Monday, June 30, 2014

Wii Fun!

Before we had kids, Aaron and I enjoyed playing with the Wii quite a bit.  We thought that it quit working and had discussed getting rid of it, but felt bad to throw it out.  A few weeks ago, Sarah Graves noticed that our Wii was lighting up and indicating that it could work.  We gave it a try and like magic it was working again!  She has really enjoyed the bowling and boxing games for Wii Sports.  She is pretty good at it and was able to beat me in boxing!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Saturday chores

Last Saturday, I had the chance to have some one-on- one time with each kiddo while I got some things done.  Charlie and I had lunch at Costco and picked up groceries, too.
He was so proud to sit on the bench rather than in the buggy!  He was also very happy to eat almost an entire slice of pizza and still had room for some samples.  He was not happy when I refused to let him take Hello Kitty panties out of the package!

Then, Sissy and I spent some fun time baking a cake for Father's Day!  She may have taste tested it too!

We had a good time getting things done and being together!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Spirit Week Singing

Here are videos of them singing their sweet songs!  Such a joy to see them light up with excitement over God.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

More water, please!

This boy loves to drink water from an open cup!  He is obsessed with it!  He asks for more water please so cute!  I can't even get annoyed with all the water that is spilled because he is just so cute about it!

Celebrating Daddy and Pops!

We had a low key Father's Day with a delicious breakfast at First Watch, then church, followed by lunch at Lovie and Pops', and we topped it off with swimming!  It was relaxed and fun; kind of like the two awesome dads we were celebrating!

Waiting for breakfast can be hard ;)

She was so proud to eat the chocolate cake she made!

Proud to give Daddy her gift.

A little snack at the pool.

These two love to swim!  Another mom asked if Charlie had always liked the water and I said, "Yes, I guess it may be because he was born in the water.  It feels like home."


We have been getting to the pool when we can so that Sarah Graves can practice her skills and it's fun for all of us!
Wearing Sissy's goggles and her Puddle Jumper it is a little hard to tell this is Charlie and not Sarah Graves a couple of years ago!

Spirit Week!

Sarah Graves loved Spirit Week last year and had been looking forward to going back this year!  Volunteers were needed, so Lovie signed up to be a shepherd and Charlie headed to the nursery.  
We were pretty nervous about Charlie going to the nursery, since his prior experiences resulted in him crying and clinging to me so that I just stayed with him.  We started talking it up the week before and telling him the names of the caregivers he would play with; plus, I sent LOTS of good snacks in his bag with instructions to keep feeding him as much as he wanted!  That seemed to do the trick and he arrived the first day saying the name of he caregiver we knew well from Sarah Graves' days in the church nursery and he never looked back!  He seemed pretty happy even when he saw Lovie going up and down the hall shepherding kids to activities.  
Sarah Graves had a wonderful time being with her friends, Greg and Allie.  She enjoyed the crafts and Bible stories a lot!  Lovie reported that she was a model student and patiently sat and listened to all of the teachers.  She really is becoming a big girl!  

SG was excited to be in the class with her friend, Allie.

This sweet guy was worn out from a morning in the nursery and settled in for a nap during their performance.

SG enjoyed being with Greg all week.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Play Date!

Sarah Graves has a good buddy, Greg, at church.  I have been wanting to have Greg over for a play date and just don't make the time for it.  Finally, I had the idea to have Greg over to help his parents out while they worked to get the decorations for Spirit Week finished at church.
Sarah Graves was so excited to have her friend over!  She had lots of ideas about what they should do and some of them were a bit too girlie for Greg's taste, but he was a trooper for most of it.

These really are sweet friends and I so hope that it continues as they grow.  

Music Together

The Music Together program has 9 sessions spanning 3 years and Sarah Graves just completed the 9th one.  She has grown so much over those 3 years and she shows us regularly that she has learned to make music a part of her every day life.  This program has meant a lot to our family creating an activity that is for all of us to enjoy on our own level.  Ms. Jennifer has come to feel like a member of the family knowing about favorite songs, grandparents, lovies and blankies, and of course sharing the joy as small babies learn to make rhythms and sounds that become music.  I highly recommend this program.

