.

The rest of the crew on the walk over.

There were bounce houses and festival type things, so the kids wanted a chance to play a little. SG left us to go with some of her friends.

 This cute fella had a great time until he fell asleep right there in his chair before the fireworks started. Thank goodness Aaron was there to carry him back to their house!

My cutie girl had so much fun with her school buddies!

Sissy and Daddy watched the fireworks together!

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