Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oh Jack-O-Lantern!

Sarah Graves wanted a spooky jack-o-lantern and she picked this face for our pumpkin.  She Daddy had a fun time carving the pumpkin, including getting all the "guts" out.

She was so excited to get a candle and see it all lit up!  We are so enjoying her excitement for Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Great Pumpkin

Saturday morning we enjoyed bagels for breakfast before we headed off to find a pumpkin for carving!  Sarah Graves was really looking forward to carving a jack-o-lantern and we were ready!

We didn't go to a big pumpkin patch this year, but instead chose a church near us that has a pumpkin patch setup to raise money for their youth.  It was very quiet and easy.  

Her desire was a big one and she looked around until she found one sufficiently large.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Greg's Birthday

While Aaron was hunting (never expected to be writing that), Dad came with me to take the kids to our friend Greg's birthday party.  The two of them are a lot for me to wrangle at a birthday party, so I called in reinforcements!  Greg turned four and he loves animals, so he had an animal themed party complete with an animal demonstration and petting.  Neither of my kids wanted to touch any, but there were some really interesting bunnies, birds, and other furry creatures.

Charlie was curious about the tortoise.

Our friend Allison was there too.

Greg was so cute and sweet!  I think he really enjoyed his party.

Sissy loves to help her baby brother out.  

Me and my sweet girl.

Halloween Parade!

Friday was SG's Halloween parade at school.  She was SO excited to wear her Princess Ariel costume and the Ariel wig!  I was a little surprised she kept the wig on so well.  She was beaming as she came by with her class and was tickled to see Nay, Lovie, me, and Sebastien (a.k.a Charlie) cheering for her!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lovie's Birthday

This year for Lovie's birthday we made it an all day affair!  We met up that morning and went into the evening.  It was a day jam packed with fun.  

We started with some family photos followed by a tasty brunch off Marietta Square.  It's always easier to eat in a restaurant with kids when you have five adults to two kids!

After brunch we checked out the farmer's market and enjoyed a few treats.
After the farmer's market we headed up to Ellijay for the Apple Festival.  

This boy was so sweet and loved watching and waving at people!

Sissy was very sweet the whole time and enjoyed the kids' area very much!

Little girl in a big chair!

We left the Apple Festival when it closed and headed back to Atlanta for dinner at Pappadeaux's!

I made salted caramel cupcakes in hopes of getting the recipe similar to what my great grandmother made for her when she was growing up.  Not sure how close my recipe came to her caramel cake, but the cupcakes were pretty tasty!

We hope that Lovie had a birthday as special as we think she is!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Letter Month Fourteen

Dear Charlie,
Time is just flying by!  I can't believe it has been two months since your birthday.  You are learning so much every day!
The thing we are really noticing is how you are beginning to talk!  You are starting to say hi as you wave to us and I have heard you say hi dada and hi pop!  I'm pretty sure that you call me Baba and when you enjoy what you are eating, you say mmmm.  You also point to the light and say light and know to say uh oh if you drop something.  You know the dog says woof woof, too!  You "talk" a lot and I think probably you are saying a lot of other things that we just aren't picking up.  You have a sweet little voice that I love hearing.  You have developed this habit of a high pitched squeal that you do when you are frustrated or excited.  Sometimes you just run through the house doing it!  Not sure how we teach you that squealing isn't the best sound.
You are a wild man!  You walk and run all day long!  You have grown tall enough to reach the table and can grab things!  You are constantly grabbing anything left near the edge and wreak havoc on us!  You love to grab one of your sister's toys and run off laughing with it!  You are pretty comical!
I hesitate to write this, but I think your sleep is improving.  You seem to be going down for a nap a little easier than you had before and we have now had several nights with little waking.  I can't tell you how hopeful this makes your Dad and me.  We have been exhausted for so long and getting several hours of sleep at a time is so invigorating.  The nights where you sleep well help us to be present in those nights that are tougher.  Even during those tough nights, we know that you are a sweet boy and just need to be close to us.
You went for your first dentist appointment and your first haircut.  You were completely fine with the haircut and didn't seem to mind it.  The dentist you were not at all fine with.  You cried a lot, but he said your teeth are coming in just fine.  As a matter of fact, you cut three molars just recently!  Poor little guy had to be in a lot of pain with that.  We have started brushing your teeth before bed and surprisingly, you don't mind it.  That is a relief because I don't know if I could go through making you cry every night.
We just finished another session of Music Together and you really enjoy it.  You watch Ms. Jennifer and have started trying to imitate some of the movements to the songs.  You are also very interested to see toddlers.  You go up to them and just want to touch them and smile at them.  It is very sweet to see you so excited to see friends your own size.  You definitely recognize the songs when we sing them at home too.  A look of recognition comes over you and you break into a big smile as you start to move to the beat.  You are just too cute!
You have learned some new party tricks lately.  Lovie taught you how to put your hand over your mouth and make the sound of the indian.  You have also learned how to point to our nose.  We are still working on you pointing to your own nose.  You also know how to sign for more, all done, and eat.  However, you only do them when you feel you absolutely have to to get what you want!  You find grunting and gesturing much easier!
You are a sweet soul.  You let your sister love on you a lot and you give the sweetest kisses.  Sometimes I don't even have to ask, you just kiss me!  You snuggle your head in and enjoy being cuddled so much.  It just makes you so enjoyable to be with.  You laugh and giggle at the littlest things and that makes us crack up laughing and then you laugh even more.  I love that so much.  Just seeing you so happy makes me feel happy.  That is the greatest gift you could ever give.  I am so grateful for your spirit and the light that you bring to us.  It is such a gift and I am so glad to be able to share in it.


