Monday, August 29, 2016

Granny's Visit

The kids were so excited to have Grancy come for a visit! Aaron and I were excited to have her, too1 
SG was thrilled to sit with Grancy at dinner when she came in. Charlie was fast asleep before we made it to the restaurant so he slept in my arms.

The next day, Grancy had a chance to watch Sissy at gymnastics camp and then she spent the afternoon with them. They had a good time playing and helping to make Grancy's wonderful chocolate pie! I hope SG gets the knack for making it because even when I use her recipe, I can't make it like Grancy and Sarah Graves lets me know it! Glad they had the chance to make it with her.

The kids spent the day with Grancy on Friday. She took them to the movies, play play-doh, blew bubbles, and I'm sure played a lot of other games, too! Friday evening we headed to the lake to show Grancy all the fun things the kids love there.

Charlie showed her the door to the secret room! He gets so tickled by it!

SG and Pops worked on some pancakes for breakfast.


We took Grancy out in the boat and she watched the kids on the tube. 

Later, she was there to watch Sissy's first water ski lesson. We didn't get good pictures of that, but Lovie got in with her and helped her start to get the hang of putting the skis on and feeling the pull of the boat.

Even Lucy the grand dog was excited to be with Grancy! Who knew that Lucy is a lake dog for sure and she loves being in the boat! She smiles like that the whole time!

We had a great visit. As always, it was too short, but we look forward to her coming back next time!

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