Friday, May 31, 2013

Ballet Rehearsal

Here is a video that Aunt Nay took of the ballet rehearsal.

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a relaxed Memorial Day weekend.  Saturday morning was our last Music Together class for the spring and then we went to Lovie and Pops' house to help them do a few things to get ready for their move.  We can't wait until they are all moved into their new house less than 2 miles from ours!  
Sunday we enjoyed a nice breakfast before church and ran some errands after.  Monday we had a lot of time to play at home and then we went for a swim.  
 Charlie was enjoying cooking in the kitchen!

SG enjoyed playing airplane where she was the passenger and I was the flight attendant getting her juice and helping with her baby!

We joined a little swim and tennis club about 15 minutes from our house so that we could have a place to go and swim regularly.  The water was pretty cool, but we had a chance to swim a bit and meet a few of the other families there.  I think it will be good for the kids to have a place to swim on the weekends.  
Weekends always go too fast, but we enjoyed our time to be with the kids and get a few things done around the house.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Girl

Yesterday, I had breakfast With this silly little girl. She loves to go and eat at momma's office and it's a good time for me too!
This morning on the way to school we had a rather interesting conversation.
SG: I wish I had wings on my arms so I could fly.
Me: that would be neat. Where would you go?
SG: like Grancy can fly.
Me: oh, Grancy has wings to fly?
SG: (giggling) no, momma. We could fly to Grancy's. you know, flap our wings and go there. Then when we got there, we could take them off.
Me: that would be neat. Maybe you could.invent that.
SG: (after a long pause) well, I don't think I know how do that.
Me: it might take you a while, but I bet you could figure it out.

Ballerina in Training

SG had her rehearsal and pictures for her upcoming ballet recital.  Lovie and Nay took her and oh the cuteness!  Aunt Nay got pictures so that I could feel a part of it and I am so grateful!

There is just so much cuteness!  

Baby Shot!

Grancy Love

Sarah Graves loves her Grancy!  She was so sad to leave Shreveport and kept crying on the plane, "bye bye Grancy."  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


She was so excited about the boat and getting to drive!

Anniversary Celebration

Saturday evening, the Dillahunty side of the family gathered to celebrate Mam-ma and Pap-pa's 70th wedding anniversary!  What a remarkable thing that is!  It was also a good time for us to visit with everyone!
Here they are with their grandchildren.

Aunt Arden with SG and Charlie

Aunt Barbara with Charlie

Mam-ma and Aaron enjoy Charlie

Charlie getting to know his Aunt Arden

Charlie with his Pap-pa

The happy couple!

Uncle Les and Charlie

It was awesome that Coan and Jen were able to come in for the evening and Jen had a chance to meet Charlie.

Mam-ma and Pap-pa with the little guy

It really was nice to see everyone and we can't wait to do it again in July when Arden and Chad get married!  

Monday, May 27, 2013

Grand Tour Day 3

We started our day with Grancy at breakfast!  

SG was so excited about her Minnie Mouse pancake, but she actually ate my bowl of grits!  

Later in the day, Grancy and Ger Ger took us out on the lake for a much anticipated boat ride.  

Austin immediately fell asleep on the boat!

Sarah Graves thoroughly enjoyed her ride.  

Ger Ger taught her how to drive the boat.  She was nervous, but so excited!

Gramma came over to visit with us!

So much fun for the kids to be loved on by everyone!

Grand Tour Day 2

Grandaddy and Meme took off a day from work to spend with us!  They were very kind to make us breakfast before we headed out to sit by the pool and watch SG swim!  The water was pretty cool, but she was determined to swim and we enjoyed visiting and watching Charlie try to eat rocks while we watched her.  
Grandaddy dj'd all afternoon and grilled burgers for us.  It was a laid back day and a lot of fun to visit with them.  We went out for catfish for dinner and had a chance to visit with Steven, too.  Our visit was short, but we packed a lot into it!  I so love getting to share these two little people with everyone and love to see how many people love them so.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby Shot!

Charlie was using his bib as a superhero cape!  Or maybe I just use his cape as his bib?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grand Tour Day 1

I think of our visit as the grand tour since we spent most of our time visiting with grandparents and great grandparents!  It was such a joy to see my two little ones being loved on by so many.  If the way to raise competent adults is for babies to marinate in love, then these two should have no problems!

Charlie is wary of most people aside from momma, daddy, and Lovie, bu he really took a shine to Pappa and enjoyed visiting with him!  He would pat Pappa's hand and seemed so content to sit on his lap.