Our last class was a lot of fun bringing out the parachute!  SG was like a whirling dervish and came out like a blur!  Charlie paused long enough to be photographed!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Letter Months Twenty and Twenty-One

Dear Charlie,
Boy, we have been busy.  Some days I am not even sure what has made us busy, but we are!  One of the most exciting things was getting your cast off!  I was so excited for you to be free of it and you were cautious at first, but have become confident without it.  Your finger still pulls a little and you need to wear a splint to stretch the tendon in it.  Despite numerous attempts and efforts at different contraptions, you will not leave the splint on.  You take it off in your sleep and when you are awake!  I continue to stretch your finger, but can't get you to leave the splint on.  I guess you may end up waiting until you are older and can understand better.
You and Sissy came on a work trip with me to Chicago.  You are great on an airplane and an all around good traveler.  You happily sat in the Ergo close to me.  You are getting taller, but you still rest your head on my chest and seem quite content to be there.  I think you would make a great city baby enjoying seeing the world from your stroller.  I am so grateful that Lovie came along with you and Sissy and I didn't have to miss seeing you for a few days.  You thoroughly enjoyed the Easter Bunny and affectionately called him Hop Hop.
We took a trip to the beach with Grancy and Gramma.  You enjoyed being with them and had a good time playing with them.  You showed them your love of the iPad and enjoyed being on the beach some.  Halfway through our trip you got really sick and your high fever scared me.  It turns out you had strep throat and an ear infection making you feel so bad.  The antibiotics helped you feel better, but it wasn't easy getting you to take them!  A talk with Pops helped you decide to take your medicine  without being held down like a wild animal!  You were very proud of yourself and wanted to give everyone high-fives!  I was so relieved when you started feeling good again.  I'm not used to seeing you so lifeless and pitiful.  I did enjoy all the time to hold and snuggle you and nurse you.
You are exploding with new words all the time.  You repeat things and impress us with your vocabulary!  You have actually asked my why and why not!  We have also heard you singing.  You don't sing a lot when the song is on, but when doing something mundane like riding in the car, you start to sing out and we can tell just what you are singing!  I have heard you sing "Hop Old Squirrel" from Music Together and of course you know "Let It Go" from Frozen.
One of your favorite things to play is in the play kitchen.  You cook up eggs and tea and serve them so proudly.  You love for me to pretend it is too hot!  You also put on a glove to protect your hand from the hot stove!  You love to climb in the Cozy Coupe and especially like it when Sissy is playing with you.  You play with her Barbies and baby dolls too.  You also love to knock down the Lego creation she builds!  Books are another favorite of yours.  Two that you request often are "I Want To Go" about going to an LSU football game and "Goodnight Gorilla".  Daddy and I were very proud when you saw an LSU emblem and excitedly began shouting, "I want to go!  I want to go!  LSU!  LSU!"  We were pretty sure that you are on the right path!  You can name all the animals in "Goodnight Gorilla"; even hyena and armadillo.
Sleep has improved so much for you.  You sleep through the night most nights and sometimes we think we hear you, but you are back to sleep by the time we get to your room.  You have moved into a consistent afternoon nap and sleep for two to three hours.  I am so grateful that sleep isn't the struggle it used to be!  You have even learned to sit on my lap and go to sleep in church.  It has made taking you into the service so easy.  You snuggle in with your head on my chest and before long you are snoozing.  I'm pretty sure you could have your pick of church ladies to take you home if you wanted them to!
You are still a well-rounded eater enjoying all sorts of food.  Chinese might be your least favorite, but you certainly know how to enjoy a steak!  You also ask for pancakes any time I ask what you want to eat!  You still love fruit and have thoroughly enjoyed all the fresh berries and watermelon this time of year!
You are a delight to be with!  You have a loving personality and give affection as well as you receive it.  You know what you want and let us know your ideas, too!  We enjoy your enthusiasm and have so much fun loving you.  You are our special boy and we couldn't imagine a better gift than you.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Dancing Queen

Sarah Graves was super-excited for her dance recital and she did not disappoint!  The theme was sugar and spice and her opening tap routine to "Good Ship Lollipop" fit it perfectly!

Not sure you can get cuter than 3 and 4 year olds in tutus!

You could not have asked Charlie to be a sweeter baby during the show.  It lasted for about an hour and a half and he patiently sat on my lap the whole time.  

She was very brave when she got on stage to accept her trophy.  I couldn't be more proud of her for getting up in front of an audience!

She was excited to take her flowers and greet her adoring fans!