Monday, August 29, 2016

Hurricane Harbor

 We have really enjoyed going to Hurricane Harbor, the waterpark in Six Flags.  

We got there when the park first opened and had a chance to have run of the smaller waterslides that Charlie rides. Aaron and Sarah Graves went off to ride bigger slides and Charlie and I had a blast riding each of the 4 slides over and over again. It is a big structure with lots of ways to climb up and he loved taking the lead and guiding us there. I loved seeing him so happy and confident, just loving life. I wish I had pictures of the look on his face, but I was grateful to just be in the moment with him. 

Sarah Graves had an even better time when her friend Caroline was able to meet us there!

They were so excited to run around together and try out the different waterslides. 

 We took a break for lunch before heading out into the park to ride some rides, plus there was rain coming making the water activities shut down!

A little more love from my good buddy.

Charlie wanted to ride the sky buckets and I was surprised how much they enjoyed doing that!

This silly guy!

 We love the Wonder Woman ride! So much fun!

So much fun to have hang out with friends, ride some rides, and enjoy a good time as a family!

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