Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Grade Orientation

Aaron and I took Sarah Graves to orientation for first grade! We started off in the chapel with a welcome from the administration and then moved to her classroom. She is on the same hall as her kindergarten classroom and so excited to see Ms. DeHart, her teacher from last year!

SG and Daddy! She was very excited!

Charlie and Sarah Graves have known each other since they were babies and this year they are in the same class! He is quite a character and was very excited to see her!

Sarah Graves is "O fish ally" a first grader in Mrs. Muller and Ms. Parks' class!

Here she is at her seat at the table where she sits with Callie and Ethan who were friends from last year a new friend named Luke. 

She and Ethan were good buddies last year and very happy to see each other!

Olivia is in her class this year and SG was very excited to see her since they had a great time at American Girl Doll camp this summer!

We had nothing but smiles during orientation! I think it is going to be a good year!

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