Sunday, June 28, 2009


I mentioned that we have been busy working on projects around the house. The big project is one that Dad and Aaron took on for me. They converted some empty attic space off of our master bath into my dream closet. They started this project in February and worked on it on the weekends when they had time. I helped out with painting, but they did all the large work and I am really appreciative to both of them for it. Here are some photos of the space.

I don't know which part I am enjoying more, having all the storage space for folded clothes or the pull out shoe racks!

We also did some work in Aaron's closet to spiff it up a bit. He now has flooring to match mine, plenty of space for all his things, and his favorite part, a chair to sit down and put his shoes on.

We also had new carpet installed in our upstairs. It looks nice, but unless you saw the old, stained up, white carpet, you probably wouldn't notice a huge difference. I'm just glad to be rid of all the stains that were driving me nuts!

We have one more project that should be completed sometime in the next few weeks. Last summer we noticed a leak in the bay window in our formal living room. Dad and Aaron worked on it and tried some things, but couldn't seem to fix it. We have had countless contractors of all types come out and could never find one who could identify the problem and call me back with a suggested fix. We finally had a guy that Mom found through a roofer come out and he has identified the problem as the upstairs window is leaking and allowing water to drip down. We have ordered the new window and he will come back to install it. Cross your fingers that this is the right fix and we will be done with this issue soon!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our First Baby

Lucy is so grown up!
Lucy at 6 months

Today I came home from work to find my first baby, Lucy, outside in her yard enjoying the afternoon sun. I couldn't help but think about how she really is our first child. We brought her home as a puppy, helped her learn to socialize, took her to puppy school, got her in private school, learned how to get her to listen to us (sometimes), and taught her to go outside to go to the bathroom. She is quite self sufficient now, but she still loves attention and will crawl into my lap. I couldn't help but think today how her world is going to change with the arrival of a little brother or sister. Lucy is pretty low maintenance, so I hope that we can manage to pet her and still give attention to the baby. But I can't help thinking about Lady and the Tramp and how their dog was overlooked once the baby came. Hopefully, Lucy's extended family will be sure to give her some attention and help her feel included in the family, even after the baby comes. She is lucky to have grandparents and aunts who adore her.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

This is my first post, and I think the subject and day are fitting. Some of my posts will be serious, some funny now, some funny in retrospect, and hopefully few will be sad. I'll try to chronicle the ups and downs of this great adventure that Nat and I have stumbled upon... but then again, this is something that I (and we) have been preparing for for years, even before we met.

God willing, next year this day will be a celebration for me, since we now have a bun in the oven!!!! Hopefully, I will be able to live up to the title of father. No matter what I do for the first few years, I know that this new child will love me unconditionally. I haven't even seen the first glimpses of this wonderchild, and I already love him/her and worry about his/her well being. Is that what being a father is?

Needless to say that my world view has and will continue to be altered by this blessed revelation. I now have to think of this innocent life and the effects of any decisions upon our family, that means choosing the safer choices for career and activities. On this Father's Day, my appreciation for my Dad and the decisions that he made many years ago has increased considerably. I hope that I can succeed at being a great Dad like the one that I have.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

We're Pregnant!

We decided to create a blog because we want to share the joy and excitement of our pregnancy and growing family with all of our friends and family. We haven't started telling our good news yet, but decided we would start writing in hopes that once we share the good news you all can have a look and see just how excited we are!

We started trying for baby in December. Aaron had a case of the baby bug and was really excited for us to get pregnant. For several months nothing happened and we started to get a little concerned (maybe we were overthinking it?). I made some doctor's appointments and was assured that most likely we would get pregnant.

We were really busy working on some projects around the house when I first started noticing some of the early symptoms of pregnancy. Nothing so glaring as morning sickness and I didn't want to get too hopeful thinking we could be pregnant. I finally decided to take a home pregnancy test last Sunday when we were both home together and almost could not believe that it was positive. Aaron was really excited too, but we wanted to have it confirmed by a doctor. On Tuesday, I went to the doctor and they did another test and confirmed that we are pregnant! That's when reality began to set in. We are both super-excited, but also a little nervous realizing all the things and possibilities that lie ahead.

We hope that you all will come along with us as we go on this journey to have a family!