My good friend Sarah and her husband recently built a beautiful new house and we went last Saturday to their housewarming party.  Sarah has been a dear friend since we moved to Atlanta and I just love my time with her.  We usually only have a chance to see each other by getting away for a quick lunch during the week, so this was a treat to hang out with our husbands and show off Charlie to her.
Charlie was the only baby there and everyone just doted on him and gave him so much attention.  A sweet treat for the second child!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Letter Month Thirteen

Dear Charlie,
This letter to you is long overdue, but that is just a sign of how busy we have been having a really good time!  Maw Maw Yvonne was here for your birthday and stayed for a couple of weeks after that.  We had a good time seeing her and watching you and Sarah Graves enjoy being with her.
You have been perfecting your walk and getting so quick!  You learned how to standup unassisted and now you simply can't be stopped!  You fall down a lot, but you quickly scramble up and go again!  You are a pro with putting your paci in and you love to run around holding it and putting it in your mouth at will!

You do have a temper.  You get angry when you can't have what you want and you will fall out on the floor crying.  Your lower lip comes out when you cry and you look so pitiful.  You have terrible separation anxiety and really don't want anyone to leave you, even the DirecTV man!
You are an eater.  You enjoy a lot of foods and eat with great zeal.  You love to drink water, too!  You frequently want to have your cup of water and will start to squeal for it during mealtime.  You still nurse, but you have completely given up milk from the bottle.  At first, I was a little disappointed that you didn't want the bottle anymore, but I quickly realized that nursing you is the best part anyway.
Sleep is still a challenge for you.  You are falling asleep a bit easier at night, but still wake up many times during the night.  Sometimes you wakeup only to nurse and go back to sleep and other times you wakeup ready to play and chat giving Daddy and me head butts, climbing over us in the bed, and doing all sorts of crazy things.  Daddy is better at getting you back to sleep when you wakeup, but sometimes you will settle in with me. We hope that sometime you will start sleeping more because Daddy and I are exhausted!
We went to the beach for a week and you had a great time!  You loved toddling around in the sand and splashing in the baby pool that we put out on the beach for you.  I don't think you loved being in the waves so much, but you were okay with it.  You loved having so many of your favorite people around you all week.  You love Nay and Pops and were delighted to have time with both of them!
You wave hello to everyone you meet and are rewarded with everyone engaging with you.  I love how much you express joy at life and love being with people.  Your sister loves you and you love her too.  I love seeing the two of you holding hands while riding in the car.  Your Dad and I wanted to have you and your sister so that you would have a companion and a buddy and we are so delighted to see that you feel that way about one another.
You fill our days with a lot of smiles and laughter.  I love how snuggly you are and really enjoy that time with you.  I feel so blessed to have you as a joyful being.  You just exude joy and I love soaking some of it up.  I look forward to getting to watch you enjoy more of your life.

Fall Fest

Last weekend there was a fall fest near us that Lovie and Pops took Sissy to.  I asked that they take pictures and it looks like she had a great time!  

There was a hay ride

silliness with Pops, 

picking out her own pumpkin,

and the most talked about part was the hay slide!  You could climb up hay bales and there were pans you could sit on to slide, but it made you go REALLY fast!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sissy and Bubba

I love watching them be kids and have fun!

Seeing them enjoy playing together is so wonderful and such a good reminder of why all the effort and hard work is so very worth it!

Lovie made her this dress and she couldn't be more pleased!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Workin' at the Car Wash...

If you give a kid some orange juice, she's going to ask for a straw;
once she has the straw, she's going to want to take it with her;
if she takes it with her, there's a good chance it may spill;
when the orange juice spills, it will make the car sticky;
you'll have to clean the mats and wipe down the seats;
while you're cleaning the inside, you will notice that the outside is dirty, too;
she'll want to spray the car with the hose;
and she'll love putting soap on the rag (and everything else);
she'll proudly work to clean the wheels, then help rinse it all off;
after she's helped dry it, she'll start to feel hungry;
you'll take her inside for a cookie;
and chances are, if you give a kid a cookie, she's going to want some juice to go with it!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

His First Haircut

Charlie's hair was getting a little long on top and over his ears, so we decided it was time for his first haircut.  We went to Crewcuts and Pigtails where the focus is on kids' haircuts.  When we went in, there was a kid screaming at the top of his lungs as his hair was being cut, so I worried about how Charlie would do.  He did not want to sit in the cute chair, but he did fabulous in my arms.  j

We did keep all his sweet curls in the back, but he has sweet boy hair on top now.